Pretty. Odd. review by Panic! At the Disco

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  • Released: Mar 25, 2008
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 3
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 3.3 Poor
  • Users' score: 5.9 (344 votes)
Panic! At the Disco: Pretty. Odd.

Sound — 4
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not someone who hates "mainstream music" as it's called today, and whilst loads of little scene kids scream out in pain when there favorite band get all big and popular, I think that it's good for bands, and fans alike, what's not good is when a band builds it's self a comfortable sized fan base and releases a sophomore album, which I persons can only describe is the single worst follow-up album ever. I was a huge fan of there previous release "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" however for some bizarre reason they have decided to ditch there up-tempo synth filled sound and rip off effectively climb on board the NME bandwagon, a wagon filled of artists making terrible music, however because it's so different and 'original' it must be great, WAIT, this album might as well be a Beatles album, I mean every aspect of it stinks of the Beatles, again whilst not calling myself a 'fan' of the Beatles, they were a hugely inspirational and great band - of there time, well now there time has gone, mainly as most of them have died. Pretty Odd has acoustic guitars, kazoos, grand piano and an assortment of other 'weirder' instruments, and whilst musically the approach and outcome musically is one which is impressive, it's just not something that should of been released so early in the career, or even at all, really it's just a boring record, there are no songs you really want to get involved with, you can't move about or connect with any of it.

Lyrics — 3
Brendan's (lead vocals, piano) vocal skills are not in question with my listening to this album, nor are Ryans (lead guitar, other instruments that made this record so crap) infact there vocal range seem to of improved, but when the opening lyric on there first track of the album is "We're so sorry we've been gone, we were busy writing songs, for you" you can't help but think, what the bloody hell is this? Lyrically the first record wasn't that great, but this record, Pretty. Odd. takes us to an all new low, throughout the album it seems they have just tried to piss people off by writing lyrics which make absolutely no sense at all, and they are supposedly a band who do not drink, do not do drugs, so how the hell did they come up with some of this!

Overall Impression — 3
If I really had to recommend a song from the album I would say "Behind the Sea", whilst it's lyrically just as annoying as every other song on the album, there is a certain charm to it, similar to the lead single "Nine in The Afternoon", it is still not an album worth buying in my critical opinion, but at the end of the day Panic! could of brought out anything as the sophomore album and hundreds of thousands of teenage fangirls would still go out and buy and love it. The album does deserve a listen at least, just to appreciate just how a band can release such a brilliant debut and follow it up with such rubbish.

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    whitestrat279 wrote: Fatally Jon wrote: rx_eb wrote: Pretty Odd. Pretty Queer. Pretty Gay Wow, that was Pretty.Lame. Probably took you Pretty.Long to come up with that one. Bet you're Pretty.Pleased with your Pretty.Sophisticated sense of humor. Pretty. Pwned.
    Pretty. Funny i liked the album. yeah i just commented t say pretty. funny
    Matt_1213 wrote: regrets&romance wrote: hahah oh man, i think we all need to sit down and listen to some neil diamond That my friend is the most intelligent thing i've heard all day. Lets fashion ourselves a bonfire out of Panic CD's to sit around while we listen.
    amen to that brother
    I have listened to around 2 minutes of this 'music' or 'mashing of instruments', and to be quite fair am extremely frustrated. I have been woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of my cat scratching at the door, and honestly, he creates far better sounds than these morons. The titles of the song leave a lot to be desired too, I mean they arnet exactly well thought out. Every title expresses the utter crap that exists within the waste of space on m friends hardrive. Good night.
    I remember buying a fever you cant sweat out before it blew up in to the mainstream. I was playing it in my car with my 16 year old little sister (who is an avid listener of hardcore gangsta rap) and her first impression of it was that it was too annoying. I loved it the first few weeks it came out and wasnnt too suprised that within a month or two everyone was makining a fuss about them. Their unique blend of dance beat techno rock was addicting and fun. After a few months my sister tells me she watched the new video where they are in a strip club and admits she changed her mind about them, and says she likes them. I found it pretty funny, and gave her shit about it bc i accused her of only liking it now that it blew up on MTV and not noticing how cool it was when i first showed it to her. By this time though, i grew tired of the album, and found a few of the songs to be pretty bad. So coming in to pretty.odd, i had my doubts about it. What were they going to do this time? Do the same cabaret inspired dance techno sound....again?? I thought to myself, surely if they do that it wont be anything close to what the first one was, and that this would be the last time anyone hears of panic again. But to mine and everyone's surprise, they completely hack their old sound and go in an entirely different musical direction, for the better. Sure the new sound is obviously beatles inspired, and the band openly admits that quite proudly bc hell, the beatles are the greatest band of all time arguably, so i dont see why anyone could see this as a bad thing. I understand that the old sound was in many ways innovative and quite original, but after time it grew as quite repetitive and annoying. Something else i have noticed is that everyone that compares it to the beatles mentions particular songs that sound just like a certain beatles song, and i find that to be quite false. Sure the ispiration is clear and they're are simular elements ( slower time counts with simple precise guitar riffs) but panic still succeeds in making it entirely their own. I never thought i would be saying this a few years ago but, i cant wait for what panic has in store next! A Fever You Cannt Sweat- 74/100 Pretty.Odd- 85/100
    Panic's first album was great! I bought just after I write sins not tragedies was released and before people even knew who this guys were... It took a while until I really got into the album (like 5 or 6 listens) but from then on it really grew on me, making them one of my favorite bands ever... When pretty.odd. came out I bought the CD on day 1! I was very disapointed... The irreverent, wacky sound that made me love them was gone. Even so I kept on listening and once again after a few listens I started liking the sound and really seeing the lyrycs hat also made that first album so damn awsome were still there! Now I really like both albums and these fellows are my fav band at the moment. If you just listen to it carefully you'll end up liking it, unless you're a metallica/iron maiden/slayer fan...xD jk I love all those guys too...
    mypettreejimmy wrote: you guys are funny. 1. panic at the disco is not experimental, they are just another pop band trying to be innovative 2. name dropping is funny 3. who did the first 6 ratings? 4. face it, panic at the disco is trying too hard and shouldn't have abandoned their name and style lets all sit around a plastic campfire and listen to some ska-revival...
    You had the right to your oppinion, wich is wrong btw, until that last sentence... oh well
    oh, dont forget that these guys are only 21 years of age, and that would be the oldest. So give the boys some credit for being so young and making a (in my opion) a wonderful and optimistic album. Sure, they could've gone emo and sang about break ups and girls, but they didnt, give them some credit for not following the norm
    I love this album! at first it took some getting used to, but now i can't stop listening to it!! I think it's kinda amazing how they've changed they're style and music so much and yet, hopefully, still keep their army of fans!! ha ha =D
    Dillon_59 wrote: GAY
    I'm not quite sure what your sexuality has to do with music. Maybe you were just making a statement about yourself. If that the case then good for you. You finally came out to everyone.
    i have to agre with that! ppl would like this album a lot more! i love their new album!! Although i miss the old PATD but their new cd is more mature and it seems like they're happy with their new sound so if they are happy with the way they are then im happy!
    Hagan wrote: Personally, this is creative. i think if this a fever you cant sweat out never exsisted, and just pretty odd did, people would like this album a lot better.