The Final Cut review by Pink Floyd

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  • Released: Apr 2, 1983
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.4 (30 votes)
Pink Floyd: The Final Cut

Sound — 10
It's 1983, Pink Floyd just finished releasing The Wall movie 3 years after the CD and tour.Rick Wright has been kicked out of the band. Roger Waters has taken over all creative control. This is both bad and good. The band puts together The Final Cut, a story about the Falklands War. This album has very little rock in it at all, it is very hard to descipher the instruments being used.The sound immediately goes from tranquil to loud heavy angriness. It has an almost classical opera sound to it.Although there's very little rock it is still good. The album opens with The Post War Dream which starts with news on the war over a radio, while an orchestra plays in the background. Then the very innocent depressing sound of Roger's voice mimicking him in his youth, asking his mom, "Tell me true, tell me why Jesus was crucified, was it for this that daddy died." This is talking about how the nazis who hated jews, who crucified Jesus, killed Roger's father in world war 2.Then after a while the drums come in and it get's loud and heavy. The next song is Your Possible Pasts which is scary and powerful."Don't you remember me, how we used to be, don't you think we should be closer!", this is Roger talking to his dead father. After this is One Of The Few which is only a minute long, but is extremely powerful with some of the most depressing lyrics ever. Then there's When The Tigers Broke Free which refers to the naxi war tanks, the tigers. This talks about the ruthlesness of war and how the men are just treated as "a few thousand ordinary lives" used to do whatever the government tells them to. Then it talks about the letter Roger found in his house about his Father's death and how the King only signed it with a stamp, once again showing they're only, "ordinary lives". Next is The Hero's Return which talks about childhood during the war. After this is The Gunner's Dream which talks about the man who shot his father and how no one cares that he took a life away, even more a parent for a 5 month old. "What's done is done". Thenn it talks about hope for a perfect world where, "no one kills the children anyone more". After this is Paranoid Eyes which talks about hiding behind your bulletproof mask, and if they break through, hide behind paranoid eyes. Next is Get Your Hands Off My Filthy Desrt which talks about how poloticians only want land or money, not the greater good of the people. Then The Fletcher Memorial Home which is about how children are only connected to their parents in the war through t.v. and radio."It's the only connection they feel." This song has an amazing guitar solo by David Gilmour that can't be better played. South Hampton is the following song that talks about the departure to the war. Then The Final Cut which talks about how if they had cut a few more men a few more people would still be here. This is the saddest song on the album.It's followed up with the rocker Not Now John, which talks about how during war times nothing else matters to the government, "F--k all that we gotta get on with this." This is followed with the finale Two Suns In The Sunset. This song is just amazing, it talks about how life is good and then death hits you and were viewed by the government as all ashes in the end.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are poetic and masterful, the greatest lyrics I've ever heard. The songs lyrics and music gel perfectly. The vocals on this album are literally perfect, they go from depression, to innocence, to anger, and to sarcasm.Lyrics are great, best ever.

Overall Impression — 10
This could be Floyd's best album ever. When listening to don't do anything else, just listen to the lyrics and it should bring a tear to your eye. The best songs are The Post War Dream, Fletcher Memorial Home, Not Now John and The Final Cut. There is nothing to hate about this album, it's amazing. If it were lost or stolen I'd buy it again. Must listen to it.

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    quite possibly one of the best albums ever. way better than dark side and alot less played. almost as good as the wall
    Such a great album. Sort of like a sequel to the wall, but really great. Roger Waters was a sort of power hungry dude. Pink Floyd wouldn't be what they are today without Syd Barrett of David Gilmour though. They are (were in Barretts case) geniuses despite Waters bottomless pit of a stomach for control of pink floyd. But This album really is his work shown through. He's a brilliant man. This is a brilliant album. many stars for it. one of my favs
    Jarmy B Goode
    this album is great i can listing to it over and over again every time bringing me close to tears 1 of the floyds best albums