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artist: Pearl Jam date: 07/03/2006 category: compact discs
Pearl Jam: Pearl Jam
Release Date: May 2, 2006
Label: Monkeywrench LP1
Genres: Grunge, Alternative Pop/Rock, Hard Rock
Number Of Tracks: 13
Pearl Jam finally returned to the strengths of their debut with 2006's Pearl Jam, a sharply focused set of impassioned hard rock.
 Sound: 9.4
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.4
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overall: 10
Pearl Jam Reviewed by: Harmonius, on may 03, 2006
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Sound: This is by far Pearl Jam's best record ever. I mean it. I'm 100% serious. The new album is far superior to their previous efforts in every possible way. The guitars are better, the lyrics are godly (after listening to this record, you realise Ten/VS/Vitalogy has some pretty lyrics). Already my favourite off this track is come back and every track is good, with exception of Wasted Reprise, it's one of those small album fillers that I'm not too keen on. Here's my review, not in order, just according to the list on my ipod. It is incredible how much Ed's voice has improved? Maybe the smoking has transformed his voice like it did with Lanegan. // 10

Lyrics: See below. I've merged it all into one. // 10

Overall Impression: 01. Come Back - Holy-jesus-mother-of-God. You thought Black was your favourite Pearl Jam Ballad, think again. This is the new black, I prefer this to black by a mile. It's somewhat an old 50s prom track and it's absolutely beautiful, hands down, a much more gorgeous solo than Yellow Ledbetter. It starts off exactly like Nothingman, the drums I mean and the lyrics, very nice Ed. Honestly, totally exceeded my expectation of Pearl Jam altogether. I never thought they had it in them, especially Ed since he wrote it. Mike wrote the music for it. I'm guessing in years to come, this will be a classic rock track. 02. World Wide Suicide - this is a pretty good track but it's nothing compared to the rest of the album. Pearl Jam shouldn't have released this as a first single. They should have stuck with Severed Hand and Unemployable (leave the best till last). World Wide Suicide has some alright lyrics but nothing special. 03. Severed Hand - we've all heard it. The studio version is much better, you can hear the guitars complement each other very well. The solo, absolutely loving it. It's also got some nice use of artificial harmonics. Not to mention the punk chord arrangement is awesome. Very cliche but Pearl Jam make it sound different to how it would normally sound. 04. Unemployable - a very punk rock track with obvious political connatations. This song reminds me of the La's so much, think, "There she goes... there she goes again..." Every member plays suburbly on this track, not to mention Matt Cameron is fitting in very very nicely. I mean, a lot of you would consider him out of place with Pearl Jam but this record shows that he fits in perfectly. It's an amazing addition when Ed howls, "Oh Oh Oh Ooooh," very nice. Props to Matt Cameron/McCready who wrote the music for this track. 05. Comatose - you've heard this on Youtube. What more can I say, very punk rock, very aggressive. It's written with the same aggression as Spin The Black Circle I think this will be an album favourite for most SCers but for me, it's gotta be Come Back. We'll see. It's amazing how much grit is in Ed's voice, perhaps I underestimated his voice when I slagged it off a couple of times. One things for sure, Ed will sound amazing with this these songs. The small solo is a faster and better McCready. He's better than ever. This is a three way effort by McCready-Stone and Ed. Not to mention, Jeff plays astounding on this track. 06. Marker In The Sand - wow. I'd like to call this punk rock meets surf rock. I don't know whether that's a complete oxymoron but it really works. This is in the same line as Leaving Here but it's better. This song is really two songs in one, the chorus is totally expected and it's a lot different to how the verse sounds like. Nevertheless it's a really great track to drive to. Again, this is a joint effort by McCready and Ed. 07. Big Wave - this is an Ament song. I'm suprised that Jeff didn't write more. Still, this song is about a big wave if you couldn't have guessed and it's very jeff. It's exactly what you would expect out of Jeff. This reminds me slightly of Riot Act's Get Right. It's very upbeat and it's definitely a classic in years to come. 08. Army Reserve - this is another Ament song and I'd consider this one of my favourites on the album. It's hard for me to choose a favourite since they're all good. Some are better than others but that's only because of my mood. I'm guessing it'll change in time. But as for now. It says it's written by Ed and Elchols. Jase/Alex want to help me out? 09. Life Wasted - a very good opener. It's has a great chorus and it's a brilliant way to start off the album. At first I thought this was one of my least favourites on the album but the more I listen to it, the more I like it. This was the same thing with Severed Hand. I liked it but I didn't really like it as much as I thought I would. When I heard the studio version of Severed Hand, it's clear it's far superior to anything on SNL. 10. Inside Job - absolutely immaculate. McCready has done a great job writing this along with Ed to help him. The added piano has set Pearl Jam into a new direction. This is a very sad song. The lyrics are very good, one of the best in the album, after Come Back. The other exception is Gone. Inside job is a very good album ender. It finishes with a small, how do you say it, stars twinkling? Inside Job, very good job. 11. Gone - I received this in the post about 5 months ago. It's truly a masterpiece. The lyrics are one of Ed's best. There are two versions of this, the studio and the live. The studio version is much better. When the song finally starts with the drums, that's it, all awesome. It reminds me of MFC slightly, especially with the guitar. 12. Parachutes - this is Stone's masterpiece. As Jase described it, very beatles. This was my favourite before I listened to Come Back. The lyrics are also a masterpeice. I think in terms of lyrics, I'd reckon it goes Come Back > Parachutes > Gone > Inside Job. Jase/Alex, feel free to disagree. The track itself is bittersweet in quite a different way to Come Back. I won't lie, a tear jerker, perhaps more than Come Back, if it weren't for the solo in Come Back. 13. Wasted Reprise - a 51 second album filler. It's just sort of like WMA. A mix between the lyrics on the album. I won't rate this because it's not really a song. But I tend to skip this all the time. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Pearl Jam Reviewed by: tomisamonkeyman, on may 03, 2006
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Sound: Pearl Jam was released May 2, 2006 and it is a great Pearl Jam album. It's hit song World Wide Suicide is a great song. The guitars on this album rock as well. This album starts out with a really good song called Life Wasted. Life Wasted has a great guitar riff which will remind you of Pearl Jam in the early '90s. Then right after Life Wasted comes another great song which is none other then World Wide Suicide. Then the next three song Comatose, Severed Hand, and Marker in the Sand are also really good but average Pearl Jam songs. Then comes a slower song called Parachutes. Parachutes is a very good slow/mellow song that I really like. After Parachutes comes Unemployable. Unemployable is also a really good song with really good guitars and drums in it. Then comes Big Wave which is a hard rockin surfer song talking about catch a huge wave and riding it. After Big Wave comes Gone which is another slow song but it gets good at the end so I like it. Then comes Wasted Reprise which is only 53 seconds and it is different music but just the chorus for Life Wasted. After that is a very cool song called Army Reserve which has a very cool opening riff. Then comes a song called Come Back which is alright and good drum beat also. Then the album closes with Inside Job. Inside Job is a great song and a great way to close this great album. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics just might be the highlight of this album. Parachutes, Come Back, Unemployable, Marker in the Sand, and a lot more have some really good lyrics. World Wide Suicide and Life Wasted have intresting lyrics. Eddie Vedder writes most of the songs. But Mike writes Inside Job. Most of the lyrics are about Government stuff. But some people don't really care what the lyrics say some people like me just listen to the songs because they rock out because Pearl Jam is awesome. // 9

Overall Impression: This album is some great Pearl Jam material. World Wide Suicide, Life Wasted, and Unemployable are my favorites. Parachutes and Gone are acustic and slow but they still are great. Songs like Big Wave, Cometose, Served Hand, and Marker in the Sand just rock out. Army Reserve is a cool song. Inside Job and Come Back are very good song. The only song I don't like is Wasted Reprise because it is only like 50 seconds long. The only thing I was disapointed by was how short the album is, it's only 50 minutes long. I want more Pearl Jam. This is a great album buy it. // 10

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overall: 9
Pearl Jam Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 05, 2006
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Sound: Pearl Jam has changed their style. Many could say its for the better or the worse. They have changed from a gritty grunge sound to a more well thought, almost beautiful sound. This album is really focused on the war and how George Bush is basically fucking us daily with the debt and oil prices. The style of this is more alternative. Some parts sound like something you'd hear in a Yes album. This could possibly be one of the best albums Pearl Jam has ever made. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics to this are very well thought. The lyrics fit quite well with the music. I really can't find a song I do not like. Most of them had to grow on me, just like most albums. The songs have such a deep meaning to almost all of them; from Life Wasted to Inside Job, everything has a meaning, no filler in this one! // 8

Overall Impression: I really can't find a song I do not like. Most of them had to grow on me, just like most albums. Comatose, to me, is a weak spot. It has a punkish feel, but most of the album has nothing like that at all. Gone is a beautiful song as is Come Back and Inside Job. Army Reserve is probably one of the deepest songs I have quite possibly ever heard. Parachutes is another good song. There really are no songs on this album that are too terrible. If my CD was stolen, I'd be pissed because this is the Ten Club version with the free single from 12-31-92. // 9

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overall: 9
Pearl Jam Reviewed by: geetarguy92, on may 23, 2006
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Sound: Well I decided to buy this album when reading one of the reviews here on UG. And I have to say is I completely agree. One of their best albums in my opinion. On this album there is a vast range of sounds from the urgency of Life Wasted and Worldwide Suicide to slow acoustic songs like Parachutes and Gone. // 9

Lyrics: Lyrics are great. Not as good as they were on Ten but I doubt any of their efforts will ever beat Ten so I'll stop comparing this album to Ten. The lyrics suit the music especially with the way Eddie Veder sings them. I've always loved Eddie Veders voice it just intrigues me. His voice fits in very well along with Mike McCready and Stone Gossard's guitars. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall this is a great album. I've always thought that Pearl Jam were one of the best of the best grunge bands around just beaten by Nirvana. Well Mike McCready definetly knows his way around a guitar, and is much better than any grunge guitarist who usually stick with the DIY approach to guitar. If this album was stolen I'd find the guy who stole beat the crap out him take it back and sleep with it under my pillow just incase anyone ever tryed to steal it again. // 9

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overall: 9
Pearl Jam Reviewed by: vampwizzard, on july 03, 2006
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Sound: Pearl Jam has appeared to reinvent themselves with this album. They are back to simpler chord voicings and more pre punk "grunge" rock. McCready and Gossard orchestrate pretty well through a variety of tones and some pretty good riffs. The addition of the hammond organ by boom adds a great touch and depth to the bands sound. Think a Mature version of Vitalogy. // 9

Lyrics: Very good lyrics. Its Ed Vedder, what else do you need? "Come Back" is moving. "World Wide Suicide" is very well written. One of my favorite tracks is "Inside Job", which was written by Mike McCready. Again, inspirational: "Let me run into the rain/To shine a human light today/Life comes from within our heart and desires." // 9

Overall Impression: This makes my top 3 list of Pearl Jam albums. I've seen them tour on these songs, and there is a ton of energy back into the band, reminds me a lot of older Pearl Jam but mellowed out. The album is a touch political mixed with what Vedder called his tribute to Johnny Ramone. This is a work of art, taking a few listens to appreciate whats going on, and then becomes instantly enjoyable. // 9

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