Draconian Times review by Paradise Lost

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  • Released: Nov 4, 2011
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.5 (24 votes)
Paradise Lost: Draconian Times

Sound — 10
First I want to say that is disappointing that nobody else made a review on one of the best and inspirational album of the 90's. Then again Paradise Lost will always be underrated and many would probably never heard of them. Which is strange for a one of the leading bands that invented gothic and doom metal. But enough about that. Draconian Times was recorded in 1995 with Nick Holmes-vocals, Gregor Mackintosh-guitar, Aaron Aedy-guitar, Steve Edmonson-bass, Lee Morris-drums. Before they started recording the album the drummer Matt Archer left the band. They actually wrote the whole album material with some lame drum machine which is pretty bizzare.When the material was finished Lee Morris joined the band.

Lyrics — 10
01. Enchantment -- it starts with the piano then gets harder with very symphonic sound with deep background vocals. The song is awesome and I think didn't have to put it as the first song because of it's size and the fading ending. I mean almost every band puts a simple fast first song but paradise lost is all about change. Good lyrics part: "There's no rule to say you'll cry alone Just find the strength to help you carry the load Reverse the frown and let the power surge But when alone you cannot resist the urge" 02. Hallowed Land -- As I said, maybe this song should have been first. It's a faster song and gets in the ear pretty quickly. Good lyrics part: Be gone the fools that lead me I need not to know accept reclining spirit I need to endure 03. The Last Time -- This song was a single and if you heard it at think it's good, you will be surprised that this is the worst song on the album. Not to say the song is bad but for the paradise lost standards it's simple. Maybe that's the reason it's a singe when you think about it, the producers want a simple song for radio play or whatever, still a good song. Good lyrics part: I raise a sunken smile As I serve only the ones who served; What can I achieve; As you steal the air I breathe 04. Forever Failure -- To this day I haven't found a song that is more harder to listen to and it's beautiful. It was a single, done in must 90's black and white video. I stopped listening to this song months after I first heard it cause Is so strong it will just make you depressed. The title said it all. Good lyrics part: "You must feel frustration Cause your mind feels such temptation And your ways appear a total lack of faith" 05. Once Solemn -- Like the 3thd song fast, simple and awesome. Good lyrics part: "Your powers electrify me Your prowess repels apathy Your image can turn your soul to stone" 06. Shadow Kings -- A song with very good drums about voices in your head. Good lyrics part: "Fallen blind to the cruel hysteria that's constantly challenging Me, all alone... all alone... can't be real" 07. Elusive Cure -- Good lyrics part: "Skin your pride, it's stripped and taken from you; Buried deep are the souls that are waiting for you" 08. Yearn for change -- Song about desperately wanting to things turn your way. I find this song very awesome and sad ending the song with words:" Life is all the pain we Endeavour". 09. Shades Of God -- Good lyrics part: "Weak search for faith A path to take, you tread in vain" 10. Hands of reason -- Good lyrics part: "A lack of reason that makes a mortal man; Untold the treason, the past where it began 11. I See Your Face -- I don't know what the band was thinking when they wrote this song but music being a universal thing it's ok think about different things then what the song is actually about. To me this song is about love and seeing the person you love walk away from you forever.Good lyrics part: "Will you make it slow, pure evil makes it slow I know you're brandishing the sign" 12. Jaded -- Good lyrics part:" Opaque the dissident establishment That we all suffer; Refill the porous shell with words that mean so many things".

Overall Impression — 10
No other band makes music like this to compare to. The bands that Paradise Lost influenced are NightWish, Lacuna Coil, Cradle of filth with Dani Filth offen regarding paradise lost as the main inspiration. If it were stolen? This is a interesting question because I don't know personaly anyone that listens to Paradise Lost. I some one wouls stole it I will be happy to see that other people are discovering this band. As for the CD I would just download it. I apologies for grammar mistakes.

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    How can this be one of the most influential albums of the 90s when according to you say most people have 'never heard of them'?
    Come on ... Paradise lost is quite famous here in Hungary ... I can't wait to see them in June
    this album is really great. I don't know any other material of them, i got this album free by a subscription for a magazine. My favourites are Hallowed Land and Yearn For Change, due to the guitar sound
    This is a great album and for their genre though I think that Cradle of Filth in the same sentence as Paradise Lost especially in their prime context is unforgivable.
    ApeOfJustice wrote: How can this be one of the most influential albums of the 90s when according to you say most people have 'never heard of them'?
    I imagine they mean in a cult musician way. There is some terrible english in this though, so no-one can be blamed for not understanding!
    For me it's just my classic album. Wonderfull... The only record who deserves a 10/10 for me