Deep Blue Review

artist: Parkway Drive date: 07/09/2010 category: compact discs
Parkway Drive: Deep Blue
Released: Jun 25, 2010
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Resist Records, Epitaph, Burning Heart
Number Of Tracks: 13
Deep Blue, all together is a pretty good album, but I expected much more from the band after hearing Horizons.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 8.1
 Overall Impression: 8.6
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overall: 6.7
Deep Blue Reviewed by: MH400, on july 09, 2010
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Sound: Personally, I'm not a fan of the sound this CD. The guitars don't sound very heavy, and the vocals seem too loud at times. Also, on my speaker system, the bass drum seems to drown everything else.

As for the actual music, in my opinion, it isn't as good as their previous albums. At some points, it gets quite boring. The CD is quite a different style compared to 'Horizons' and 'Killing With A Smile'. As ever, breakdowns are featured regularly throughout the album, all to varying effect. Some are very generic and rather boring ('Deliver Me' in particular). Instead of adding to the song, they seem to be there just so that there is a breakdown. However, in songs such as 'Unrest', the breakdown fits very well. // 6

Lyrics: Winston McCall is a very good vocalist, and also a good lyricist. At the moment, not much of the lyrics are available on the internet to study, so I can't comment too much on the lyrics throughout the album. However, the lyrics that I have seen are quite good. Lines such as "Lightning cracks across a vast horizon, reaching out its hands towards an unsuspecting shore" allow the listener to picture a mental image, which is nice.

The vocals themselves are as good as ever (and probably the best part of the CD), and really display his unique voice. A lot of it is quite monotone, but in my opinion it suits the music. I don't think that lots of different highs and lows would suit this CD. However, there are times when highs and lows are used, and they are used well. // 7

Overall Impression: Personally, I prefer their previous albums. They just seem to keep my attention more than 'Deep Blue'. You can definitely tell that this is Parkway Drive stepping in a new direction, which shows that they are a good band, seeing that they can be easily recognised.

'Sleepwalker' is probably my favourite song, followed by 'Unrest'. However, I feel that older songs such as 'Gimme a D' and 'Romance is Dead' are a step above the songs on this album. They're more interesting to listen to, and generally sound better.

I may have been slightly harsh in this review, but thats my opinion. I adore their previous albums, and this just doesn't fulfill the expectations that I had. In all fairness, this is still a good album - just not as good as we expect from Parkway Drive. // 7

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overall: 9.7
Deep Blue Reviewed by: The Epidemic, on may 17, 2011
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Sound: I bought this album the day it came out, went home, locked my door plugged it in, and me and my friend were completely amazed. The intro of the album, "Samsara" was a perfect build up. I couldn't sit still without headbanging once the first breakdown came. After that, "Unrest" came and we just went apeshit. We just could not sit still to this kind of heaviness. The album got better an better as it went on. In my opinion, this is Parkway Drive's best album to date, and their heaviest. The only problem I think people will have with this is listening to it through headphones. The guitars sounded very dirty and distorted. I think they did this purposely to add character to the music. I personally liked it, but others may feel differently. I guess it's based on preference. Also, if you are a guitarist and know music theory well, then you will notic a lot of the same scales throughout the album. If you don't notice then it's a great listen. The bass is kind of lost in the guitars, but you can still kinda tell that the bass is there. The drumming is without a doubt much better than anything before. Ben Gordon is, in my opinion, one of the most skilled drummers ever with the release of this album. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are phenomonal. They are complex and do a very good job in telling the story of the album. Winston McCall has an amazing, unique voice compared to a lot of other metal vocalists. He knows when to do a growl and when to actually scream, and it compliments the music perfectly. I also thought that the guest vocalists added a bit of variety to the album. I liked Brett Gurewitz's appearance on "Home Is For The Heartless" and Marshall Lichtenwaldt's interlude in "Hollow". // 10

Overall Impression: Here are the songs and an explanation on each of them: 01. "Samsara" - The intro of the album. It builds up to a very heavy breakdown at the end, and sedues to the next song of the album. 02. "Unrest" - A fast, heavy headbanger. It has a very nice breakdown at th end of it, and the drums in the beginning just kick your a-s. 03. "Sleepwalker" - One of the singles of the album. The main riff hasa kinda upeat feel and the song has a melodic section at the end of it which includes a solo :D! A rare event in Parkway Drive songs. 04. "Wreckage" - This song starts off loud and then moves on to an epic main riff. The end of the song has a cool guitar harmony at the end of it, too. 05. "Deadweight" - This song starts off with the bass drum and then comes in with a cool tapping lick that leads off to one of the best riff I've ever heard. The breakdown in this song is also very heavy, a great headbanger. At the end of the song, there is an even heavier breakdown with a distorted bass. Easily one of my favorites of this album. 06. "Alone" - This is one of the two melodic songs of the album. It starts off with an acoustic riff that is used and harmonized later in the song with dostprted guitars, and leads to the main riff. The end of the song has a nice, relaxing sweep picking section at the end of it. 07. "Pressures" - This song starts off trippy but afterwards is one breakdown after another. The main riff is awesome and is used in many differen vavriants. In random parts of the song, they decide to put in a harmonized section, which I don't get, but it still sounds cool. 08. "Deliver Me" - This is my favorite song off of the album. So much fun to play on guitar and a great headbanger. The guitars work perfectly with the drums, bass, and the vocals. My favorite part of the song is the clean interlude and the build-up afterwards. It is PERFECT. The vocals, guitar and drums make it sound so unbelievably good. I never thought a build-up could sound so good. 09. "Karma" - Another favorite off of the album. Starts of with a badass drum fill then goes to the main riff. This is a drummer's dream song. The drums sound perfect. My faorite part of the song is the guitar interlude. I nearlt jizzed when I heard it. 10. "Home Is For The Heartless" - The second melodic song off of the album. It features Epitaph founder Brett Gurewitz. I especially like the tapping lick in the middle of the song. It relaxes me every time I hear it. 11. "Hollow" - This song is a remake of "Hollow Man" from their "Don't Close Your Eyes" EP. It features Marshall Lichtenwaldt of The Warriors. I like his interlude in the song. I feel it adds a bit of variety. 12. "Leviathan I" - This song starts off with a riff that changes pans from left to right. It has a lot of good riffs and I really like this song. The breakdown at the end is immensely good. 13. "Set To Destroy" - The last song off of the album. It is 1 minute and 30 seconds of pure insanity. I can just imagine what the crowd does when they play this song. I feel bad for the people who have to clean up. This song just kicks your ass from the start and does an intro, 2 verses, and 2 choruses in 40 seconds. After that the best breakdown of the album plays. It is so simple, yet so powerful. I do not think it's possible to sit down while listening to that breakdown. The song then ends with a repeat of the verse riff. Overall, this album is pretty much perfect. There are a couple of things that could be changed here and there but very good. If it was lost or stolen I would definately buy it again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. // 10

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overall: 7
Deep Blue Reviewed by: JordanFlayer, on july 09, 2010
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Sound: This summer, Australian Metalcore band Parkway Drive released their third full-length album, Deep Blue. The release, which follows after the band's 2007 release Horizons, once again brings back the imagery of the ocean through song titles and concepts. This 13 song album pulls no punches right from the beginning. It unleashes every bit of heavy riffing and breakdowns straight from the get go, but this time, the band decided to play in Drop-A, instead of Drop-B as on their previous albums. This change in tuning is immediately noticeable by the first breakdown of the album, and keeps a very heavy feel throughout. The only issue I find with the sound of this album is that it doesn't sound as crisp to me as Horizons did. It has a very muddy sound throughout most of it, a bad change from the cleanliness of the previous album. // 7

Lyrics: As I stated before, the lyrics hold to Parkway's concept of oceans, started on Horizons. On the whole, the lyrics on this album are nothing different than those on their previous releases, or even any metalcore band's releases. This is not an insult at all, they are pretty good lyrics, I just wish that there would be more creativity in the writing process. As for the vocals on the album, they are straight in line with anything you'd expect from Parkway. Winston's deep, throaty screams compliment the music perfectly, though the track, "Pressures" was a large turn off for me. The intro screaming, while I understand what the band was going for, sounded to me like a really bad demo recorded in someone's bathroom. // 7

Overall Impression: Deep Blue, all together is a pretty good album, but I expected much more from the band after hearing Horizons. Parkway lives up to their reputation of bringing extremely heavy breakdowns and pretty good riffing to the table, but the guitar sound, to me, could have been much better. My pick for best track? Deadweight: this song starts off slow, with what I feel like is a very Papa Roach-esque hammer-on/pull-off opening, but by tthe time the 30 second marker hits, it busts out of the gates with one of the best riffs I've heard in a long time. The others on the album are decent, but I feel that Deadweight is by far the best track on the album. All in all, Deep Blue is great for a listen through, once or twice. It just does not compare with the replay value of Horizons. If this album were stolen/lost, I wouldn't buy it again, I'd probably just download it. // 7

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overall: 9.3
Deep Blue Reviewed by: imnouser, on july 09, 2010
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Sound: This is definitely a different sound for parkway, rather than songs being just random collections of fast riffs and slow heavy breakdown the songs on Deep Blue songs seem to take a more constructed approach thus setting a heavyer atmosphere. Which in the end brings itself together for some of the most brootal and heavy breakdowns imaginable from this artist. It is also heard a lot in this album how the band works together through the verses and the breakdowns in different ways. // 9

Lyrics: The vocals in this album is a lot more evident. If you are a person who likes metal but can't stand the screaming, then this album definitely isnt for you. Winstons vocals are harsh and brootal and fit in extremely well with the rest of the bands works. They are heard even more throughout songs and long screams are being used a lot more aswell. It is hard to see why they would do this as the man who helped them produce this tried his hardest to use as least editing as he could, giving a more natural sound and of corse a better live show. But if you have seen the live set on their DVD you will know that winston was struggling to get through the show, so how he'll manage a show with these vocals I don't know (at least until october :p) // 9

Overall Impression: You can't really compare Deep Blue to the other parkway albums as its a completely different type of metal compared to what the others were based on, but it does continue the ocean theme in the lyrics and such. I'd have to say that I can't wait to see them play Home is For the Heartless live, as the crowd will go simply mental. And for anyone who has their first album (Don't Close Your Eyes) should listen to the song Hollow man some more, the song Hollow on Deep Blue has some scary similarities... Deep Blue is released on the 25th of June, and I am writing this review on the 23rd. It was not a leak at all though because the people who pre ordered it from Jb Hi-Fi did get it in the mail 3 days before. I didn't buy it, but I will be buying it this friday as I can't get enough of this album. // 10

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overall: 9
Deep Blue Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 13, 2010
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Sound: Veeeeerryyy different. Listening to the first three songs makes that apparent. The vocals are a lot louder(sometimes a little too loud) guitars are deeper and the skill level of the drumming has increased by miles. Overall the sound of this would be disappointing for anyone that wanted it to be just like Horizons. My only problem with it personally is that the vocals can sometimes be a little too loud. The riffing on this album is still quite good with some very catchy tracks you just have to have an ear for metal so the vocals don't drown them out. The technical ability of all band members has really shown through in this album and I personally enjoyed it a lot but when you listen to it, you have to consider it a new album not an extension of their old work. // 8

Lyrics: I love the lyrics on this album. I think Winston does a brilliant job as always. The vocals are very clear throughout the entire album with some catchy lines. I personally hated the whoaa bit in "home is for the heartless" and thought it was a bit of a wank. Aside from that they didn't change things up too dramatically in the lyrical department with some references tot he ocean and a decent theme coupled with some deep meaning and catchy lines. // 9

Overall Impression: Horizons was probably a slightly better album in my opinion just because of the super catchy melodic clean nature of all songs. Deep Blue is still a brilliant album however. 01. Samsara: this is a little track to start the album and creates quite a good build up to the real power of the following song. 02. Unrest: one of my favorites from the album with a very strong heavy feel from the opening. It has a nice breakdown and some good drumming throughout. 03. Sleepwalker: this song is just awesome. Sweet riffs, great vocals, awesome breakdowns and a nice melodic fadeout. 04. Wreckage: a nice melodic song with some very catchy riffs. 05. Deadweight: starts of slightly annoyingly with a deep tap riff but goes into a nice speedy riff and a pretty good song overall 06. Alone: begins with an accoustic section and seems to be this albums "horizons". Not the best on the album but still a good song. 07. Pressures: a great heavy song with a solid main riff. 08. Deliver Me: has a very powerful opening and stays heavy for most of the song with a nice breakdown. Has a build up towards the end which is very strong. Probably my favorite song on the album. 09. Karma: a decent track opens with a sweet drum fill and has a good catchy chorus. 10. Home Is For The Heartless: my least favorite song on the album, I see what they were going for with the whoa's and opening lyrics but I thought it was too obviously an attempt at an anthem and it seems a little wanky. 11. Hollow: fairly good riffs, can get lost in the songs around it but a decen track by itself. 12. Leviathan I: A solid heavy track with some great drums...good loud. 13. Set To Destroy: a fast, heavy song which punches you in the face, could have chosen a better song to end the album on but still not bad...just sudden. Overall I would buy it again if lost or stolen because I am a huge partkway fan... I will admitt it is weaker than their previous albums but I still love every song. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Deep Blue Reviewed by: opeth714, on july 13, 2010
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Sound: I have listened to Parkway Drive since their first album, Killing with a smile, and have love all three albums to date, including their DVD, and Deep Blue, their latest studio effort. The unlikely producer on the album makes Deep Blue a different prospect, and I was a little sceptical at first, however from the first breakdown in the opening track Samsara (a largely instrumental one), I was blown away by the production, although, the drums are a little high in the mix! This is usually not the case though, and the album is an impressive effort. The sound of this album is different to the others, it feels more matured, developed, and being the first album in three years has probably influenced it, as the band have grown in popularity, experience etc. // 9

Lyrics: Winston McCall does well on this album, as in the previous efforts, however, some parts seem strained, also apparent in the other two records. The lyrics are good or 'meh' depending on the mood the listener is in! If original, unique and thought provoking lyrics are being searched for, not much of this album will be of use, but if some hard hitting, agression, passion is needed, this album suits very well. There is no doubt he is skilled, and gets better and better, and its very easy to feel some affinity with him. The guest vocalists add to two of the songs, but do not outclass Winston, just add another facet to the music. The music on this record shares the melodic nature of Killing with a smile, and the technicality of Horizons, but feels much more grounded. The grooves are simply huge, the breakdowns just as brutal, and the melodies just as... melodic, if less frequent. // 8

Overall Impression: Parkway drive are often placed in a genre with a hundred million other generic bands, and whilst I think they stand out, some will disagree. Although they play to largely a bunch of 'scene kids' they can appeal to anyone into metal, and Deep Blue puts them yet another notch above other 'similar' bands. The best songs (in my opinion obviously) are Deadweight, Pressures and Unrest, but they are all sterling efforts. I love the range of abilities that Parkway Drive show, and different styles, and the fist pumping adrenaline fueled songs (Home is for the heartless is notable from Deep Blue). Parkway are keeping it heavy, not forgetting who they are, but progressing and expanding in an impressive way, keep it up lads. // 9

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overall: 6.3
Deep Blue Reviewed by: milandros, on july 13, 2010
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Sound: Parkway Drive certainly haven't broken any ground with their latest effort, Deep Blue, as many seem to be claiming. The first impression left little desire to listen to it again and was somewhat disappointing as they definitely set high expectations following their previous two efforts. A couple of songs such as Unrest have been recorded in drop A#, lower than their usual drop Bb tuning. This seems to contribute to a bigger, heavier sound directed more at live performance and this unfortunately doesn't make for enjoyable listening. There aren't really any stand out songs on this album but they are by no means bad. Sleepwalker has a completely different style and sound to anything they have done in the past and shows they are not afraid to experiment. The album just doesn't seem to have as many catchy riffs as the previous two and it really misses the crisp and polished sound that Adam D was able to produce. // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics on the album aren't any better or worse than the lyrics on the previous releases. The lyrics do continue to have references to the ocean as Horizons did. Lyrically it is a concept album which tells a story throughout the songs. The vocals on the album were a pleasant surprise. Vocalist Winston McCall failed to disappoint with a very powerful performance behind the mic. There is quite a lot more range in the vocals on the album. There are even some guest vocalists featured on the album - Marshall Lichtenwaldt of The Warriors on Hollow, and label owner Brett Gurewitz (of Bad Religion fame) on Home Is For The Heartless. // 7

Overall Impression: Parkway Drive seem to have lost their solid footing which they had on KWAS and Horizons. While most of this review may seem negative it is by no means a bad album but just not what you would expect after a couple of really solid records. Sleepwalker impressed in terms of its new/different sound from anything they have done before although it won't be everyone's cup of tea. Hollow had quite a catchy section that reminded of the Parkway of old but overall nothing really to talk about. Although a lot of people may not like As I Lay Dying, Adam D and co. must be commended for the sound they got out of AILD's latest release The Powerless Rise. Why is this relevant? Well, with no disrespect to Joe Barresi, it seems Parkway should've stuck with Adam D as they had a winning recipe and Deep Blue could have been a completely different album if it had been touched by the hand of Adam D. If lost or stolen, rather buy Horizons or Killing With a Smile if don't have those already, otherwise save up for a pedal or something. // 6

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overall: 9.3
Deep Blue Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 28, 2011
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Sound: Parkway Drive are one of the leading acts in metalcore music today and are one of my favourite bands. Having seen them before I have not only throughly enjoyed their music but got to know their background and where their music started. But besides their history I want to clarify that the sound they manage to create in this astounding album is mind-blowing. Every riff is top notch and is accompenied by a nice little lick every so often. The drumming is so tight and percise and just takes you suprise every so often by a drum solo or clever drum fill. But where do I start with the vocals! By far Winston MCall is the best vocalist in metal at the minuete. His voice is so raw and vicious but at the same time emotional and powerful. He can hold notes for a long period of time, this is proven in the intro to deliver me and the verce's in karma. // 10

Lyrics: Now I think their is a problem with lyrics nowadays and some bands just don't seem to have a very strong worded vocabulary. *cough* ASKING ALEXANDRIA *cough* But anyways this pandemic is shown a light of hope by Winston MCall! He seems to be somehow stuck in life or something because he says "walk these streets a thousand times" and "What the f--k have I become" during unrest. In sleepwalker I think he takes his view from someone who is under control of a overseer. Mayby a slave's perspective on life? Mayby this is his view on modern society? Who knows, all I know is that is really pissed off during this song! But the song with the best lyrics is home is for the heartless. After the band's intro Winston crys out "If home is where the heart is, why do I feel so f--king heartless!" which in my opinion is the best lyric of the album. He seems to have just came back to his home to find a unknown land. Mayby his life is not what he though it was? // 8

Overall Impression: Standout songs: "Deliver Me", "Karma", "Home Is For The Heartless", "Sleepwalker", "Unrest", "Deadweight". It is such a perfect album that is nearly unbeatable by any act and is unique in everyway. Most people think that metalcore is running out of ideas, well those people better think twice before uttering those words again because deep blue is a reminder that metalcore is not dead! This album is just everything that is awesome in the world put into one disc of pure epicness. Its a metal masterpiece // 10

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