Deep Blue review by Parkway Drive

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  • Released: Jun 25, 2010
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (132 votes)
Parkway Drive: Deep Blue

Sound — 10
Parkway Drive are one of the leading acts in metalcore music today and are one of my favourite bands. Having seen them before I have not only throughly enjoyed their music but got to know their background and where their music started. But besides their history I want to clarify that the sound they manage to create in this astounding album is mind-blowing. Every riff is top notch and is accompenied by a nice little lick every so often. The drumming is so tight and percise and just takes you suprise every so often by a drum solo or clever drum fill. But where do I start with the vocals! By far Winston MCall is the best vocalist in metal at the minuete. His voice is so raw and vicious but at the same time emotional and powerful. He can hold notes for a long period of time, this is proven in the intro to deliver me and the verce's in karma.

Lyrics — 8
Now I think their is a problem with lyrics nowadays and some bands just don't seem to have a very strong worded vocabulary. *cough* ASKING ALEXANDRIA *cough* But anyways this pandemic is shown a light of hope by Winston MCall! He seems to be somehow stuck in life or something because he says "walk these streets a thousand times" and "What the f--k have I become" during unrest. In sleepwalker I think he takes his view from someone who is under control of a overseer. Mayby a slave's perspective on life? Mayby this is his view on modern society? Who knows, all I know is that is really pissed off during this song! But the song with the best lyrics is home is for the heartless. After the band's intro Winston crys out "If home is where the heart is, why do I feel so f--king heartless!" which in my opinion is the best lyric of the album. He seems to have just came back to his home to find a unknown land. Mayby his life is not what he though it was?

Overall Impression — 10
Standout songs: "Deliver Me", "Karma", "Home Is For The Heartless", "Sleepwalker", "Unrest", "Deadweight". It is such a perfect album that is nearly unbeatable by any act and is unique in everyway. Most people think that metalcore is running out of ideas, well those people better think twice before uttering those words again because deep blue is a reminder that metalcore is not dead! This album is just everything that is awesome in the world put into one disc of pure epicness. Its a metal masterpiece

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    BFMV1995 wrote: this album is just boring in my opinion :/
    Have to agree, I love PD but this one didn't do much of anything for me. Had it since release... but still can't get into it and unlike some of the posts... nor has it grown on me either. That being said it's not TERRIBLE... but definitely boring... in my honest opinion.
    This album worries me because the only 2 albums Parkway has done without adam d is Dont Close Your Eyes and Deep Blue...and both of these albums seem very generic and not standout. so maybe a lot of why KWAS and Horizons were so great had a lot to do with Adam D...
    uninsane_guitar wrote: Crazycrackup wrote: Darkshade666 wrote: Who the hell mixed this album ? xD I could probably do a better job than he did. Amen!! Most of the songs are grade A, wicked stuff! But the recordings let it down so bad... I'll be looking forward to see what they sound like live... probably 100 times better than the crappy recording. I saw them at Warped this year, and let me tell you, Unrest was their opening song and it ****in opened that pit! They sounded amazing!
    True that...I saw them when they came to Sonar in Baltimore and the songs they played off of Deep Blue (especially Home is for the Heartless) sounded kickass live...the production really is the main thing that ruined this album
    Of course it is good album but in my opinion Killing with a smile and Horizons were better from it. Still we are waiting for some other good album. Thanks for beautiful share. harry potter world
    Everyone's so brainwashed by the fame of Horizons, that they discount this album entirely. This is their best album hands down.