Junta Review

artist: Phish date: 08/17/2005 category: compact discs
Phish: Junta
Released: 1988
Label: Elektra
Genre: Rock
Styles: Fusion, Neo-Psychedelia, American Trad Rock, Jam Bands, Jazz-Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 14
Highly recommended whether you're starting to discover Phish or are backing up to the beginning.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Junta Reviewed by: Minkin, on august 17, 2005
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Sound: This is Phish's very first, and most highly regarded album. This album consists of two CD's. The album showcases the band's talent and versatility. The most prominent song on the album would be the jazz-like you Enjoy Myself, which is quick on changing keys, key signature, and the tone. Another song, Divided Sky, starts off with an acoustic guitar riff, and then leads to chiming bells. These bells are followed are eventually followed by a period of the focus being on the guitar, while the rest of the band just pushes the song forward. The song union federal, is a lengthy 25 minute, live recorded jam. The song starts off with a comical trumpet, desperately trying to follow along, but this fades away as the rest of the band cuts in, leading to an instantly classic song. This album explores many genres, many sounds, and leaves you in awe. Even if you don't care much for Phish, you will enjoy this album, and its great sounds. // 10

Lyrics: With the exception of the songs: Fee; Esther; Fluff's Travels; Foam; Sanity; and Icculus, this album doesn't have a focus on lyrics. Songs such as: Dinner and a movie; David Bowie and Contact just have one line of lyrics, repeated throughout, almost to the point of becoming annoying. Other songs such as: You enjoy myself, Divided Sky; and Union Federal have little to no lyrics at all. In the songs with lyrics, and lyrics throughout, the following is to be said. The song Fee has comical rhyming lyrics that follow throughout, telling a story about three imaginary characters. The song Esther, has very dark, and frigtening lyrics, that tell about one little girl's fate. fluffhead and Fluff's travels have lyrics located at random highlights of the song. These lyrics start off consistent, but lead to random words, that still fit the mood. Overall the lyrics are not nearly as impressive as the music, but they still create and keep the mood and tone. // 8

Overall Impression: This is definitely my favorite album by Phish. I always keep it in plain sight, so I can take it with me, when I need to convert new people to Phish. I would rank this album among those classic albums that stand out in time. I have yet to find one the doesnt enjoy the song You Enjoy Myself. Then when followed by the impressive musicality of the band, these people quickly take shining to the band. The only song on here that I do not enjoy, is Icculus, since it was performed live in a local club almost twenty years ago, but the reason why it isnt as enjoyable, is because it was just a jam, in which lyrics were seemed to be made up on the spot. The twenty-five dollar price tag on this album may sound steep, but it is worth every penny. This album displays Phish's greatest (non live) moments. // 10

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