Animals review by Pink Floyd

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  • Released: Jan 14, 1977
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (72 votes)
Pink Floyd: Animals

Sound — 10
I have to firstly point out that Animals may be my favorite Floyd album, for a number of reasons. I can't help but thinking "Oh yes" when I hear the fade in from 'Dog's' strum intro or when I hear the faint jazzy intro for Sheep. After hearing the intros for the two songs, I am struck for 10-17 mins with awe at Floyds sound. The clashing and wide vibrato utilized in Sheep's upbeat parts are mesmerising as are the chords in Dogs. Anyway, enough generalizing and flowery description, I can whole-heartedly say that the sound associated with "Animals" is quite extraordinary. Being a very short album with very long songs is nice, for a change, but also because each epic song (excluding the first and last tracks, which are only 1 min each) can stand on it's own and capture the mind for their whole duration, be it 10 or 17 mins. The tones that Gilmour uses on solos and fills alike are sweet as ever, save for a few parts in the short solos on Dogs where it can sound a bit pinched and watery. The slide solo at the end of Sheep however makes up for this, and more. I am obliged to give sound a 10, because any other score does not do the album justice.

Lyrics — 8
I always enjoy listening to Floyd's lyrics, as they can make sense and are not just there to fill the void of instrumentals. The opener and closer "Pigs on the Wind" has some very nice lyrics, which quite nicely fit in with the rest of the other albums lyrics. For me, Dogs has to be the highlight for lyrics. I have listened to them so many times and thought "wow, that is so cool". Especially the epic ending that rounds off the song wonderfully contains some great lyrics. The voice on the album is really good, very impressive melodic design on Pigs on the Wing and heartfelt in the other songs. I have to say his voice got a bit annoying on parts of Pigs but the solo makes up for it.

Overall Impression — 10
If I were to put the songs in ranking order, it would be Dogs on top, followed by Sheep and then the other three. Dogs is as much as a journey as an experiance, the whole 17 mins is mesmerising, from meaningful solos to a psychadelic bridge. Although I have mainly talked about the content of the album and many people who have not bought it will not know what I am talking about, I can only urge people to buy it. On it's own it is a fantastic album, but if you are a Floyd fan then you will love it to bits. I would definitely buy this album again if it were stolen, I would buy another one to give to someone as well. A cracking album.

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    A Poe
    Dogs is definately one of the best Floyd songs. To me this disc comes second to Dark Side.
    anyone else heard the version of pigs on the wing with both parts bridged together with a nice guitar solo played by snowy white?