Dark Side Of The Moon review by Pink Floyd

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  • Released: Mar 24, 1973
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (335 votes)
Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon

Sound — 10
Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon is one of the most famous albums. It got 10 songs. Some songs are instrumental. On the vinyl there are no rests between the songs as Pink Floyd thought that it will not let listeners to find their favorite parts of the album and it will help to discover the entire album. But on the CD the songs are separated. It is one of the first stereo albums. The album was #1 in the American charts but in England it was the second. Also they've beaten a record: the album was sold in more than about 19 million examples. Now about songs. The album starts with Speak To Me which is like an intro to the other songs. It's not a song at all. You can hear just heart beating, Time's clock sounds and Money's "splashes". After sounds a girl starts crying/Laughing (Great Gig In The Sky) and than starts the Breath. Pretty beautiful song. Gilmore used a lot of slide guitar effects. The rhythm is calm. It doesn't have solo. After starts On The Run. It's just like the Speak To Me, but it is more like a song. Pink Floyd just show their technology as well as they do in Speak To Me. After starts Time, a famous one. The intro is collected from clock/alarm sounds. In this song Gilmore used a bit Distortion and a lot Treble. The song got a really beautiful solo. After the second verse comes in the reprise of the Breath. The forth songs name is Great Gig In The Sky written by Richard Wright. It is kind of instrumental. The main "instruments" are piano and girl's voice. Beautiful. "Money is some kind of bluesy, you know?" says Watters. The solo is made from two parts: first, sax solo, and the second one, Gilmore. Us And Them has got a lighter rhythm like Breathe it got two solos too: first piano, second sax. The Any Color You Like is instrumental. Pretty beautiful song with god both guitar and keyboard riffs. The Brain Damage or as they used to cal The Lunatic Song got a calm rhythm with acoustic and slide guitars. The chorus is made from voices, organ, guitar, bass and drums. Solo pays Wright (I'm not sure). The last song Eclipse starts with organ riff and drums. The lyrics are very beautiful, but it is short, only two minutes.

Lyrics — 10
Well all the album's lyrics are very impressive as the music is. The singing skills are good though they don't have a single vocalist. But any way Roger David and Rick are singing pretty well. The best lyrics got Eclipse I think, pretty short and beautiful.

Overall Impression — 10
The album cover is simple but at the same time it's designed very well. The most impressive and famous song are Time, Great Gig In The Sky, Money. Almost whole album. And if it were stolen or lost I would buy it again for sure, though I've got it in my computer.

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    I love how you have metal heads, emo kids, indie peeps, and classic rockers all giving their respect to this album and band.
    I'm a dudette, but I appreciate your comment. Pink Floyd is amazingly skilled and innovative.
    Teh_Zombie wrote: One of the greatest albums of all time, withput a doubt.
    Excuse me? One of the greatest? I think THE greatest. =)
    I remeber the first time I listened to this album, Pink Floyd Immeadietly became my favorite band. Gilmours guitar playing is superb, this album and Animals were the reason I picked up a guitar. If you are a guitar junkie this album is a must have.
    This album is absolutely incredible. There is nothing like listening to it on my old turn table record player. On the record, the songs flow together a lot more. Every time I listen to it, I think, "Aw yeah, this is where I use to flip it," at the end of 'The Great Gig in the Sky'. There is no album that rival's Dark Side of the Moon's ingenious flow of music. It is truly a work of art, one which every paint brush and color is used brilliantly to create a colorful masterpiece. I really enjoy pull out this album and others like The moody blues and just turn off the lights and take in the music. It is a shame how much music has devolved since those days, but maybe, someday, there will be another artist like Pink Floyd who can bring back the idea that an album is not just a collection of songs, but a song in itself.
    There is nothing I can contribute further to this review or comment board, other than that the words have been taken out of my mouth several times. I was fortunate enough to see Roger Waters performing this album in its entirety along with loads of other Floyd classics. There are no words to describe it.
    The dark side of the moon is now my favourite album of all time (previously master of puppets)
    The first time I listened to this entire album I was blown away by how complete it is. Not only is it amazing to listen to, but it is a masterpiece of art as well as of music. Pink Floyd is likely the best band of all time.