Where Do We Go From Here Review

artist: Pillar date: 12/07/2009 category: compact discs
Pillar: Where Do We Go From Here
Released: Jun 15, 2004
Label: Flicker
Genre: Rock
Styles: Post-Grunge, Alternative CCM
Number Of Tracks: 12
It's a further streamlining of the combo's cross of alternative CCM and secular post-grunge chunkery.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 8
Where Do We Go From Here Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 15, 2005
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Sound: Pillar is a Christian metal band that was rap-metal on their sophomore album, Fireproof. On this CD they change it up and lose some hip-hop sound, still going strong. Most often, a soft interlude leads to vocalist Rob Beckeley with Noah Henson shredding behind him with his amazing guitar work. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are nothing special, and many less christian themes than their last album. Some similar themes, too. "Frontline" bears resemblance to "Echelon," "Rewind" is kind of like "Hindsight," and the lead single "Bring Me Down" has a similar chorus structure to "Fireproof." // 6

Overall Impression: Pillar doesn't sound similar to anyone I've heard. "Bring Me Down" is without a doubt the standout song. I liked it a lot, but in this rare case, their sound hasn't improved. Buy Fireproof first, and then get this CD. I would definitely replace it if lost. Pillar has since released a special edition with a DVD, a cover of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and a mix of "Bring Me Down." // 10

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overall: 10
Where Do We Go From Here Reviewed by: |<guitarhero>|, on april 28, 2008
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Sound: Pillar is one of my favorite bands if not my favorite at the moment. Theie blend of hard rock and rap is simply stunning. I heard about Pillar when one of my friends called me and told me to download "Frontline" because we were running out to it in basketball. After I heard that song I started listening to some more of their songs and instantly went and got it. Literally every riff Pillar wrote on Where Do We Go From Here blows me away! // 10

Lyrics: One aspect I have always loved about Pillar is their lyrical creativity, one good example of this would be the song "Echelon"(from the album Fireproof). The best show of lyrics on WDWGFH is "Frontline". And the lyrics seem to blend in perfectly to the fast riffs that they write. And as for singer skills, Pillar's singer is simply stunning, he is perfect for the genre. I know I am talking about "Frontline" a lot, but on this track he starts off rapping in the verses, singing in the chorus, and screaming in the bridge. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is simply amazing, Pillar sounds like other bands such as Thousand Foot Krutch or Demon Hunter but have their own blend which I would recognize anywhere. I love this album because of everything I have already stated. And if this album were stolen, I would go buy it again the next day. My favorite songs from the album are: Frontline, Hypnotized, Aftershock. // 10

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overall: 9.7
Where Do We Go From Here Reviewed by: leftyluke7, on december 07, 2009
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Sound: I love this hard rock album! I recommend it only to those who absolutely love Pillar music because most of the album has the same sound overall. It well represents pillar with an excellent distorted lead guitar. It's not very good for those looking to play rhythm guitar. The lead guitar plays a lot of 16th notes and fast power chords while being tuned in drop C. When the album is done it gives you the satisfaction like you just got done rocking at a live concert and you played everything so well it sounded crystal clear coming out of your amp. // 9

Lyrics: Rob's voice is very good. There's nothing special about it. He can sing soft and then yell the next second. His lyrics are great. They sound great when sung and they're positive to put you in a good mood. Frontline lyics: [tab]"It's not like I'm walkin alone Into the valley of the shadow of death Stand beside one another Cause it ain't over yet And I'd be willing to bet that if we don't back down You and I'll be the ones that are holding the crown In the end when it's over we can say well done But not yet cause its only begun So pick up and follow me we're the only ones To fight this thing until we've won We drive on and don't look back Doesn't mean we can't learn from our past And all the things that we mighta done wrong We could've been doing this all along[/tab] Chorus [tab]Everybody with your fist raised high Let me hear your battle cry tonight Stand beside or step aside We're on the frontlines And we'll be carrying on Until the day it doesn't matter anymore Step aside you forgot what this is for We fight to live we live to fight and tonight you'll hear my battle cry We live our lives out on the frontlines We're not afraid of the fast times These days have opened up my eyes And now I see where the threat lies We've got to lead the way"[/tab] // 10

Overall Impression: I think Pillar has their own unique tone. If I had to compare it to another band I'd probably pick "Red," but without the slow piano parts that "Red" composes. The most popular song on the album would definitely be "Frontline." I, however, enjoy "Aftershock" the most because it's easy to bang your head to. I love this album so much. The only reason I don't recommend it to everyone is because of its repetitive sounds that can get tiresome after a few songs. I would definitely buy this album again if I lost it. // 10

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