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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.6 (17 votes)
Pink Floyd: More

Sound — 10
This is a soundtrack to the film "More" by Barbet Schroeder. For a soundtrack album, it really shines and is a pathway to dark side of the moon. You can see the experimental side of the Floyd on this album on tracks such as "Quicksilver" and "Up The Khyber." Very good sound quality and rare material from the Floyds career. Was really David Gilmour's first chance at a breakthrough and thats just what he did.

Lyrics — 10
01. Cirrus Minor - is a very calm, mellow song. The lyrics are Roger Waters but with a Syd Barrett mentality to them. Very psychedelic lyrical usage. The birds in the begining get boring but it eventually turns into a great track. 02. The Nile Song - is a one of a kind track for Pink Floyd because it is practially the first and only Heavy-Metal song by them. Very cool song and great guitar by Dave. 03. Crying Song - very mellow and calm song just like "Cirrus Minor." Starts off with a Rick Wright keyboard bit and then Dave comes in with catchy lyrics. Great track. 04. Up The Khyber - no lyrics but an idea of what a Nick Mason and Rick Wright album would be like. Only keyboards, piano, and drums on this great instrumental track. 05. Green Is The Colour - the best song on the album in my opinion. Very catchy riff in the beginning. An acoustic song which includes some wonderful lyrics by Dave.Another mellow track. The best. 06. Cymbaline - the second best song on here next to "Green Is The Colour." Beautiful lyrical job by Dave and the chorus: "And its high time, cymbaline, its high time, cymbaline, please wake me" is very haunting. Love it. 07. Party Sequence - very bizarre instrumental track. 08. Main Theme - an instrumental track that has a pretty decent middle section and a creepy beginning. 09. Ibiza Bar - a relative of "The Nile Song" because it is very heavy. Cool lyrics as well. Decent rocker track. 10. More Blues - a bluesy guitar track. Wish it were only longer. 11. Quicksilver - too boring for a Floyd song. Its ok after you get used to it. 12. A Spanish Piece - David Gilmour's first sole written piece for Pink Floyd. Pretty humorous and good natured about a drunken spaniard. 13. Dramatic Theme - a catchy bass riff by Roger Waters in this instrumental.

Overall Impression — 10
Very great album and very underrated for a Floyd album. If it were stolen from me, I would go buy another very soon. Great album if you are deeply into Pink Floyd. Relates to no other Pink Floyd album. Many beautiful songs by Roger, who wrote most of the tracks and many acoustic songs. A relic in its own right. A must have.

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    More really is a great album, very different from other Floyd albums. Definitely worth a listen. An interesting glimpse into yet another dimension of Pink Floydness.
    the piper
    Jonny Blade is right. Cymbaline is my favorite especially live on Man and the Journey with that sexy guitar solo. This album is one of my favorite Floyd albums. Ibiza Bar, The Nile Song are hard floyd. Green is the Colour is totally soft and sweet if you want to play it for a pretty girl with green eyes. This album is just inspiring.