Watoosh review by Pezz

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  • Released: Jul 23, 1999
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (15 votes)
Pezz: Watoosh

Sound — 8
Watoosh! by Pezz (early Billy Talent) combines a great mix of genres. These range all the way from jazz, to blues and to good old rock. Of course it's not for everybody and comes from a different era (90's) to today's music though the band has many good musical characteristics. The great variety and mix of genres gives the music a definate glow and demeanour that can not be seen much, if at all. The collaboration of all of these makes a great sound to any lover of a jazzy rock compilation. The main thing that I noticed while listening to Watoosh! was the awesome collaboration between the instruments. Having only one guitar, this was key to producing a good sound. Along with their strong sound this brilliant collaboration has brought about a very powerful band sound which I believe is still evident today in their under their new moniker 'Billy Talent'. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the raw power!

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics can not be considered a masterpiece though, they suit kind of music and the sound being pumped out by the band. Despite this the singing is amazing. There is absolute abundance of beautiful harmonies and powerful singing creating a very much amazing and intense sound.

Overall Impression — 8
This album is not for everybody though I believe that anybody who appreciates music and wishes to listen to a great collaboration of both instruments and genres should buy this album. Every song has a story to it and contains 'jump-around' qualities which are sure to inspire and impress. It is a highly energetic album and definitely lives up to its influences. There is nothing that I really hate about this album, especially since this type of music is rare in today's world and is therefore unique and new in a way. Not one song on this album is terrible and each complement the other. I would definitely recommend this album to anybody starting a band as it gives a good impression of how you should mix genres to create something new. In conclusion, listening to this energetic and intriguing album, I cannot begin to imagine how powerful and stunning they must have been live. Please appreciate but most of all let your mind run free in its glory and awesomeness. Enjoy!

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    This album hits you like a train purely cause there's really not much like it. Bitchin' review
    I like all the other billy tallent stuff but this ones nowhere up to the rest of there stuff. Its still very listenable but not as good imo.
    billy talent have to be one of the best bands going around!!!! Ian D'Sa is a great guitarist!!!!!
    Oh wow! I didn't expect such an obscure album review. Very nice! Billy Talent (And Pezz) are awesome~
    sanelli wrote: billy talent have to be one of the best bands going around!!!! Ian D'Sa is a great guitarist!!!!!
    How can u tell by the music they make - a little kid could play all their songs blindfolded! but they are well writen and have very good lyrics
    ^ dude the guitar work is actually pretty good why dont u go learn some songs before you say that
    Pezz was an amazing band. Ian D'sa is such a good guitarist.
    easily one of my favourite albums of all time i wish pezz had stayed as pezz and not gone into the scene theyre in now with billy tallent
    Steven E
    I was into Pezz before they released the first Billy Talent album. I love Pezz, the firts BT album was good, the second was decent, I dont think the third will be very good.
    I like BT. Not heard this or the new one, though. Ian D'Sa is a great player. So inspiring.
    eggsandham2 wrote: How can u tell by the music they make - a little kid could play all their songs blindfolded!
    Nah, man.