Horizons review by Parkway Drive

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  • Released: Oct 8, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (141 votes)
Parkway Drive: Horizons

Sound — 10
I couldn't have been more satisfied with the sound quality on this album. I think its the best out of all their albums in that sense. But its no "Killing With a Smile." I think guitar wise, they definitely stepped it up, especially in being more technical and quicker. Winston's vocals on this album were outstanding and I was thoroughly impressed. His lows got a little better which I liked on tracks such as "Dead Man's Chest" and "Boneyards." The solos guitar work that Jeff and Luke came up with were fantastic, they all went perfectly with the style and feeling of each song. "Breaking Point" was one of those or the guitar interlude on "Idols and Anchors." The tone of all the instruments on this album is my favorite out of all their albums. It just has this heavy crunch and super thrashy sounding which I love. I'll go through the tracks and tell you what I think:

01. "Begin" - besides "The Cruise" off of the "Don't Close Your Eyes" album, this is my favorite little interlude/instrumental of theirs. Its short, relaxing, creative but simple and fades in perfectly to the next song.

02. "The Siren's Song" - this is one of my favorites off of this album for sure. Its beginning guitar part is f--king nuts and I love it. I wish it was a little longer but other than that, this song is the perfect way to get into the album.

03. "Feed Them to the Pigs" - this is the song that every band like this has on their album, super fast, really f--king heavy and just makes you want to kill sh-t.

04. "Carrion" - if you know this band, this is probably one of the few songs you know. A very well orchestrated song and super catchy. This is like their super popular one. No breakdown but super inspirational. Its lyrics have a super good message and I would encourage you to read them if you can't understand him haha.

05. "Five Months" - this my third favorite on this album. Its really unlike all the rest and idk why but maybe its just the vibe it puts off but it starts with a really happy/uppity riff and the rest of the song is kind of happy and idk. Just listen to it and you'll see what I'm saying.

06. "Boneyards" - I feel like this album had all of Parkway's hits on it because this is another one of them. Starts with a pretty fast riff and then goes into some slower riffs that then result in some of the best breakdowns on the album.

07. "Idols and Anchors" - this one kind of reminds me of "Boneyards" because of the way it starts out and then goes into the coolest guitar part that Jeff, the lead guitarist plays. I hate to say this word but its really epic sounding haha!

08. "Moments in Oblivion" - this is a cool interlude but not one of my favorite. It has some of the parts from the last track on the album, "Horizons." I thought that was kinda cool.

09. "Breaking Point" - this song starts with the fastest f--king solo they've ever done. Like right when it starts you're like, "holy f--kin sh-t dude!" it's so cool. Then goes into a really fast verse riff played twice that lasts about 25 seconds then goes into the first breakdown haha. Good song.

10. "Dead Man's Chest" - this is by far my favorite track on the album. The verse riff is heavy, the chorus is heavy, every single riff in this song is heavy af and the breakdown is my all-time favorite of theirs besides "Unrest" off of "Deep Blue" but even still it's hard to pick. This song you can f--kin body bang to hahah!

11. "Frostbite" - this is a pretty cool song and I love the chorus so much because of how catchy it is, but its nothing to crazy.

12. "Horizons" - almost one of their longer tracks they've made ending at 5:35 but the last 2 minutes are my favorite part of the song and the breakdown is super fast and you have to listen to this song.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are basically about how there is no hope left in this world and people suffering. They really aren't anything to be idolizing but they do give a good message, and maybe trying to make people realize that people need to open their eyes and take care of themselves, this world, and make a better place out of what we have.

"This is life,
This is worthless,
Is there consequence.
This apathy is murderous.

Hope is dead,
Buried by regret,
Alive for nothing,
And dying for even less.

Is this the path we've chosen,
Our mind and our future left to rot.

These lives are worth nothing,
Our lives worth nothing,

As we watch our dreams turn into dust,
Into dust.

On these cold sheets,
Beneath this hollow corpse of a life.
Their world casts shadows,
And it's eating us alive.

We are the working dead,
Haunted by the ghosts of unanswered dreams
We are the flesh and the blood of a lost generation.

The deceased and forgotten,
The voiceless and consumed.
We're buried and broken,
And we're rising against you.

So this is life,
And are we so worthless?
We've clawed our way back,
They can't destroy this,
'cause we've got nothing left to lose.
These hate fuelled hearts keep burning,
We push against the grain,
And we won't turn back.

Armed to the teeth,
Born from the shadows,
Burning for revenge.


We're burning for revenge."

These are the lyrics to "Feed Them to the Pigs."

The lyrics perfectly fit the tone, the genre and the music. Parkway knows exactly how to make things work and sound how they should, they have never disappointed me. Like ever. And I don't think they ever will. Winston's voice on this album was f--king flawless. he's original and his lows were awesome on this album and better than "Killing With a Smile." they definitely evolved in a god way on this album.

Overall Impression — 10
I still think that "Killing With a Smile" was better but they improved on a lot of things in this album and went faster and harder than before. The best songs on this album are, "Dead Man's Chest," "Five Months" and "Breaking Point" listen to those and you'll be sold on this album. I loved just about everything on this album. Except I would have liked it if they did a few more bass parts that were cool. But I guess Jia isn't the best bassist, so it's okay I understand. If this was lost or stolen I would buy it again without hesitation. I love Parkway Drive so much. Get this f--king album right now.

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