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artist: Peroxwhy?gen date: 11/03/2013 category: compact discs
Peroxwhy?gen: Similar Creatures
Released: Dec 13, 2012
Genre: Alternative Roc, Alternative Metal
Label: TNAKO Music
Number Of Tracks: 9
Peroxwhy?gen are a two-piece American rock band based in North Carolina and formed by professional wrestlers Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 7.3
Similar Creatures Reviewed by: Mainer, on november 03, 2013
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Sound: "The Charismatic Enigma", Jeff Hardy... When he's not flying around professional wrestling rings all over the country as a star of TNA Impact Wrestling, he's at home in North Carolina painting, sculpting and recording music. A self-taught guitarist, Hardy formed a band, Peroxwhy?gen in 2003 fellow professional wrestler Shannon Moore. Nu-metal band Burnside 6 members, Paul "Jr." Merrill, Scott Hershner, and Chris Feltner joined soon after. After converting a trailer into a small recording studio, the band recorded two songs. "September Day" was a song Hardy wrote in reaction to the September 11th attacks, and "Modest" (which Hardy later used as entrance music in TNA Wrestling). Shannon Moore left the band to focus on his wrestling career, and Burnside 6 followed soon after, leaving Jeff and Jr. the only members of Peroxwhy?gen. Jeff handles the vocal duties, while Jr. plays guitar, provides backup vocals and does some programming. I believe that Dale Oliver (who works for TNA Wrestling as a music composer) produced "Similar Creatures" and worked with Jeff and Jr. on composing and programing. As far as Jeff's vocals go, he's... definitely not the worst singer I've ever heard, but he's pretty far from the best. There's a little bit of effect on his vocals throughout the album, giving his voice a filtered, metallic sound. He doesn't have a whole lot in the way of vocal range, he's somewhat monotone with whatever he sings, but his voice fits the songs he sings (for the most part). Instrumentally I enjoyed this album, it has a little bit of an electronic sound without being completely electronica... Jr. isn't a bad guitarist at all. There are a few really good guitar sprinkles all over this album, ("Humanomoly" being the most guitar heavy track). Whoever played the acoustic, not programmed drum kit is no slouch either, there are a couple pretty decent drum tracks on the EP as well. 1. "Modest (2012 Remix)": The opening track on "Similar Creatures" is an updated, remix of one of Peroxwhy?gen's first songs. Vocally, this is probably the most monotone Jeff gets on the album. This is the most electronically produced track on the album with a mixture of programmed and acoustic drums and distant sounding guitars. The filtered metallic effect on his voice is pretty heavy on this track as well. 2. "Another Me": When Jeff first opens his mouth on this track, I can't help but always get a "Results May Vary"-era Limp Bizkit feel (I always hear a similarity with the LB song "Build A Bridge"). Luckily, by the time the fuzzy distortion of Jr.'s guitar comes in, it's evident that Peroxwhy?gen have a pretty original sound. "Another Me" is the most energetic song on the EP, but not one of my favorites. 3. "Resurrected": Starting with what sounds almost like a fire alarm and a fuzzy, tremolo sounding guitar riff, I really like this one. In my opinion, Peroxwhy?gen gently treads (older) Linkin Park territory with this one. The chorus of this song shows off Jr.'s backing vocals, his voice blends very well with Jeff. "Resurrected" also lets Jr. show off even more, playing a short and sweet guitar solo toward the end. Clocking in at 2:40, rather short, but "Resurrected" is definitely a highlight of "Similar Creatures." 4. "Similar Creatures": The EP's title track, "Similar Creatures." This song has another nice guitar sprinkle on top of it with a catchy guitar riff. Lyrically this song is about Jeff's in-ring persona as a daredevil and a "dying breed." As in every song, Jeff's metallic vocal effect is ever present, but not really overpowering... What a minute, what's this?! Two short (yet rather tasty) guitar solos in a row?! Darn kids these days and their rock and roll music! While maybe not being a virtuoso guitarist, Jr. sure gets the job done. I didn't really care for this song when I first heard it, but it's growing on me with every listen. 5. "Soul Tied in a Knot": Starting out with a warm, clean guitar part and a drum beat before a crunchy, fuzzy guitar riff comes drizzling over the top of it, "Soul Tied in a Knot" is probably the slowest tune on the EP. Jeff's vocal effect makes him sound quite robotic on this song, it's as thickly put on as in "Modest," if not more. All in all, "Soul Tied in a Knot" isn't really a bad song, I think it could have been better. 6. "Humanomoly": "Humanomoly" (no, that's not a type-o) is the 6th track on the EP, and in my opinion it's definitely ranked right up with "Resurrected" as the top two songs on "Similar Creatures." Without a doubt, "Humanomoly" is the most guitar driven track on the record. With a beefy, chunky guitar riff lying just under a lengthily sustained note before the drums really kick into gear. Immediately starting off with the chorus a thick, possibly drop-d tuned chord progression is played under a very melodic guitar solo (that lasts through the entire section). The drumming is very good in this song, there's also a lot of melodic guitar soloing by Jr. almost throughout the entire track. I really have no clue what a "humanomoly" is though... Still a great song. 7. "Enshrine": "Enshrine" is the seventh, and shortest track on "Similar Creatures." Starting out with a clean guitar part and a spoken section by Jeff as the drums fade in, Jr. eventually comes in with a thick guitar riff and Jeff goes into his monotone sing/talking. There isn't much in the way of variation in the song, basically the same guitar riff throughout (the verse just cuts the riff up a bit with some dead notes). Jeff's vocal effect isn't as active on this track, the verses are more filtered and produced. One highlight of the track is Jr. busting out another guitar solo, after another section of a cleaner guitar part and fading in, tension building drums, a longer wah-powered solo plays over the chorus riff before the chorus plays again. Not the best on the EP, but this song has had a bit of growing power on me. 8. "Reptilian": "Reptilian" starts out with an airy, effect-riddled vocal intro by Jeff before a meaty, chest thumping, drop-tuned sounding guitar intro before an overdubbed guitar comes in with a higher, almost electronic sounding riff during the verse. The chorus keeps the grit and chunkiness, though underneath all of the crunch, a much faster guitar riff can faintly be heard. I wish it was brought up louder in the mix, what I hear of it sounds pretty great. Jeff's vocals almost get a bit of a workout in this tune, turning "Reptilian" into one of his better vocal performances on the record. Another guitar solo toward the end of this song? Yes indeed, and this one is definitely one of Jr.'s best on the CD. The chorus plays again, still with that sneaky riff underneath the chord changes, ending the song with sort of a callback to the airy vocal intro. 9. "Similar Creatures (Mix of Themes Intro)": There isn't a ton to say about the final track on the album. Jeff and Dale took a couple of these songs that Jeff has used as entrance music in TNA and mixed them all up for an intro to the title track... It starts with the fire alarm sound of "Resurrected," but then the drum beat of the original recording of "Modest" kicks in... Then the track just goes on to play "Similar Creatures" (with maybe a bit cleaner of a mix)... Nothing much to say, that hasn't been said earlier about the song. Overall, the "Similar Creatures" EP sounds good. Nothing gets really buried, instrumentally there are some cool riffs and a couple nifty little solos, Jeff's voice could use some work, but all in all it's not bad at all sound-wise. // 8

Lyrics: Jeff writes most (if not all) of Peroxwhy?gen's lyrics. They fit the music very well, even though it may be a bit touchy on "Another Me." A lot of the lyrical themes are the same throughout. Almost all of the songs touch upon the ideas of individuality, (a calling-card of Jeff Hardy if you follow professional wrestling at all). "Humanomoly" has me stumped though... When Jeff uses the words "he," "she" and "they," I almost want to say that it's a song about a relationship, but I'd also say that's what "Enshrine" is about. "Soul Tied in a Knot" seems to be about wanting to be successful at whatever you attempt, but then again it also seems to be about trying to find who you really are... I was maybe a bit disappointed in Jeff's lyrics on this album, they weren't bad but I think a tiny bit more thought could have been put in. // 7

Overall Impression: Overall I enjoyed this album. Jeff's voice isn't the best, but it fits the fairly original sound of the music. I can't really think of any album or artist I can compare Peroxwhy?gen to besides the two I made earlier: Limp Bizkit for a microsecond and then a smidge of Linkin Park in places... Growing up watching Jeff Hardy in the "rasslin" ring, I may be a tiny bit biased to anything he does (though not much of a wrestling fan nowadays). "Humanomoly," "Resurrected" and "Reptilian" are the top three highlights of the album. I don't know many people that know about Peroxwhy?gen, so I highly doubt it'd get stolen, and it's on my laptop anyways... I'd probably download it again if I ever lost it off my computer... Or I might just forget about it and wait until Jeff and Jr. release their first full studio album "The Plurality of Worlds" later this year! All in all, the "Similar Creatures" EP is a good start, but Peroxwhy?gen definitely has room to grow and improve! // 7

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