Paramore review by Paramore

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  • Released: Apr 9, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 6.7 (165 votes)
Paramore: Paramore

Sound — 8
The aptly named self titled fourth studio album "Paramore" (That's a mouthful!) is bound to surprise many! The trio have taken risks with the long run time and pop-friendly singles; but they have paid off well. The use of ukulele and strings in numerous tracks has given birth to soothing songs such as "Moving on" and "Hate to see your heart break"(a very nice ballad). "Daydreaming" sounds almost like an anthem. "Part II" reminds me of an epic battle scene! The chorus is empowering and the interlude just before the outro will send you into a frenzy of live rendition of "Let The Flames Begin" (if you've ever been to a Paramore concert. Sadly I haven't. "Ain't It Fun" is truly fun! Yes, the love songs do their part. And the rock songs have new instruments that were not associated with Paramore. Overall, the album sounds delightful.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics of the album is rich and diverse. The ballad track "Hate to see your heart break" is very touching. Among the ukulele songs, "Moving On" depicts that Hayley has moved on blissfully from a recent break up. (Perhaps she's referring to the departure of the Farro brothers, who were also the founding members of the band.) "Ain't It Fun" and "One Of Those Crazy Girls" have a more upbeat and dancing lyrics. The line "Butterflies with punctured wings" from "Part II" takes you back to the album cover of "Brand New Eyes". Hayley's singing is just flawless. She complements the playful bass from Davis and simple yet strong riffs from York well.

Overall Impression — 7
"Day Dreaming", "Part II", "Moving On", are the songs that caught my attention. I love the fact that there's an element of surprise in the album; the band has experimented and explored a lot of genres in this album. The only part where I should complain is that some songs are extra short! Bottom line: "Best music ever produced by the trio together!" Although Paramore has changed their sound in this post-Farro album, they're only trying to grow and evolve... If anyone wants to listen to "old" Paramore songs, please do so! :) And to conclude let me quote: "The self-titled aspect of the whole thing is definitely a statement. I feel like it's not only reintroducing the band to the world, but even to ourselves... By the end of it, it felt like we're a new band." - Hayley Williams.

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