Cowboys From Hell review by Pantera

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  • Released: Jul 24, 1990
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (179 votes)
Pantera: Cowboys From Hell

Sound — 9
Pantera. How can words even describe the hard hitting band straight from the hell pit of Texas. Pantera, many can summarize all of the musicians skills as: Amazing, Spectacular, Superb, Extreme, God-Like, Jaw Dropping. The second you hear a scream from Phil Anselmo, a rugged riff from Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.), A jaw-dropping drum beat from Vinnie Paul, or even a bone chilling bass line from Rex Brown. The second you hear any tune off of the Cowboys from Hell album, you know you're in for one wicked ride. Pantera's Cowboys from Hell is strictly metal-up-your-ass. It's as simple as that, there is nothing peachy, or un-metal about this album. It's an all you can wish for metal fest on a compact disc that will make you she'd a tear of joy for hours upon listening to this album which goes down in history as one of the greatest heavy metal bands ever.

Lyrics — 10
Don't you hate hearing a brutal band who's lyrics are equivalent to a pre-schoolers attention span? I do. It's a pet-peeve that can make or break an album I listen to. Well here's a little information for you, Cowboy's from Hell is packed with inspiring and brutal lyrics that can show a point and have that point beat you down to the ground in pure, straight up, truthful facts. Here's a song off the album called Domination, which has a legendary guitar solo, intense bass line, a gnurly percussion, a bitter sweet screaming set of vocals, oh, and before I forget. As a band, Pantera can simplify any extreme situation into a 5:04 shred-tastic song. Phil Anselmo's singing skills range from very low pitch, to a ear-piercing scream that can wake your pen-pal located in Japan (Assume you're somewhere in the U.S.) out of a coma. Dimebag Darrell's guitar playing skills speak for himself. His life was taken pre-maturely from him, but his guitar ability's will be forever stained into everyone's fantasy guitar ability's. Dimebag was a amazing guitarist that can take any key, any scale, any melody, and turn it into a bone crushing solo and make your mind go numb out of pure amazement. For the record, "Dimebag Darrell" is also known as "Diamond Darrell" in the booklet of Cowboys from Hell. Dimebag will never be forgotten, but always remembered as a rock God. Rest in Peace. Vinnie Paul's drumming in Cowboys from Hell set a major standard of that generations metal drumming. Him and Dimebag had such a great corresponding set of skills that Dimebag could pull out a skull splitting riff, and Vinnie would pull out something just as brutal and heavy. Rex Brown's bass in Cowboys from Hell is beyond noticeable. Most bass players you're waiting around listening to hear a bass line. Not Rex Brown, after a few seconds of the song: "Cowboys from Hell", Rex Brown makes his presence as a bass player known.

Overall Impression — 10
The overall impression of this album is just amazing. It's simply extraordinary, it's not fair to declare what songs are and aren't amazing on this album. You have an array of great tunes that can juggle from blistering fast, to moderately-super-fast, hell, even semi-slow. I can't exactly pin-point anything on this album that I dis-like. I enjoy the musical greatness that was put together and called Cowboys from Hell. This album is a must-buy for every metal head, and anyone interested in learning some wicked guitar leads and riffs. If this disc was ever stolen, I wouldn't bother purchasing a new one. I would hunt the person down who stole it, beat them down, and make them buy their own copy. Everyone needs their own copy of Cowboys from Hell!

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    Shredlet wrote: WTf is with the genre? it says the genre is rock! what? pantera is far from it! Mod correct it!
    Just like every other metal release. Besides, Pantera is closer to rock than a lot of the other bands wearing the tag.
    mckillswitch what IS the big deal? so people get into pantera after hearing about dimebag's death, so what? its not like it makes me or anyone else less of a true fan!!! and i this is the first pantera album i heard and once it blessed my ears i was hooked dimebag's riffs are amazing and his solos are even better, may he RIP
    McKillswitch wrote: You people have only ever heard of pantera cuz dimebag died...
    oh really?im 16 and ive been listening to them since WAY before Dime died. ans Pantera is not rock damnit.
    i definately wouldnt class pantera as rock... or hair metal... I would class it as "one of the best thrash/heavy metal acts that ever walked this earth" metal, next to metallica,maiden and a7x RIP dime
    Mud Martian
    McKillswitch wrote: You people have only ever heard of pantera cuz dimebag died...
    I heard that Dimebag died because I listen to Pantera.
    nothingface187 wrote: "I don't know his name, but he can belt everything from heavy growls to well anything." His Name is Phil Aselmo, goddamn boy, every metal head should know that!
    Phil aNselmo
    Sad but true Pantera were cock rockers in the 80's and they suffered with what I call "jock mentality syndrome"(JMS for short) in the 90's (especially Phil) but they did have some good songs. I still listen to CFH from time to time and it brings back good memories for me. Not really a bad track on there and cemetary gates is a pure gem (Dimes best solo ever, probably one of the best solos of all time really)
    McKillswitch wrote: You people have only ever heard of pantera cuz dimebag died...
    all you people who think this guy is talking to you are retarded if what he said is true in your case you know he was talking to you(i started lstening and then like a week later i found out he was shot fyi)
    530-333-1962 wrote: Pantera can lick my hairy nutsack. Especially dimedoosh darrell.
    lol, someones having a bitter day huh?