The Paramour Sessions review by Papa Roach

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  • Released: Sep 11, 2006
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.1 (219 votes)
Papa Roach: The Paramour Sessions

Sound — 6
Papa Roach has claimed that they are going to change their style with each new album. After the amazing album, Getting Away With Murder, Papa Roach strays too far away from their oldselves, leading to a major disappointment in their newest album, The Paramour Sessions. Instead of the distinct style that defined Papa Roach (riffs like the intro to "Do Or Die", and the awesome main riff of "Last Resort") they resorted to chord-driven riffs. The riffs all sound way too similar like some other song. There is no riff that stands out and makes you go, 'wow', the first time you hear it. They are just too simple and too familiar. For the style of music that they experimented with with this album, it's ok. Jacoby Shaddox's vocals are outstanding, although he strays away from his mild rapping and screaming. The lyrics are horrible and are all the same. The drums are good, and the bass is ok.

Lyrics — 5
The lyrics are horrible. Way, way too literal. Instead of poetry (what lyrics are supposed to be), Jacoby pretty much just says meaningless words. All the songs are about his depression, breakups, and other crap. Depressions lyrics have been done way too many times before. If not properly done, even though they are simple, they will sound horrible. He needs to expand on his writings, and use more skills such as imagery and figurative language. You know that the lyrics are bad when you play some of the songs for your friends and it embarrases you. His vocals and range are excellent, though. This category would have gotten a 9 from me if it wasn't for the mediocre lyric writting.

Overall Impression — 6
All in all, this falls horribly short. It also doesn't help that they had to come back from an awesome album. The only song that really stands out is the song "Time is Running Out", only becuase of Jacoby's wide vocal range. And now for the classic question: if this album were stolen/lost, I would not buy it again. Maybe I'd buy a second copy of Getting Away With Murder.

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    woteva u do dnt listn to that guy (SOTY13)!!!!! none of the songs even get close to the ratings he's given them!! if a decent review is wat ur after, PR's new album is distinctly average, no great thrills the songs just feel like they were the songs that failed to get on the last album GAWM. Infest and GAWM are there best 2 albums but now i believe PR are becoming stale. having sed that i believe that jacoby shaddix is one of the best vocalists out there at the moment and if i was him id concentrate more on a side project. my honest rating of the new album... a disappointing 5/10
    dear guitarmaniac17, lyrics arent "supposed" to be like anything except saying what you feel. if you like to write poetry, then go for it. but if thats not how you feel, then writing a bunch of fake ass poems and sugarcoating the way you feel is just plain stupid
    this album definately deserves more higher than a freaking 7.8. its true the band has drifted away from previous records but look at it this way: theyre not your band. theyre not there to write songs for you. its a natural progression thats up to them to make. in my opinion, songs like to be loved, forever, my heart is a fist, and reckless, are some of the best of their career. kudos, guys. keep up the good work.
    I personally rather like this album. And let me be perfectly honest, couldn't stand GAWM. True, when I first heard the album, I doubted it, expecially the whinier songs like "Reckless" and "What Do You Do" but after listening to them several times, I completely fell in love with the album. There is more depth to these songs then there was in the songs on Infest. Donn't get me wrong, Infest was a stupendous album and TPS doesn't top it, but TPS is still a good album. It has the rock tunes like "I Devise My Own Demise" and "No More Secrets" and the kinda-emo songs like "Reckless". But it cannot be half as emo as the whole Getting Away With Murder album was. I mean, on that album, you had "Scars" *shudder* and "Do or Die", "Take Me" those were pretty emo songs. I think that you should try listening to some of the other songs besides "...To Be Loved" because it isn't fair to judge the band and the album based on one song. Check out the bonus tracks too. "SOS" and "The Addict" are totally kickass songs that are better than any on the album, I think.
    All the songs are awesome except To Be loved if you hate that song still buy the album.