Live And Murderous In Chicago [DVD] review by Papa Roach

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  • Released: Nov 22, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Content: 7
  • Production Quality: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.8 (59 votes)
Papa Roach: Live And Murderous In Chicago [DVD]

Sound — 9
According to the band themselves, it was just the right time to document Papa Roach live and show what the band is all about. So, finally, after three albums, 13 years of rehearsals and 5 million sold records in the US -- "Live And Murderous In Chicago" DVD -? one of the best Papa Roach live sets, a concert from Chicago on 1st of May 2005. The band took it serious choosing the city to shoot a concert in -? Chicago was picked as one of the best rock cities, as Jacoby told UG in the exclusive interview. And it worked out great -? even though the band was a bit nervous before their first concert for the DVD, the guys made a great job with a big help from the audience. The fans of Pap Roach knew that the Chicago concert was going to be put on the DVD long before the show and it was more like a meeting of old friends (Jacoby even mentioned he recognized a few faces in the front row). The crowd just couldn't be not mental and not very loyal and the vibe just couldn't be huge. Papa Roach plays songs from all of their three previous records as well as songs from the new one "Getting Away With Murder," often explaining which year they're gonna take you to with the next song. Guitarist Jerry Horton, bassist Tobin Esperance and drummer Dave Buchner did their job with a fury, creating a solid background for the frontman to entertain the audience. Jacoby acts on stage as if being led by the devil -? that reflects well Papa Roach's "prisoned-soul" lyrical contest. The stage was definitely too small for Jacoby as he spent most of the show jumping from one amp to another. I guess if he had the opportunity to be back on stage safe and with his microphone, Shaddix would rather make the concert out of the crowd, jumping with the kids. DVD has a great sound; it's not too studio-remastered and keeps the vibe of a live concert. Watching the DVD you realize that after listening to all of your Papa Roach records, you haven't heard anything before you heard the band live.

Content — 7
Give them credit for their first try ?- to cover the standard DVD content -? 75-minute concert, some pictures and seven video clips (all of which are edited versions and an alternative version of "Time And Time Again"). But if you're lucky enough, you'll find 'Hidden Easter Egg' -? a somewhat like a present for the band's true fans -? not only because of the fact you'd have to watch the DVD from the beginning to the end to find the feature, but also it would seem just some drunk shit if you're not deeply in love with everything Papa Roach is doing.

Production Quality — 9
The picture is always clean, without any artistic flourishes, leaving you alone with the band and The Show. A true picture created by nine cameras and accomplished by Dolby Surround 5.1 sound, makes you experience the most tasteful part of Papa Roach ?- live in its best. During the concert you get plenty of views of each member of the band and won't miss a single evil-like expression of Jacoby's face.

Overall Impression — 8
A couple of years ago Papa Roach set a huge and loyal fanbase due to the band's ugly and true lyrics and hard-edged guitar. It's obvious the band still has the connection with the fans as they make sold-off show all around the country, giving the security hard time to try to keep the crowd under control. The record does what the debut DVD is supposed to do -- represents the band to you -? wild, unexpected, demonic, with unlimited energy and always keeping it under control, never hitting a wrong note or running out of breath. Papa Roach has made it -? after success being followed by slump and a few years of silence, they are back. With the first DVD and a new album, Papa Roach are reborn, refuting their "one-hit wonder" cliche. Just curious -- do they really use public transport before the show as seen in the beginning of DVD? And then hop in one of those luxury cars, also there?

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    slipknot_rules1 wrote: someone wanna tell me where the ****ing eater egg is? lol
    Try to open every file on the DVD individually, I think it's n.2
    This DVD is awesome. Now I can watch a PRoach show whenever I want. It's nothing close to being there though.
    I went to a concert with slipknot and paparoach last year, and, God they are sick on stage (papa roach) ... couple of days after the concert i read a 'review' of the concert... slipknot got 6/10 i rating.. and Papa roach got 10/10... and I totally agreed !.. they rock!
    k if anybody is lookin for the easter egg at the end when the credits are playing press the skip forward button on your dvd remote and bam its there
    theyre really good live, the bassist(tobin) is active as hell onstage. i really do think jacoby acts like a bit of a fag sometimes in this dvd though.