Obscured By Clouds review by Pink Floyd

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  • Released: Jun 3, 1972
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (19 votes)
Pink Floyd: Obscured By Clouds

Sound — 10
This is one of the last albums I purchased. The album "Obscured By Clouds" is the album where any true Pink Floyd fan would agree was the point where the band found their niche in the genre. I knew that it was made for a movie, but it could be a great album. Movie or no movie. I can listen to this album, over and over and over again. I bring it on vacation with me, I have it on my iPod to pump me up before sports and just love the sound of this album. It seems very "David Gilmour-ish" to me. Most songs have that eerie vocal sound. But Roger appears on a few songs, and he sounds good. My favourite song (and the most up-beat song) is "Gold It's In The Deal..." a great song with a great guitar solo throughout. It then goes right into "Wots... Uh The Deal", and very nice peice with great guitar, superb keyboards and calming vocals. "Free Four" is the darker song on the album (hence it being a "roger" song) and I really love this song. It is up-beat yet daunting and mysterious too. I am really happy with this album, I love it and overall, great album. The album has subtle hints of things to come in DSOTM and later on in Division Bell where Waters' iron grip on the production was no where in sight.

Lyrics — 9
Once again Roger Waters wrote the lyrics in this album, and they aren't his best, but the lyrics in "Free Four" are great! Dark, deep, mysterious and spooky. Even though this seems like a very "David Gilmour-ish" album, that song say "Roger" all over it. In the end it is a fun, mellow, calming album and the lyrics go right along with it.

Overall Impression — 10
Well, in my opinion it is one of my favourite Floyd albums! Great guitar, awesome vocals and Rick appears on the some peices too (vocals). This is not a "roger" album, and that may throw off some fans, but if you're a true floydian then this album is for you.

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    one of the best floyd albums to ever come out. relates to dark side to me so thats why i gave it a 10. nice review davidgilmourfan. love it.
    Definatly a great album. The last song is the only Pink Floyd song i've ever described as boring or maybe even dumb. Pink Floyd is my favorite band and this is one of their best cds. not a 10 but around an 8 to 9 for me.