Reinventing Hell: The Best Of review by Pantera

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  • Released: Jan 1, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (24 votes)
Pantera: Reinventing Hell: The Best Of

Sound — 10
More an anthology album than a greatest hits due to rare tracks and albums representatives. But this still contains some killer tracks, such as "Cowboys From Hell", "Mouth For War", "Drag The Waters", and "Revolution Is My Name". The guitars are cutting edge bloodthirsty chainsaws, the drums have a huge amount of slap on them, and even though there are 16 different tracks taken from a ten year period, the style of the riffs, the sound of the guitar and drums, and overall aggression remains the same throughout, which is good because the 'Pantera' style is the best and most original style out there. Discuss.

Lyrics — 9
Well these are Pantera lyrics. So they are bound to be good. But the way they are sung obviously varies over the course of the comilation. So they are good in places, like on "Walk", "Cowboys From Hell", "Revolution is my Name", in fact, most of the songs. But when they layer the vocals like on "Drag The Waters" and "Where You Come From" it can sound messy and kinda crap. But overall, the way they are played in unison with the music is great. The best song just for vocals is "Cemetery Gates", where the soft singin switching to the hurtful screaming is truly gripping and can urge you to join in, wherever you are. Which can be bad at times depending on where you are. But "Walk", "Becoming", and "The Badge" are good examples of Phil Anselmo's incredible talent.

Overall Impression — 10
I can't pick my favorite songs from the album, because I have like 16 of them. So I'll do a track by track. 01. Cowboys From Hell - signature track, the first song from this incredible compilation is certainly a ball crusher. The awesome introduction and the brilliant riffs, solo, and vocals and truly amazing ending all form a four minute motherf--ker of an anthem. 02. Domination - I seriously think "Psycho Holiday" is better than this, despite the awesome beginning and the cool riffs and hooks, but this is one giant slaying track. Regularly covered by Bullet for my Valentine. Kind of spoiled towards the end by pointless sound effects, but this blistering track is guaranteed to rip your balls off. 03. Cemetery Gates - one of the most powerful tracks ever, armed with acoustic verses, distorted choruses, soft meaningful vocals turning into gripping sorrowful screams, and brilliant harmonics at the end, "Cemetery Gates" is the one Pantera song that will move you directly to tears. 04. Mouth For War - the best song here from the legendary "Vulgar Display of Power" equipped with riffs that are built to hook you quicker than cigarettes. The final lyric "No one can piss on this determination", was the most truthful line Phil Anselmo ever sang. 05. Walk - most well known riff from the cowboys, this is the song that put Pantera on the map, the song that attracts everybody to buying the legendary "Vulgar Display Of Power". Brilliant solo, and regularly covered by Avenged Sevenfold at live shows. 06. This Love - awesome chorus. But what "This Love" fails to do is outdo "Cemetery Gates", which is obviously what it was meant to do. It isn't sorrowful enough. But apart from that, awesome song. I love it, and my life wouldn't be the same without it. 07. F--king Hostile - all out scream fest, "F--king Hostile" is the song you can go to when you feel so pissed off you could rip a rhino's head off. Screaming along to this blistering beast of a track will release so much stress you would never have guessed you were so angry. Great song. 08. Becoming - cool intro, awesome lyrics. First song here from 1994's "Far Beyond Driven" is a slayer. Dodgy riff which makes for a good feel for the song. But while the solo is kinda crap, it ends quite well. Overall good song. 09. 5 Minutes Alone - it would have been better with "Strength Beyond Strength" in its place, because while this song has some brilliant riffs in it, it is far too long for its own good, even though it's not even six minutes long. It makes you wish they ended it like a minute earlier. But kind of good overall. 10. I'm Broken - the best song here from "Far Beyond Driven", "I'm Broken" is the one song from that album that refers back to the style used on "Vulgar Display". And it's like the only Pantera song where dual vocals actually work and don't completely f--k up the song on impact. Overwhelming song. 11. Planet Caravan - almighty Black Sabbath cover. If this song wasn't here, then the positioning of "5 Minutes Alone" would have made more sense. But a good cover, and, obviously with it being from the 1971 Sabbath album "Paranoid", it's a great song. 12. Drag The Waters - Eerie intro, absolutely brilliant riff, the one song from "The Great Southern Trendkill" (which should have been "Floods" or "Suicide Note Pt. I") has cool, thoughtful lyrics based upon liars and is one of the songs my band is going to cover for it's next album. But the vocals ruin it right at the end. 13. Where You Come From - I don't listen to this song as much as I should, but it's cool. Ironically, it's a studio albums from Pantera's 1998 live album "Official Live: 101 Proof". Really getting the message across that he don't give a f--k. But this song is kind of spoiled by the way it is reverbed so much. 14. Revolution Is My Name - I love this song so much! It's been on my Messenger name for ages. The lyrics don't really make sense since they contradict themselves like every third or fourth line. But definately one of favorites from the the whole compilation. Rock on! 15. Immortally Insane - slow burner, definately my least favorite song from the album. Overdone with reverb, the verses are ultimately boring here, but some brilliant work in the choruses and the solo. 16. The Badge - from the movie "The Crow", this inner-shit-city belter is guaranteed to get you in the mood for somebody up. Police style theme makes for a good NY anthem. Overall, this compilation kicks ass, but could have been better if it had "Strength Beyond Strength" and "Psycho Holiday" instead of "5 Minutes Alone" and "Domintation" and more songs from "The GST" and "Reinventing The Steel". Better than "Far Beyond: The Great Southern Cowboys Vulgar Hits!". If it got stolen by some dickhead, I wouldn't buy it again, I would go and get it back. Anyways I hope you found this helpful; rock on!

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    Walk is indeed a good song, but it s no way better than Revolution Is My Name, or Goddamn Electric.
    im sorry, but "walk" is a terrible song. boring lyrics, boring riff over and over. dont know why everyone thinks its so great. the rest of the songs are good though, ill not argue that.