RIOT! review by Paramore

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  • Released: Jun 12, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (298 votes)
Paramore: RIOT!

Sound — 10
Paramores new ablum is definitely a great one. This is one of my favorite bands and this album just reminds me why I love them. If a man was singing it might be a diffrent story, as it might blend in with the other bands. But with Hayley Williams singing it stands out and allows the band to show off their potential and talent. Although the chords and strumming is pretty basic I personally think it works well with the dynamics of Hayley Williams singing. It is nice to see a band with a woman singing in the rock side of the industry. Metal bands do have the occasional female singer but seeing a female singer in a pop/rock band is very rare, and also very nice to see. And to some, inspirational.

Lyrics — 9
I think the lyrics have been thought out carfully and possibly have a meaning behind some of them. Even if they don't they are still very impressive. The lyrics don't hold any meaning that might take a while to understand. The lyrics I think have defently got better since "All I Know Is Falling". Hayley Williams adds emotian to every word. I think that she has thought out how to make every word powerful, and it's worked. The music on its own would be lost without the lyrics which is a let down as I would of expected the music to have it's own 'personality' as the lyrics do.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall I have to say this is an amazing album. I think the song "We Are Broken" would have to be my favorite song as it shows the bands softer side and talent. Unlike many bands they don't play the same type of songs (Slow, Fast etc.) all of the time. This song shows how much talent they have. A close second would have to be "Crushcrushcrush". It's a song that I can't stop listening too. "Misery Buissness" is a fantastic song. It has great lyrics, meoldy, chords and a drum line. It was a good choice to make as their first single off of the new album as this made me want to buy their new album. I was afaird I'd not like the album as much as their old one, but I liked it more. Although it wasn't as heavy as the last one, I think this one wasn't as rushed. I love that the songs are all different yet they manage to keep that element in them that is the same. I hate that I keep listing to it all the time because I think this would be an album that I would get sick of. Eventually I'd have to put it away for a while before I listen to it again. However, even if I did listen to it too much the impression of it on me would still persuade me to go to one of their gigs. If it were stolen or lost I'd definitely buy a new one straight away!

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    i dont own their first album. i dont really like it, but then again i judged it by the singles they released. I didnt even liten to their first album. But when i heard "misery busiess" i was like, "damn they got way better". Riot is a geat album.
    True Hayley is what pretty much makes the band. But the other band members do hold they're own ground. Hayley has said many a time that she only sings with one drummer and that is Zac Farro. So she must believe he is talented and so do many people I kknow as well.
    I really don't like pop rock, I'm more into punk music. REAL punk music mind you. Anyways, usually I'll listen to pop rock bands if they have a girl singing, but this band really caught my eye. Haley's voice is amazing. And the lyrics are really good. Plus, their a Christian band. =) The band as a whole is good. Not just Haley. I just hope that they get more punk infused into there music.