Live At Pompeii (Director's Cut) [DVD] Review

artist: Pink Floyd date: 03/24/2008 category: compact discs
Pink Floyd: Live At Pompeii (Director's Cut) [DVD]
Release Date: October 21, 2003
This disc contains a new, 90-minute director's cut as well as the original 60-minute concert film, whose production and effects feel inescapably dated.
 Sound: 9.7
 Content: 9.7
 Production Quality: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 10
Live At Pompeii (Director's Cut) [DVD] Reviewed by: ragehead111, on june 19, 2006
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Sound: This is a live concert in Pompeii by phsycadellic rock band, Pink Floyd. This took place in 1972 (before Dark Side Of The Moon) It sounds like it was made in 2006. The sound is first-rate, and that's not something you get with a 1972 concert. It sounds great. Echoes is probably the best sounding song on the dvd. Roger Waters' screaming on "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" sound hilariously spooky and David Gilmour is up to his usual stunning guitar innovations. // 10

Overall Impression: This dvd compares to the Led Zeppelin DVD, AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip, Red Hot Chili Peppers Off The Map, and Guns N' Roses live in Tokyo. The most impressive thing on the DVD is the Floyds themselves. They master technilogical feates with pure muscisianship and creativity. Something I salute them for. I love the dvd. There is nothing I hate about it. Its pure entertainment and a must have for any Pink Floyd fan or a general fan of music. If it were stolen I would take it back from the thief and watch it again and again. // 10

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overall: 10
Live At Pompeii (Director's Cut) [DVD] Reviewed by: Vendetta V, on november 19, 2007
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Sound: The Live At Pompeii is a live concert but there is no crowd: only the band and a recording group. The film starts with scenes of the old Pompeii. After, we see how the recording group is preparing for the concert the amphitheater. They bring in a huge amount of huge speakers, drum set, piano and so. The first song is Echoes part 1. Really cool song. Gilmore used a lot of effects including effects he made personally. For example the wah pedal which has inverted connection and a volume pedal after it, as he says in one of his interviews. You can find Echoes in Meddle and Echoes albums but most of all I like the Echoes from Live At Pompeii. The rhythm is changing during the song for several times it got a lot of solos and 2 verses. At about 8th minute the rhythm changes again and the camera starts showing their equipment. The last thing we can see in the Echoes part 1 are some mirrors. Than we see Nick Mason's face. He orders some sausages, chips and a tea (I don't think it's important but). The band is having a breakfast somewhere in the Abbey road (I'm not sure if they're having a breakfast and no for example lunch). Than we see how Roger plays on something with keyboard. He shows their equipment. We could not do what we do, as we do without our equipment, says Gilmore. After Roger plays On The Run (Dark side of the Moon) with a case with couple of knobs, buttons, keyboard and cables. After starts the Careful With That Axe Eugene. It's dark. They're playing at night in the center of the projector lights targeted on them. The first thing we see is a mosaic made skull. The lights are looking like stars. The rhythm is light. Roger is whispering something into the microphone and when the rhythm goes harder he starts crying. They've added some extra effect to the microphone because the voice is not like a natural humanlike voice. While waters is crying we see Lava running down to the see from mountain. Also we see the band exploring the Pompeii. Than we come back to the studio. This time they're in Paris. The operator wonders what they call their style of music. Rock N' Roll, answers Roger while David is laughing on the question and/or answer. Roger makes some smoke circles and after we see them in the Europasonor studio (so in Paris). At this time they are eating oysters (Yeah! Yeah! I know! ). Gilmore plays some notes on a guitar with an extra effect added to it. The Saucerfull of Secrets starts with full improvisation. Everybody plays for his own. Roger plays on cymbals than on Bong!! Gilmore is sliding his guitar sitting on the ground. Mason plays the same riff and Rick is playing some weird chords. Than the rhythm goes lighter and better. Rick plays on Rock organ and Gilmore plays with slide than Mason starts beating some notes. We see some scenes from Pompeii and so. Gilmore starts singing Beautiful song. After they just talk about something in the studio. Than we see Roger playing bass riff from Eclipse (Dark side of the Moon) alone. Than Wright plays on piano. After, we're back to Emi canteen. And after Wright plays Us And Them (Dark side of the Moon). After they talk again. The next song is One Of These Days I'm Going To Cut You Into Little Pieces. This is an instrumental slide guitar song. The only words are One Of These Days I'm Going To Cut You Into Little Pieces. When the song ends the guys are sitting somewhere, joking around, and drinking bear. Gilmore than play a riff from Echoes part 1. After starts the Mademoiselle Nobs. Gilmore plays on harmonica and Wright is playing with a dog. The dog is singing. After Gilmore plays a riff from Brain Damage (Dark side of the Moon) in studio. Next song is Set The Control For The Hearts Of The Sun. They play in fog at night with lights like in Axe Eugene. The sound fades away in the middle of the song but Wright is still playing and so And again back to studios The last song is Echoes part 2. At first they just play or make some mystic noise. The camera shows us the old Pompeii and a band again exploring it. This is one of the best songs. I mean whole Echoes This part has got 1 verse and beautiful outro/solo. Well that's it. The lyrics are very beautiful and impressive. There's no a single vocalist so the skills are good as always. The most beautiful lyrics are the lyrics from Echoes. // 10

Overall Impression: The most impressive and famous songs are Echoes, The Saucerfull of Secrets, One Of These Days, Set The Control. I like it for it's music lyrics and because Gilmore is playing there. If it was stole (I hope it won't) I would buy it again. The only minus is that they play not a lot of songs. // 10

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overall: 8.8
Live At Pompeii (Director's Cut) [DVD] Reviewed by: aenimafist, on march 24, 2008
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Sound: Pink Floyd are masters at doing those long and odyssey-ish intros like on Shine On from WYWH. That is how this began. It was a little dull but the graphics behind it were entertaining to see role by. I liked the song list they put onto the show but I was not too fond of all of the added solos and stuff because there was already plenty of that in the original recording. I liked the studio footage though. // 9

Overall Impression: Despite all of my other god ratings, I really wasn't that impressed with this film for one reason: I got bored watching it. I was going to watch the whole thing on a plane flight from St. Louis to San Jose, got started, and fell asleep during an odyssey section. I woke up, went back to where I left off, watched for a while, and fell asleep again. Then I got fed up and finished it later. Other than the boring odyssey parts though the film was quite well done and I'll give it a seven in this category. // 7

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