Vulgar Display of Power review by Pantera

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  • Released: Feb 25, 1992
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (134 votes)
Pantera: Vulgar Display of Power

Sound — 10
Vulgar Display of Power is a pure kickass groove-thrash metal at it's best, and should give any amateur a definition of how pure metal should be made, as this is one of the greatest masterpieces the world of metal ever encountered. For Pantera, it symbolizes their change from thrash-glam metal to pure groovey-thrash metal: Phil screaming at the top of his lungs, Dimebag giving the ball-kicker riffs and shit-melting solos, Rex giving the super-fast and heavy bass beats and last but not least, Vinnie Paul giving the ultra-awesome and fast beats to the song. This album gives a great combination between kickass-attitude metal with songs like Mouth For War, f--king Hostile and Rise, while leaving some space for feel and soul with songs like Hollow, and it's really innovative, never before seen in metal. Here is my rating for each song specifically (ordered by appearance on setlist): 01.Mouth For War: great opening for an album, probably one of my favorite Pantera songs. Includes epic riffs, brutal singing and massive badass attitude. 5/5 02.A New Level: pretty heavy song, and groovey. A very great solo, yet there's something about this song that I can't relate to. 8/10 03.Walk: Re, Spect, Walk! need I say more? One of Pantera's most famous songs and not for nothing, it has one of Dime's best solos ever. Actually not a typical song for Pantera if looking by the lyrics, but it's groovey and listening to it while walking is definitely a great experience. 10/10 04.f--king Hostile: pure thrash, very fast-paced song, can be considered as one of Pantera's anthems, yet it's a little repeatitive. 9/10 05.This Love: song with a lot of feel, Dime's slow solos here really rule, and the riff on the fast part is amazing. This song kind of brings back memories. One of my favorites from Pantera. 10/10 06.Rise: this song is f--king brutal, you'll never find something as brutal as this. Badass song. 9.5/10 07.No Good (Attack the Radical): such an underrated song, it's very very good and Dime's solo is one of the best!! 9.5/10 08.Live In A Hole: never gave this one too much attention, I can't give it a grade. 09.Regular People (Conceit): very very awesome opening. I don't like the chorus a lot but this song is pure P-A-N-T-E-R-A. 9.5/10 10.By Demons Be Driven: probably one of my favorites of this album. One awesome riff that reminds you of a demon's howl, and a natural harmonics solo that just screams awesome. 10/10 11.Hollow: another song with a lot of feel, I really like it, and Dime's tone on this one is heart-melting, great ending for a most awesome album. 10/10

Lyrics — 10
Very in-your-face style lyrics, talking about politics, about poseours, about love. Shipped with a cargo full of anger, Vulgar Display of Power is a very straight attack into others, and it's very powerful, I warn you, try not to get offended too much in case you're a poseour, because Walk for example is a direct message to you.

Overall Impression — 10
Vulgar Display of Power is, as I said above, a pure metal masterpiece, and defines how metal should look like. It's probably my favorite Pantera album, and it's a musthear for everyone who defines himself a metal fan, and the material that it contains is a direct lesson for every musician who wants to learn how to make good metal. Rock on and RIP Dimebag.

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    ...of course people over 20 like pantera, what you talking about?? vulgar display of power is an mazing album,every track is brilliant, there is no band that has ever been better than pantera, best metal band ever in my opinion. But this album is not as good as cowboys from hell, that is just a masterpiece! Still my all time favourite album.
    The guy who wrote the review on the top has atrocious English .
    first review, Mouth Of War? best fuking metal album to date! R.I.P Brother Dime
    The cover of this album perfectly shows its effects. I cant believe im never gonna see them live. Best album delivered from the Pantera guys, no doubt!!
    I never really liked This Love :shrug: Everything else is pretty badass though, especially for Metal + 1992