The Divine Zero review by Pierce the Veil

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  • Released: Jun 18, 2015
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 5 (24 votes)
Pierce the Veil: The Divine Zero

Sound — 8
It's been a good 3 years since Pierce The Veil's last album. Fangirls and fanboys across the world have been waiting for this day to come, for us to hear at least a new song by them. What were the fans reactions? Of course, they were mainly positive reviews. People were comparing this song mainly to their first album, but mainly "Yeah Boy And Doll Face" in particular. I can't really see it. To me, this song sounds like something from their last album, which was their best album in my opinion. Without really ever checking out the guitar tabs for this band, I have to say, after I checked out the tab for this song, I was impressed. The chord changes were quite difficult and fast paced, and there's some tapping parts. The drumming is quick, and I do enjoy the breakdowns. Aside from Vic's uncleans, I'm sure non PTV fans will criticize his cleans, but what were you expecting?

Lyrics — 6
I've never really listened to PTV for their lyrics, and these lines don't change my opinion on them:

"Maybe I could swim into your thoughts like your drugs do
Paralyze your body
Sick and tired of waking up too
Burning eyes and cigarettes
I'm falling through the couch like a suicide mission tonight
My God, here comes the downside

Wild eyes of terror pray for sex on the beach while
Oceans of kerosene will soak into me
I'm not meant for this world, I just don't see the point
Don't think about it, don't over think about it

And life is a joke
But everything's riding on me tonight
Been counting the stars and scars
How I'm becoming a work of art

In desperate times and desperate measures
I come so close, my hopes are severed by the downside
A million waves in the ocean crash at once to make you smile

The whispered words 'You'd better hide the bullets' 
You stayed on the phone and talked to me day and night
Trigger my nightmare once again
And it's f--king loaded in hand

And we'll let the fire rage
The smoke and the drowning flames
My bedroom computer light is the only menace to my new faux wooden blinds

In desperate times and desperate measures
I come so close, my hopes are severed by the downside
A million waves in the ocean crash at once to make you smile

Now, I only pray when it all goes down
I'll be surrounded by all of the ones I've loved and cared about
And then burn it down

And life is a joke
But at least I can love you, naked and tattooed
Counting the stars and scars
And if the pain is a sound, let's slow it down

Desperate times and desperate measures
I come so close, my hopes are severed by the downside
A million waves in the ocean crash at once to make you smile

Now, I only pray when it all goes down
I’ll be surrounded by all of the ones I've loved and cared about
And then burn it down

Your serotonin's gone
The kerosene is gone
The sunset is gone
So hold on"

Overall Impression — 7
To put these guys on the same level of musicality as Sleeping With Sirens just isn't right. I may not be a casual listener of theirs, but SWS doesn't come close to writing the material these guys write. I'll give that I probably enjoy Kellin Quinn's vocals just as much as Vic Fuentes, but as a band effort for this song, it's surprisingly technical, and of course, they stay to that "mexicore" style of riffage. I also like that they didn't go the same route they did. They stuck to their roots, and kept expanding their sound. I don't know when the new album is coming out, but it should be out this fall or winter. I'm sure people will write this song or band off, but it's much more refreshing than the typical hard rock, metalcore/deathcore or pop-punk band. These guys actually stand out amongst their peers.

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    How did this "review" get approved?
    Yeah ok, because I can only write so much for one song. If thats what youre complaining abt.
    The thing is, I know exactly as much as I knew before reading it.
    Thats not the point though. If you listened to this song and read this then it shouldnt be very mind blowing. What were you expecting to read?
    Audible Warfare
    It's supposed to be a review, not an opinion piece.
    I mean, maybe I could have gone more in depth in the lyrical section. Maybe thats why Im getting shit for it, but there really isnt much to dive into with theirs. Other than that, I dont see how this is an "opinion piece", and even then every review has opinions, so dont give me that bs.
    I always appreciated the guitar players in this band. I felt like they had the right blend of rhythm, lead, and a sprinkling of some decently technical riffs here and there for this kind of music. This song doesn't impress me as much as some of their other stuff but I agree with the sentiment of the reviewer that it is kinda nice to see a band that doesn't feel the need to re-define themselves every single song or every single album.
    Thank you for understanding. For some reason, basically this whole comment section doesnt seem to understand my review.
    In my opinion, the biggest misstep in your review is that, in your comparisons, you make references (Yeah Boy, last album, SWS, Mexicore, etc.) that people who are not familiar with PTV will probably not understand. Since I am somewhat acquainted with PTV's material, I can understand the judgments you're making with those comparisons. However, someone who doesn't know PTV well is really just left with your description of the song and the lyrics--two things that they'll get more easily by just listening to the song. The review's kind of pointless to the casual listener. Just some friendly criticism
    True. Good point haha thanks. I did write out Sleeping With Sirens once though.
    Hey no problem man. Word of advice: don't bother explaining your review to ppl in the comment sections. Just take whatever useful criticism and useful advice is given on your review and use it to improve. The internet is an open forum, ppl aren't going to pull punches if they think something sucks so there's no point in letting it bother you.
    Yeah, most people dont give constructive criticism, but just bash the review.
    Why is it that bands like this get so much attention, while bands like Eidola are less known? Hopefully it's just a time factor
    This feels more like a PTV fan's blog post than an actual review. I understand it's just a single, but for gods sake can you actually use review terminology and structure? Instead it's just an opinion piece with absolutely no value to anyone, people familiar with the band aren't learning anything new, and people who aren't familiar won't understand what you're talking about. Allow me to break down each section. Sound: This whole section boils down to: Some say it sounds like their old material, I don't think so. You're immediately assuming people reading this are familiar with this band, as someone who's not, your first paragraph couldn't be any more meaningless to me. Also, you description of the song's sound was bare bones. All I got from it was: There's some fast playing and drumming, some tapping and a breakdown. Full album reviews have more detail on individual songs, for a single there's no excuse for not explaining things in full. lyrics: "I've never really listened to PTV for their lyrics, and these lines don't change my opinion on them" Wow how insightful, don't bother critiquing the lyrics or anything, just say you don't like them, because that's how all good reviews are written... conclusion: Once again you're casually comparing them to another band expecting us to be well familiar with them, and even if we were, what kind of conclusion is this? Are you reviewing the song or the band? You didn't even mention the song once in your closing paragraph and the whole section boiled down to: 'Some say this band is like X, I disagree. This is a good band check them out' I'd call this a terrible review, but this isn't even a review, this is a joke.
    Alright dude. Im cool with you giving me your insight, but this song is 4:18 in length. It's not a lengthy Tool or Between The Buried And Me song where they have so many breaks in different sections to be able to describe all of the shit thats going on in it. This a PTV song, a post-hardcore song. I stated enough in the sound section to give off my impression with this sound, and for the most part, I enjoyed it. Ill just stop reviewing things all together if people like you think this review is a "joke". Also, lighten the **** up.
    That's your excuse? The song wasn't long so that's all you could do? There's tons you could have talked about, from the actual sound of the riffs and choruses, the guitar tone, the production quality, the vocals (saying some might not like the cleans isn't really critiquing it, you have to explain WHY the cleans are good or bad), the structure, is it an improvement for the band? Is it a step back? Give a quick brief of what the band's sound is like for those who are unfamiliar with them etc. For the lyrics you could have said why you didn't like them, what parts were particularly cheesy, whether whether or not it's better/worse/the same as their previous lyric writing etc. Think of a music student who has to write 2 pages about a 1 minute exert from a piece they've never heard before (sometimes these songs are even simpler that this song here), writing a paragraph about a 4 minute song from a band you know, that you can study as much as you want, is not hard AT ALL. What you write about for the sound should give the reader a good understanding of what the song is like, as someone who has never heard PTV, your description told me little to nothing of what the actual song was like. But my main issue is that you didn't actually review it, you just kind of listed off some things in the song and stated you liked it/didn't like it. You need more, you can't just say something's good/bad, you have to say WHY it's good/bad. That's the whole point of a review, Please read other reviews and see what they do, they almost always have a more substantial description. And don't get so defensive dude, no one's saying you should stop reviewing, you've contributed quite a bit to this site, and I know you're capable of a better review than this. Accept that this isn't a good review, take the criticism and try harder next time you review something.
    Well thanks. Guess I could have elaborated a bit more on the "Mexicore" sound which refers to guitar tone mainly. It's not easy to explain though. It's just PTV's signature sound so I dont think I could really make this review much better. And the only reason Im getting defensive here is here you are giving me all of this constructive criticism then end it with calling the review a "joke." I just dont get it.
    That last part was really poorly worded by me, what I meant is that ug making this an official review was a joke. I'm sorry, but honestly this shouldn't have been approved, it simply does not reach the standard of quality the site has (they aren't high standards that's for sure, but they are there). Then you'd know straight away that there's a lot of work to be done. And I still stand by what I said and say you still could have talked about so much more, you say is just PTVs signature sound, but what is that sound? How did our evolve? How does it differ from other bands in the genre? Does this sound have weak points? Etc When writing a review you have to write as I'd the reader has never heard the creators work
    U have a point there. In some reviews I do go over the history of a genre. Such as the last review I wrote for Being As An Ocean. I def could have done something with this, and even span as far back as when the genre was created.
    I usually read the review section to find some new bands I've never heard of, new albums by bands I like, and what not, sometimes there are pleasant surprises. But this, this is a joke. A moronic review ... of just one song ... performed by a sh¡tty band. How did it even get approved?
    This is an okay song. It just hasn't grown on me yet, cause I know they can do better.