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  • Released: Apr 20, 2010
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (137 votes)
Periphery: Periphery

Sound — 10
When I first heard Periphery's debut album, at first I thought every song was going to sound almost the same. These days you can't buy a CD that has enough diversity in the music. First track that played was "Insomnia" and let me tell you, I was completely blown away! The intro keeps you guessing for a few seconds on what the song is going to be like but as soon as Misha's rhythmic chugging and hyper-speed single-notes kicked in, I was convinced this was going to be a good album. The sound was incredible, with all instruments in sync and on time with each other. Each song has it's own special style, they all differ from each other which makes listening more interesting. Compare "Insomnia" with "All New Materials" - Completely different tunings, different strum patterns, more clean vocals on one than the other but at the same time they are both perfect in their own way. You can also be excited over the guest appearances on the album such as Elliot Coleman (Sky Eats Airplane) & Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) on the track "Racecar" and Adam Getgood (Red Seas Fire)on "Totla Mad". The album is a good 72:52 minutes long, but you will not be dissapointed with the amazing combo of Programming, Guitar & Producing by Misha "Bulb" Mansoor & amazing lead vocals from Spencer Sotelo!

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics on this album overall are very unique and put the "Prog" in Progressive Metal. Don't be surprised when you are turned on by Spencer Sotelo screaming out how he's is neither "An angel nor a demon spawn" or when he sings his heart out about how we should "Say Goodbye To The Sky", this man has got more skills than your mom! It's hard to imagine how the lyrics & the music flow well together since Misha's off beat complex riffs are given at fast and slow paces from time to time, making it seem that singing with the music would be a challenge, but Spencer Sotelo shows pure genius on this album. Spencer Sotelo's screams and clean vocals are as perfect as perfect can get. His high pitched notes remind me of a young Ronnie James Dio if Ronnie was more aggresive! I mean this guy can switch from screams to clean vox without any errors in between. I have a good feeling that with the next album, Spencer will be ten times better vocally than he already is!

Overall Impression — 10
You might say to yourself that this album combines the musical stylings of Meshuggah and Cynic together with an ambitious and passionate singer and that the combo works out perfectly. Well, you would be ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! Overall this album beats out any Sumerian Records artist including Veil Of Maya, The Faceless, Stick To Your Guns and it also can kick any Prog Metal bands ass including Dream Theater. The most impressive songs on this album would have to be (in my own opinion) "Icarus Lives", "Letter Experiment", "The Walk" & "Racecar". As all of these tracks might seem the same with their Djent tones and off beat complex riffs/solo's, each of these tracks are special and different in their own way. Each song will make you want to stop your foot to the beat of these tracks in excitement & the vocals will make you want to scream out how much you really discovered your love for the band. Everything about this album is just pure genius. The only thing I would say that would need slight improvement would be Spencer's airy screams. They are almost perfect enough but as I said, I believe the next albums vocals and screams will be ten times better than they are now. If this album was stolen from me I think I would have to buy over ten copies, because it is that good enough to steal from someone. The instrumental passages at the end of each song that attempt to tie the whole album together so there aren't any gaps are put well together and overall Periphery's debut album is way too amazing to not put on your "To Buy" list. So go buy this record, kick out some "ragtime dandies" and live/breathe this won't regret it!

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    The Spoon wrote: Racecar could've been 5 minutes shorter.
    False. It's exactly as long as it needed to be, and easily the best song on the album. I found this band to be incredibly fresh. I know the "djent" sound is based off Meshuggah, but really the two bands sound nothing alike. Periphery has lots of truly soaring, inspiring melodic lines (Letter Experiment!) and I don't think I've ever heard "melodic" and "Meshuggah" in the same breath. Lyrics... un****ingbelievable. Absolutely spectacular, really hold the album together. I find myself doing a literary analysis of them embarrassingly often--just listen to this album thinking "light/dark" and you'll see how many times that theme comes up in different contexts. The stylistic changes evoke that, as well as the vocals, and even the album art. The lyrics are what make this album a true masterpiece to me, so I wouldn't get as much from the instrumental version... though the music itself is spectacularly performed, I do feel that it's a bit spliced together. Not enough to decrease my enjoyment, just enough to notice.
    Great album for anyone really. Has everything from cool, technical passages to catchy vocal melodies that even mainstream music listeners could learn to love
    travislausch wrote: They're talented people but I just can't stand their music. The Meshuggah references seem forced, the vocals sound like a prepubescent Chester Bennington, the production is tinny and the sound is just like that of any generic metalcore band. I did like "All New Materials" though, that was brilliantly different.
    So my opinion has taken a full 180 since this post. I have listened to more and more of it and now I feel this, while still carrying that "generic Djent" tag, does have enough to keep me, as a listener, interested. And Misha's guitar playing is masterful throughout.
    This album absolutely blew my mind. I've been listening to it every day for like the past two months now.