The Great Southern Trendkill review by Pantera

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  • Released: May 7, 1996
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (68 votes)
Pantera: The Great Southern Trendkill

Sound — 10
The Sound of this album was very underated, the brutal lyrics coming from phil, a change from the older pantera but that's why people experiment but they pulled it off if you ask me. But some of the riffs did drag on for too long for example the solo to T.G.S.T.K was so pointless, I didn't bother to learn it, the song would have been better without it. The breaks in some of the songs such as sandblasted skin and living through me we're not needed but they must of done something right considering how famous they are. Not the best of Dimebags riffs but their still skull crushing.

Lyrics — 10
Phill's Lyrics in this album we're different and very rappy but it's still good if you can understand them, if you can't I suggest that you read them. The lyrics to suicide note part one and two we're abit depressing if you we're suicidal but if not you can enjoy the songs over and over again. there are more rhyms in this album as far as I can tell but I think it's amazing just to sit in your room and sing/scream along to.

Overall Impression — 10
The great southern trendkill, I think, was much more aggersive than Vulgar display of power, and the riffs we're more playable (on guitar). Drag the waters has an amazing riff (not complicated tho) and the screaming was amazing, 13 steps to nowhere has an amazing intro and it carried on through out but the solo kind of ruined it but they made up for that by the outro, suicide note part 2 and sandblasted we're both amazing song's yet towards the end of them the fiffs dragged on, living through me was such an amzing song to start a violent pitt with but the random break they have really spoiled it, the underground in america had three main riffs that I loved the lyrics we're very well put across, the solo was a bit short but the intro to it was simple yet amazing, floods is an amazing song with very melodic riffs yet the lyrics wern't as good compared to suicide note part one. If I lost this album I would either buy it or steal it from the local HMV, over all this album was fine work by Pantera.

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    gynther flynt
    on this album he included screaming in 3 songs and I personally like it when he screams because I find it is really cool when he screams.
    you just gotta love these sentences...
    This album cannot compare to any other albums because it is one of those albums that cannot compare to any albums
    I just gotta agree with Flynt
    Well Rex is a pretty cool bassist and he really shows he can play that loud and crazy thing on this album
    What loud and grazy thing ??
    the greatest pantera album love how aggressive it is ****ing amazing i personally like it better than vulgar and cowboys
    i dont know what the hell is wrong with the second part of the title track, that instrumental part kicks some serious ass, I love the 1st part with the totally brutal singing as I love the mind-blowing solo part which has one of the most catchy rhythm guitar work that I've ever heard. seriously, one day Im going to destroy the steering wheel of my car with my head while listening to that song.
    TGSTK is Pantera's most under appreciated release. Probably becuase it takes a few more listens to soak everything in. Alot of metal heads suffer from ADD! The songs have more diversity and experimentation in them. Dime and Vinnie sound inspired both showing their musicianship and skills. Phil is Phil, more lyrics on drugs, his hatred for the media, his hatred for himself (e.t.c) luckily there are some mellow parts that forces him to sing more as i personally find his screaming over done sometimes. Am I the only Pantera fan that thinks his singing voice is much better and under used? The production is fantastic, the best sounding Pantera album ever you can hear all intruments clearly and Dime's tone has never been better. Did I mention the solos? Some of his best ever (cemetary gates still his best solo) I don't understand why someone would'nt like the last half of "trendkill" as it has an amazing riff and fading solo. The only shitter on the album is "Drag the Waters" as it sounds too much like "walk" but not as nearly as good. Any way this lp is a perfect mix of brains`n balls, more brains than balls actually and thats a good thing! I also like to add that its kinda hypocritical for them to preach "trendkilling" when they were cock rock until that scene fell out of favor:o
    mr. ...
    just a little more crushing pantera. but floods was a surprise the last 45 seconds of floods is one of the sickest but at the same time most beautiful riffs ive ever heard
    the songs arent really that complicated but Fuck they are fun,Drag the waters...played it for 3 days everytime i played the guitar,TGSTK i played for a while but 13 steps is FUCKING BRUTAL the overdubbing of Phil is ****ing demonic and insane!!!
    Floods is probably one of the most depressing and amazing song, you will never heard a song like that from any other band than Pantera. Oh yeah all the other songs on The Great Southern Trendkill kicked ass to. PPPPPAAAAANNNNNTTTTTEEEERRRRRA
    Floods solo... *cuuuuumness* The best solo ever written. the album deserves a fair 10 just cause of that solo ! that said, this album rock totall balls !
    i really don't like this album.... but, what can you say, it was recorded in two diff. parts of da country. The band (Dimebag, Rex, and Vinnie Paul) were in a completely different place than Phil. Phil was having troubles with his heroine addiction so he was away, but somehow they managed to pull together Drag The Waters (best song on the album) even with this tenuous stretch.