Smite and Ignite review by Pentakill

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  • Released: Jun 3, 2014
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (8 votes)
Pentakill: Smite and Ignite

Sound — 8
The sound of this album really surprised a lot of passionate "League of Legends" players. When "Lightbringer" was released early it took everyone by surprise. The haunting vocals, the spectacular riffs. No one fully expected anything further from Pentakill, but then "Deathfire Grasp" and "Ohmwrecker" were released. There were no disappointments here as these songs continued to demonstrate that Pentakill was no joke. The strong, deep intro from "Ohmwrecker" was fantastic, just what you'd expect from any other metal band. When the full album "Smite and Ignite" was released, it was just as good as people had hoped for. A proper metal album, not just some half-a-sed attempt to make music. Each song, with the exception of "The Prophecy" are named of available items in "League of Legends," so to see each song fit well with their respective titles was quite impressive. All in all, "Smite and Ignite" has passed the expectations of the community that was awaiting its release.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrical content of the songs was very interesting. To begin with, all of the songs on "Smite and Ignite" bar "The Prophecy" were all named from items in "League of Legends." Within each song, there are many references to other situations, people, items and places within "League of Legends." The singer's skills with these lyrics was actually really well done. The notes "Karthus" hits in "Lightbringer" caught all listeners off guard. Expecting this to all just be a publicity act, the musical and lyrical quality was fairly high. The fact that these lyrics were enjoyable and also effectively referred to the lore of "League of Legends" made the music and even more enjoyable experience.

Overall Impression — 8
The overall impression of this album was just spectacular. The fact that Pentakill was able to create such an album, whilst staying true to items from the "League of Legends" lore was impressive. Each separate sound, from singer to bassist was beyond the expectations of the people who eagerly awaited the arrival of this album. The most impressive song on "Smite and Ignite" (for non "LoL" fans) would have to be "Ohmwrecker." Whilst vocals are, for the most part, absent from this song the introduction and continued instrumentals was just brilliant. "LoL" players were very interested in "The Prophecy," the only song which does not posses a title linking directly to an item with "League of Legends." The fact this album was given out for free and was at the high quality that it was made was great. "Smite and Ignite" was a great album all in all from Pentakill and players and non-players of "League of Legends" will enjoy the music from Runeterra's greatest metal band.

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