Live On Two Legs review by Pearl Jam

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  • Released: Nov 24, 1998
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (13 votes)
Pearl Jam: Live On Two Legs

Sound — 9
Pearl Jam is one of the forefathers of grunge, and became very popular for their angry and hard rock sound. At this point they have had 4 rock albums (Ten, V.S., Vitalogoy, Yeild) and 1 experimental(No Code). This was recorded in 1998 just before they started experimented and not being so angry(which is still good). This live album is PJ in its prime. The sound is good, but is sometimes Eddie Vedder's drowns out the rest, especially on acoustic songs. This is for any experienced PJ fan and wants a taste of the early days live.

Lyrics — 9
Eddie Vedder is a great rock singer, but started to loose his same voice he had in the early days, so he had to make up for it by adding a Jim Morrison-like growl, and fits in perfectly with hard rock songs like "Hail, Hail" "Go" "Evenflow" "Do The Evolution" but his voice can sound nasally and shaky at times on choruses but still does very good.

Overall Impression — 8
I bought this album because there are so many good Pearl Jam songs I couldn't choose one album to listen to in the car. This CD works well for that. I was disappointed because there is only 16 tracks, also the band does not jam much, I would also had liked more covers, there is only one (Neil Young's F*ckin' Up). This is a good compilation of hits, but if you really want to experience PJ live buy them live on DVD (I recommend Immagine In Cornice). If I lost it I would get it again for a good price. If not save the money and buy Immagine In Cornice on DVD. If you prefer early PJ live this is a good buy.

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    Nice Review I hope that someday PJ releases an official concert dvd from the Ten or Vs era cuz back then they just had so much raw energy. They should release Pinkpop '92
    When this came out more than 10 years back, I was extremely disappointed. No 'Alive', no 'Jeremy', no 'Rearview Mirror', instead we had a scorching version of 'Even Flow' (which was bloody good) and many more unknown songs. But within a few listens I was hooked. I Even liked the live versions of some songs more (Red Mosquito). But that was Pearl Jam, extremely unpredictable and stubborn. The release of their entire European tour as live albums 2 years later only confirmed it. Surprisingly they have been quiet for a long time, I'm sure something big is coming up.....
    Yes, sambargun... The new album, "Backspacer" is coming up. You still haven't heard the new songs, "Got Some" and "The Fixer"? Great songs, it's gonna be a great album.
    track listing? PJ has released over 100 live albums (concerts on tour) so there are better ones available online (for free). Live in Seattle (2000) is amazing, 30 tracks, check it out!
    I love this album. I agree that it doesnt have some of the best songs of PJ, but Corduroy and Even Flow are probably my favorite on the album. Sometimes Vedders voice is really strained, but it still adds alot of character.
    I own a lot of official PJ bootlegs and it's pretty easy to find a better version of every song featured on this release except for maybe "Go" (which they play a lot, but this one's my favorite), "Hail, Hail" (which they don't play that often) and especially "Red Mosquito" (both the performance and the sound quality are fantastic). It would seem a bit pointless to buy this record now since they released so many live shows in the last 10 years. However, if attending a PJ gig and then downloading the show off their website is too expensive / difficult for you I can recommend the Honolulu show
    (accidentally posted that last comment prematurely) anyway I can recommend the first Honolulu show from 2006 (December 2nd), the Rio show from 2005 (December 4th), the 1st Gorge Amphitheater gig from 2006 (though the 2nd one was almost just as good and if you plan on getting both you might as well get the entire Gorge box set which also includes the 2005 show) The most popular bootlegs from the Binaural tour (from which the tracks on "Live on Two Legs" were picked) seem to be the show at Las Vegas (10th PJ anniversary) and the last Seattle Gig (one of their longest shows ever) but I actually prefer the one in Camden (September 1st, 2000) If you're looking for a Ten-era show I guess the recently released Magnuson Park (1992) gig is the best way to go and of course there's the historical Unplugged and Pinkpop shows from 1992 (though those are video releases)... And did I mention that ANY Pearl Jam fan should own a copy of Live at Benaroya Hall?
    Buying rearviewmirrior was the 2nd worst purchase of a CD I made, mostly because I went and bought every Pearl Jam album after that, making it obsolete minus the O'Brian remixes and the different version of Evenflow with the scream at the beginning.
    shwilly wrote: The most popular bootlegs from the Binaural tour (from which the tracks on "Live on Two Legs" were picked) seem to be the show at Las Vegas (10th PJ anniversary) and the last Seattle Gig (one of their longest shows ever) but I actually prefer the one in Camden (September 1st, 2000)
    Kind of wrong there. They're from the Yield tour, not Binaural.