Ten review by Pearl Jam

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  • Released: Aug 27, 1991
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (222 votes)
Pearl Jam: Ten

Sound — 10
The sound on this album seems to have quite a bit of reverb, making it sound a lot more youthful than the the other albums. One of the great things about ten is the diversity of the music on the album. If you count Yellow Ledbetter in than you have a nice blues track, (and riff at the beginning) a lot of hard rock inspired music, (why go, even flow) and definitely some more classic rock inspired songs. (porch, alive) All this with a nice soft ending in release make it a brilliant combination.

Lyrics — 10
My impression of the lyrics are quite clear. They're sometimes very abstract but overall their amazing. From Alive, the anthem-like song about Eddie's parental issues, to Jeremy the story of a child committing suicide. Even some of the not so good songs have awesome lyrics, especially porch. Not to mention the albums Mamasan trilogy going from Alive, to Once, about a man becoming a serial killer, and then Footsteps (on the back of the Jeremy single) looking back at his life in his prison cell. Just a great collection of written lyrics and songs.

Overall Impression — 10
Personally I think it is my all-time favorite grunge album. Yes that means I think it's better than Nevermind, or In Utero, or Temple of the Dog, or Dirt. Definitely the best Pearl Jam album without a doubt, they lost their touch by no code I think, the first three are all awesome but this one definitely tops the others. The great thing about ten is that ANY song is good of it. (besides the bonus tracks Wash and Dirty Frank) The other day I simply sat down and thought what's the worst song on Ten. I went back and listened to Garden, probably the worst song. I came to the conclusion that the worst song was a great song. every song is at least a 8/10, with Release, Alive, Jeremy, Even Flow, and Oceans all being solid tens. I'd definitely buy it again if it were stolen or lost. I borrowed this from a friend originally, uploaded it to my computer and about 6 months bought the CD from him just to have it in hand. Great album.

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    why does everyone say that anything after vs was crap? I love vitalogy, yield and riot act, they all rock
    Supposed Pearl Jam went in a different direction that ppl couldn't take, that being said good god this album is great.
    Walkin'Basser wrote: I think "Dirt" by alice in chains is better but that's still an awesome CD.
    agreed 100%
    E harris wrote: along with appetite for destruction, bloodsugarsexmagick and rage against the machine, its one of d best albums of d last 20 years!!
    I agree wit dat!!! I just got Ten today, and i have to admit, its an INCREDIBLE album, Easily one of my favorites already
    Anyone heard of King's X? It's a shame none of their stuff is even mentioned on the site, considering Jeff Ament declared them the fathers of grunge. I'm pretty sure they were one of the first grunge bands. (well, prog metal/grunge/funk)
    Tyler5454 wrote: to our dear friend dimebag, i can only assume that you are a fan of pantera, which i as some what educated connoisseur of music can say that i do respect them for their influence, dimebags talent, and their innovative sound. But, To ignorantly call out one of the single greatest american rock bands (USA Today voted them #1) only shows your complete and total naiveity and your lack of any sort of eclectic taste and exposure to different music. Simply put, your sheltered. Any self-respecting lover of music, whatever the genre, can appreciate or at least respect pearl jam for eddie's pure lyricism, mikes killer solos, stone's ripping riffs, matt's incredible fills (Story Tellers-Pearl-Jam-VH1), and there dedication to their fans (Ticketmaster Lawsuit) I'm sorry that Pearl Jam's music was appreciated enough to where they became mainstreem and because of your lack of self-esteem that left you worshiping satan, you are obliged to hate anything seen as good in the public eye. You're not a rebel, you have no cause, and you are completely out of your element.
    Dude your english is... whoa!!! Tom Clancy
    seriously one of the best albums, if not the BEST album of the grunge revolution. it goes Ten, Dirt (alice in chains) superunknown (soundgarden). to me, nevermind isn't even ranked because you should know more than 4 chords before making it into the top albums. but by sheer luck, nevermind because the most successful album so... i hate that album anyway so yea
    Nevermind is one of my favourite albums of all time. i think i'll pick up ten soon though, i've seen it cheap everywhere.
    I dont understand why you guys hate Nirvana so much just because their stuff is easier to play. Simplicity is what made Nirvana popular....but whatever, you're all entitled to your own opinion[s]....Cobain could've made a decent solo in his day, but the cool thing was, Nirvana had more punk roots than hard rock/metal roots and there were only three members so they could get away with not having some face-kicking solo in evrey song. Hahahaha...I'm still laughing at the fact that you said that "Cobain could've made a decent solo in his day." Yeah, besides playing the melody from his choruses as solos, he couldn't really solo lawlz. I am proud to say that Nirvana was aweful, no offense to you personally Baltic Ave. But then again, maybe I do mean some offense seeing that you are a fan of Green Day.
    the great thing about pearl jam is that they didnt do anything they didnt want to do. thats why they make great music cause its very pure and you can tell that they put their all to every song