All Or Nothing review by Pennywise

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  • Released: May 1, 2012
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (19 votes)
Pennywise: All Or Nothing

Sound — 9
Despite the departure of Jim Lindberg, this album is classic Pennywise. New singer/frontman Zoli Teglas, though more refined in his vocal performance than his predecessor, manages to capture the angst and passion that has made Pennywise such a staple in the punk rock genre. Musically speaking, the guitars are fast and the drums are faster. There isn't a whole lot here as far as innovation goes; Power chords, palm muting, and the occasional solo for the guitar. Simple yet strong bass lines, as well as plenty of snare, carry the rhythm. Also notable is the presence of the chorus vocals and backup 'whoas' on songs like "Revolution" and "Stand Strong", something that may be cliche, but coming from Pennywise is just full of nostalgic goodness.

Lyrics — 7
With song titles like "Let Us Hear Your Voice", "Revolution", and "X Generation" you get exactly what you would expect lyrically from Pennywise. Revolution, rebellion, the need for change: essentially synonyms, and all themes that permeate this album. The lyrics fit the music, with the first words you hear on the album being "What's the ****ing problem / With the world today?" There isn't a single surprise here, and if you're a fan of Pennywise then chances are you won't have any problem with that. I found I was able to sing along to almost every song here, but then realized that I had never heard them before. Putting it lightly, the choice of words here is predictable. Even the structure of the lyrics is the same as their previous albums, and made me wonder if I heard correctly about them having a new singer. Don't get me wrong, Zoli's voice is definitely different from Jim's, but everything else about the album sounds like it could come from almost anywhere in their timeline.

Overall Impression — 8
Though probably not my favorite of their releases, I very much enjoyed this album. None of the songs here can reach the status of "Bro Hymn", "**** Authority", or "Alien", but as a whole, this is a very consistent album. Where their last record, "Reason To Believe", sounded tired, "All Or Nothing" has a sort of renewed energy to it that was dearly missed. Notable songs are definitely the title song, and "Let Us Hear Your Voice". Both are just catchy enough to get stuck in your head - flirting with pop, but decidedly punk. I heard this album streamed over Zune, and I intend to buy it as soon as it's released. Though there are things about the album that are undoubtedly less than stellar, such as the predictable lyrics, there's just something about their... Let's call it their "aura", that makes listening to their music enjoyable. When it comes to Pennywise, it's hard to go wrong. "All Or Nothing" is no exception.

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    It is funny, Jims new band The Black Pacific, sounds more like Pennywise than Pennywise does.
    Nick Curleo
    Robbgnarly wrote: It is funny, Jims new band The Black Pacific, sounds more like Pennywise than Pennywise does.
    You know, except not at all, really.
    OneTimeReview wrote: No Jim = No Pennywise....end of it.
    I would think no fletcher no pennywise. would rather see jim gone over fletcher or byron