Deep Blue review by Parkway Drive

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  • Released: Jun 25, 2010
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.3 (132 votes)
Parkway Drive: Deep Blue

Sound — 6
Personally, I'm not a fan of the sound this CD. The guitars don't sound very heavy, and the vocals seem too loud at times. Also, on my speaker system, the bass drum seems to drown everything else.

As for the actual music, in my opinion, it isn't as good as their previous albums. At some points, it gets quite boring. The CD is quite a different style compared to 'Horizons' and 'Killing With A Smile'. As ever, breakdowns are featured regularly throughout the album, all to varying effect. Some are very generic and rather boring ('Deliver Me' in particular). Instead of adding to the song, they seem to be there just so that there is a breakdown. However, in songs such as 'Unrest', the breakdown fits very well.

Lyrics — 7
Winston McCall is a very good vocalist, and also a good lyricist. At the moment, not much of the lyrics are available on the internet to study, so I can't comment too much on the lyrics throughout the album. However, the lyrics that I have seen are quite good. Lines such as "Lightning cracks across a vast horizon, reaching out its hands towards an unsuspecting shore" allow the listener to picture a mental image, which is nice.

The vocals themselves are as good as ever (and probably the best part of the CD), and really display his unique voice. A lot of it is quite monotone, but in my opinion it suits the music. I don't think that lots of different highs and lows would suit this CD. However, there are times when highs and lows are used, and they are used well.

Overall Impression — 7
Personally, I prefer their previous albums. They just seem to keep my attention more than 'Deep Blue'. You can definitely tell that this is Parkway Drive stepping in a new direction, which shows that they are a good band, seeing that they can be easily recognised.

'Sleepwalker' is probably my favourite song, followed by 'Unrest'. However, I feel that older songs such as 'Gimme a D' and 'Romance is Dead' are a step above the songs on this album. They're more interesting to listen to, and generally sound better.

I may have been slightly harsh in this review, but thats my opinion. I adore their previous albums, and this just doesn't fulfill the expectations that I had. In all fairness, this is still a good album - just not as good as we expect from Parkway Drive.

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