Horizons review by Parkway Drive

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  • Released: Oct 8, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (141 votes)
Parkway Drive: Horizons

Sound — 10
My impression of this band is outstanding amazing, when I first heard these guys I quickly fell in great deeply in love with them, they have the most amazing vocals and sounding ever! Different variations and variety's of sounds and riff's. Different drum parts, Clean and screaming vocals! It's all in this band here, unlike other bands there all the same no, parkway drive and the new CD! Is like amazing all together. The best album by them yet.

Lyrics — 10
Lyrics have a lot of meaning in them if you are a type of person who listens to the lyrics, Which everyone should. The lyrics have somewhat explicit lyrics. The Compliance with the music here in Parkway Drive Horizons, is like no other different lyric writing and style for this band unlike some others. The singer skills is outstanding I have never heard the best scream from these guys, he has so much talent I am so proud to have got this CD.

Overall Impression — 10
If you compare they kinda sound like beneath the sky in a way but not that much, most impressive about this album is the new sound and style and song writing skills they use. I love how they use different variety in there work and they actually take the time to write different riffs. I dislike nothing! This album is perfect the best ever! If it was stolen dude heck yes I would buy a new one!

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    guitarist_with_ wrote: In all reality these guys suck, theyre emo.
    Haha...NO. Brilliant album. I'll never get bored of hearing it.
    I like this album and KWAS pretty much equally...they're both quality. I noticed people don't seem to like "Boneyards"...i thought it was awesome...I love the way Winston screams "There's blood in the water" at the very end...
    They definately needed to do something more with their little musical interludes... most albums have these interludes flowing nicely into or between songs, but these ones sorta just floated there :S KWAS was definately a better album due to its punchier vocals and what felt like a faster pace, but Horizons is fine by me. Definately worth adding to the stack.
    some of the ppl posting comments are soo F***ing stupid and ignorant..callin emo and $hit. Listen to em' first and see what up. Im sure these guys would tear your face off and rape you in your sleep Horizons=Amamzing
    phalliccymbals wrote: This music is pretty awful. Would usually just ignore it except for the effect it has in inciting its teenage fan base, who managed to fight dance their way into handcuffs the other night then cried police brutality. If any band in history is responsible for its listeners' violent behavior, it's this one.
    Dude, Music isn't responsible for teenagers going off their heads, its themselfs, alcohol, and people who sell them it, Jeez get the ***k Over it, Music doesnt make you viloent. Oh and Awesome album by the way! Love sirens song and Carrion!
    Now you're heroes have fallen; Champion mess; The seas are rising.
    I think you mean "CHAMPIONLESS, the seas are rising"
    This album is great but I don't think it can top KWAS. I love the last 2 minutes of "Horizons". Epic
    I was reading the lyrics book and apparently Slo-Han Tu-Dix plays the solo on "Breaking Point." Maybe he only plays the first solo because i thought Jeff played the second one. Turns out Pete Abordi features vocals on Dead Mans Chest too. Just some info for ya'll