New review by Paul McCartney

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  • Released: Oct 11, 2013
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.4 (22 votes)
Paul McCartney: New

Sound — 7
It wasn't that Beatles or Wings sound I was hoping for but it was still had decent quality. I knew he was just experimenting his sound.It still turned out to be a good album. What I didn't like about the album's quality is that it was electronic than rock. Similar to the late '60s Beatles sound. Which turned out great. Paul McCartney's voice, after 56 years of performing, is still in excellent shape. But not as strong as it was back then. The instruments used on the album were basically the same as any other Paul McCartney album. Guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. But there were newer instruments added to it like I heard an accordion, cowbell and one of those keyboards that make different musical sounds. The first track of the album is "Save Us." Which is kinda like an early Paul McCartney sound with a mix of an electric sound. Which might be the song that has the most Beatles sound in it along with track 6 "New." Which has a "Sgt. Pepper" sound kind of. The second track is "Alligator." Which has a kind of slow sound in the beginning then gets a little up beat in the mid lo the end. And it keeps switching back and forth to that sound. Which is kind of annoying but convincing. Track 3 is "On My Way to Work" which an odd song but catchy, in a way. The sing talks about, well, going on his way to to work. And meeting his love on the way. Track 4 is "Queenie Eye." One of my least favorite songs on the album. It's annoying, I don't understand what it's about, and it's more of a Yoko Ono sound. The fifth track is "Early Days." Which is one of my favorite tracks. It just has a acoustic guitar and a drum beat on it. It was the most original song I've heard on the album. Track 6 is the previously released single "New." It was very up-beat and like a said earlier it kind of has a "Sgt. Pepper" kind of sound. Which is good. But sometimes artists get sick of playing there old stuff and continue new stuff. Track 7 is absolutely my least favorite track on the album. This has more of a Hip-Hop sound than a pop rock sound. I couldn't believe he even made the song. Track 8 is "Everybody Out There." I think it had a pretty cool popish like sound with the beat and rhythm. It was kind of groovy too, but not really. Track 9 is "Hosanna". It's a nice mellow song, which is like a Beatles "Rubber Soul" era kind of song to me. It was all mellow and had original instruments in the song. Track 10 is "I Can Bet." It has an upbeat kind of sound with still a Paul McCartney style of sound. But with an electronic rhythm. Track 11 is "Looking at Her." It's kind of a upbeat more hip hop type song which I don't like about it. Track 12 is "Road." Which is another song with a hip-hop type sound for some parts then switches to an electronic sound. Which it was more electronic. Track 13 is "Turned Out" which doesn't have mush electronically instruments in it but it still kind of has an electronically type sound on some parts. Still a kind of a great song though. The final track, track 14, is "Get Me Out of Here" which is a song that kind of goes back to The Beatles fast acoustic sound in the mid and late '60s. Which is a good thing. Paul is still creating that Beatles sound with that track. A grew way to end off the album.

Lyrics — 8
Paul's lyrics were pretty average. The song "On My Way to Work" really explains the story of the song really well. The last time I heard a song explaining the story of what it's talking about is on the Sublime song "Date Rape." Sorry to be off topic. Back on topic, some lyrics really sounded not bad but I think Paul can do better. His lyrics did make sense and goes great with the songs personality. But I still think he can do better. But at least the lyrics managed to match the sound quality. He is still a good lyricist and matching the right sound to go with the lyrics.

Overall Impression — 8
This album I was mostly positive on. Although it's not his best work it was still a great album. Songs such as "New," "Hosanna," and "Get Me Out of Here" really impressed me due to that it sounded original to me. Though like 3 or 4 songs from the a bum sound like a Wings song rather than a Beatles or Paul McCartney song. It was good that he was trying something new, but he ban do better. The good thing was that he still in a way had that Beatles with a mix of the wings. Paul is still making music no matter what. And that's a good thing.

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    As funny as the Queenie Eye video is, the album isn't that great. I don't what it was but it just didn't feel like it clicked. Paul's voice though has aged brilliantly. That's one thing I can give it, the vocals are great