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artist: Pierce the Veil date: 12/24/2014 category: compact discs
Pierce the Veil: Collide With The Sky
Released: Jul 17, 2012
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Experimental
Label: Fearless Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
"Collide With The Sky" - an album that is sure to keep your head rockin' all the way through. Pierce The Veil, being a post-hardcore band, shows many sides of the way they create their music.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
Collide With The Sky Reviewed by: vppark2, on july 27, 2012
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Sound: "Collide With The Sky" - an album that is sure to keep your head rockin' all the way through. Pierce The Veil, being a post-hardcore band, shows many sides of the way they create their music. Looking back at their past 2 albums, I'll say that this album is going in the right direction. This album is heavier in many ways. After listening through quite a few times, I noticed how most of these songs kind of link in towards each other. Each song is pretty similar, but they do each one well. I know most people will think that that is a bad thing, but each song displays a different story. The thing I liked about this album is that they decided to stay more in tone with the post-hardcore genre, and it really shows. They always had breakdowns on their albums, but nothing too fancy. Now, they bring in more build up points, and it just sounds better, and more mature. One more thing: I am no PTV fanboy. // 8

Lyrics: A lot of the songs are very deep, but usually typically talking about a girl. "Hell Above" pretty much tells a story about how Vic wants to get away from his home, and that it's hell. The song also tells about how he's going to forget about his father and become alone. "A Match Into Water", being one of my favorite tracks on this album, represent how Vic kisses the scars on the skin of a dead woman, and how he still thinks she's beautiful, and doesn't want to lose her. I liked the feeling of how this song turned out. Some people may find the message weird, or whatever, but I just go along with it. I mean, music is supposed to have some interesting and cool meanings to their songs. Overall, the message of that song, shows how it's very easy to lose a girl. "King For A Day", pretty much says what this album is going to sound like. This song is pretty damn good, and surprisingly brutal. Knowing the fact that Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens is also in the song, a lot of fans might get turned off by this, but I got news to tell ya; the guy is talented. I liked how they mixed Kellin's vocals in, and just the collaboration with him and Vic fits in very well. The song is about how if he could imagine himself being a king, and ruling other people, and how he wishes for better times, instead of being pushed around his entire life. "The First Punch" definitely would have to be one of my favorite songs off the album. The mexican side of them really show with the Spanish guitars start off at the beginning, and then all of a sudden, it goes into a cool breakdown. The chorus is insanely catchy. Overall, just a very cool song. "Bulls On The Bronx" would have to be my favorite song, though. A very catchy song, mixed in with a whole lot of everything. Towards the middle of the song, Spanish guitar playing appears, and it's just insanely sick. Then towards the end, piano playing goes off. It's just so cool how they pulled it all off on this one song. // 9

Overall Impression: "I'm Low On Gas, You Need Jacket" was probably my least favorite track, just because of how slow the song was itself. It just bored me. This band I think would compare to Sleeping With Sirens, A Skylit Drive, and Blessthefall. But overall, great album, and great listen. // 8

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overall: 10
Collide With The Sky Reviewed by: Country Bass, on december 24, 2014
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Sound: "Collide With the Sky" is the third studio album by American post-hardcore band Pierce The Veil. Released on July 17th 2012, the album is arguably a significant improvement to their heavily criticised 2010 release "Selfish Machines." The album entered the U.S. Billboard 200 at number 12, selling over 27,000 copies in its debut week which had exceeded to 120,000 copies by May 2013. This album has been referred to as the band's best release to date. 

Pierce The Veil have extended their iconic sound and have surpassed expectations with this album, shown through standout tracks such as "Hell Above," "King for a Day," "The First Punch" and "Hold On Till May" being brilliant aspects of the amazing rock feel captured through the albums twelve tracks. The band's lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Vic Fuentes did the majority of the song writing on the album and his presence in both the writing and performance aspects of the album are exceptional. Fuentes' iconic voice is captured through both classic rock vocals and almost unrecognisable screams. The album includes featuring artists such as Kellin Quinn, Jason Aalon Butler and Lindsey Stamey. Kellin's appearance on the album's lead single "King for a Day" captures the classic rock vibe with the perfect mix of Vic and Kellin's classic vocal tones that have become iconic in the metalcore scene over the past years. Dan Korneff and Kato Khandwala's production skills on the album sees a mix of both raw metal power and a slight touch of modern influence that incorporates the band's style perfectly. // 10

Lyrics: Lyrically the album is strong, containing very heavy subject matter. The content of the album includes discussing subjects such as: self-harm, isolation and suicide. This content is evident in the album's third track "A Match Into Water" written about Vic's past girlfriend and the album's second single "Bulls in the Bronx" a dedication to a fan who took her own life and her family and friends. These are two examples which in both cases their lyrical influence has been incorporated exceptionally to make two very impressive rock songs. "Bulls in the Bronx" is also a stand out track on the album due to its use of an interlude that consists primarily of a Spanish inspired acoustic guitar solo. The album's closing track "Hold On Till May" is an amazing piece of lyrical artwork where Fuentes tells the story of a girl who is on the brink of a suicidal decision where he is offering her comfort. The track is a duet with Oh No Fiasco's Lindsey Stamey who contributes to the song with the closing of the final verse. The band's exceptional ad powerful pop hooks on such songs as "Props & Mayham" and "Tangled in the Great Escape" (feat. Jason Aalon Butler): to which earned the band praise by many critics. This along with the use of pianos and keys in the songs gives the album an aspect that adds to what is not generally regarded as a concept of the metalcore scene. // 10

Overall Impression: From start to finish the album is an exceptional work of musical precision which has place the band at the forefront of the hard rock music scene. This together with the band's frantic and explosive stage presence has skyrocketed the band into success with the perfect balance of metalcore screams, powerful, classic metal guitar riffs and an explosive force from the percussive aspect of all the songs. This album has guaranteed Peirce The Veil a place in rock history and it is certain that they will continue to climb in success over the coming years. AbsolutePunk commenting that the album "proves Pierce The Veil are seemingly still one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to concocting energetic slice of post-hardcore and that they won't be dropping the ball any time soon." // 10

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