The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Review

artist: Pink Floyd date: 07/22/2008 category: compact discs

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Pink Floyd: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Released: Aug 5, 1967
Label: Capitol
Genre: Rock
Styles: Prog-Rock/Art Rock, British Invasion, Psychedelic, British Psychedelia
Number Of Tracks: 11
It captures both sides of psychedelic experimentation ? the pleasures of expanding one's mind and perception, and an underlying threat of mental disorder and even lunacy.
 Sound: 9.7
 Lyrics: 9.8
 Overall Impression: 9.8
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
 Users rating:
reviews (6) 8 comments vote for this album:
overall: 9.3
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 25, 2005
2 of 5 people found this review helpful

Sound: I love Pink Floyd personally, and this album is amazing, well the only album with only Syd Barrett for vocals instead of David Gilmour and Roger Waters, so it's probably my favourite album out of them all. Well, the album is sort of legendary to me because it had syd Barrett for vocals and he is my idol. The style was more rock than anything and it had a bit of psychadelic rock edge to it. // 8

Lyrics: These are the rankings of the songs: 01. Astronomy Domine - 4/5, a good song, rather odd intro but the lyrics were calming and I liked them, even though I had no idea what they were talking about. 02. Lucifer Sam - 4.5/5, the opening riff I love, the chorus is catchy, "This cat something I can't explain" and overal I love the song. 03. Matilda Mother - 5/5, I love this song, my favourite Pink Floyd song of all time, and I love the chorus and the lyrics for it are so amazing, and the beat and the instruments. 04. Flaming - 3.5/5, don't have to much to say about this one except I am guessing Syd was on lsd when he wrote this song and for me it's not that enjoyable. 05. Pow R. Toc H. - 0/5, I hate this song. It's horrible music in the background while Syd says, a-duoy-douy. It's really weird, I even found it humorious the first time I heard it then it got annoying. 06. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk - 3/5, whenever I am listening through this CD, mostly I don't even notice this song, I havin't even really listened closely too it, well I guess it's pretty good fall asleep music too, but it has a nice intro. 07. Interstellar Overdrive - 5/5, simply the best instrumental of all time, the guitar, drums, keyboards, make this an amazing song, the beat is easy to listen too and it has a good rhythm. 08. The Gnome - 4/5, I like this song, it has a nice melody and it's lyrics are very interesting, well I am guessing he was probably on lsd for this one also. 09. Chapter 24 - 5/5, I love this song! Although the main riff isin't that great, it has some pretty good chords and I love singing along to the lyrics, great song! 10. Scarecrow - 2/5, all the lyrics talk about in this song is that there is a scarecrow in a feild and it tells what happens to him while a couple instruments go on in the background, I don't like this song at all. 11. Bike - 5/5, I love this song the chorus, I go around singing it all day "Your the kind of girl that fits in with my world, I'll give you everything, anything if you want things" The guitar in the song is good and all the song is great. 12. See Emily Play - 1/5, this is song is real, blah to me it doesn't really have I guess you could call it meat to it, it doesn't really have what I am looking for in it. Syd Barrett, the best singer Pink Floyd ever had and ever will have, probably the 3rd best singer of the '60s behind Jim Morrison, and Jimi Hendrix. // 10

Overall Impression: I would rank this album 5/5 compared to most the other albums I have, from Pink Floyd, it's probably the best one. Matilda Mother, Bike, Lucifer Sam, Interstellar Overdrive, and Chapter 24 are the most outstanding songs on this album. I love everything about this album and there is nothing I hate except the Pow R. Toc H. song. If this CD were stolen or lost I would immediatly buy it again. // 10

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overall: 10
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Reviewed by: apples&oranges, on march 21, 2006
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Sound: Being that this is the Pink Floyd's first studio album, it has many different and unique sounds from the '60s contained on it. Many songs such as "Astronomy Domine" and "Interstellar Overdrive" have a sort of 'stargazing guitars' and 'cosmic keyboards' sound which make them songs different from your typical '60s singer/songwriter ballads. Very psychedelic songs such as "Scarecrow," "Matilda Mother" and "Lucifer Sam" have that sort of fairy-tale mentality on the lyrics. These sounds contained on this album are very futuristic for their time when they were just released. Some of the songs on here I think should have been on "A Saucerful Of Secrets" like "Chapter 24" (I think it would make a good couple with "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun"). Overall the music on this album is really ahead of its time for '60s music. I give it a 10 just for the fact of it being futuristic for its time. // 10

Lyrics: 01. Astronomy Domine - the vocals on this song seem to me as like sort of a Syd Barrett LSD trip with the mention of all the 'colors' he mentions. Wonderful vocals though and a good job singing them too. 02. Lucifer Sam - these lyrics are very whimsy but cool. The lyrics are very different because of the 'cat' story that this song basically is. A classic Floyd song and one of Syd's finest songs ever. 03. Matilda Mother - the lyrics to this song make me picture in my head. Syd when he was a child sitting on his mothers lap while she reads him his favorite bedtime fairy-tale. I like the lyrics though. 04. Flaming - this is basically a twin of "Astronomy Domine" because it tells of a kind of LSD trip. This is one of my favorite songs on this album though. 05. Pow R. Toc H. - the lyrics give me a headache when I have my CD player turned up loud because of the screeching Roger Waters scream he gives. Syd does a good job on the 'Kaboom Pa Chi Chi' in the beginning. Can you really call these lyrics though? Pretty cool. 06. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk - I like the rhyming on this track. This was one of the tracks that I disliked when I first got the cd but it eventually grew on me and I like it just fine now. Great song. 07. Interstellar Overdrive - no lyrics in this instrumental freak out. 08. The Gnome - these lyrics are like a little story made into a song. I like it because it reminds me of "Wined And Dined" from Syd's solo career. I like this song for the lyrics Syd gave. Great Psychedelic listen if your in the mood. 09. Chapter 24 - these lyrics remind me of "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" because it is one of those space/time songs and they were both taken from a Chinese book. Great lyrics anyways. 10. Scarecrow - the lyrics are short but very powerful in my opinion. It is another one of those non-human ballads. I think it is trying to say 'this is a person who's fate is decided already and he just has to live with it but he cannot change it, so he dosent mind'. 11. Bike - I think this is one of the oddest songs on here but I love it! I love the chorus: 'Your the kind of girl that fits in with my world, I'll give you anything, everything if you want things'. Awesome song and a definite 'standout track'. 10 out of 10 for all the lyrics. // 10

Overall Impression: One of my favorite Pink Floyd albums and a classic in the history of psychedelic rock if not the best album ever in the history of psychedelic rock. A perfect 10 out of 10. A must have if your a Pink Floyd fan. // 10

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overall: 10
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 07, 2005
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Sound: This albums music alomst entirely written by Syd Barrett, really shows his talent. In "Flaming" you can feel his presence this whole album has excellent guitar work by Syd especially in Astronomy Domine, Lucifer Sam, Interstellar Overdrive, and Flaming. Also the bass work by Roger Waters is as always un beatable with his slides and riffs that flow perfectly with Rick Wrights Farfisa Organ masterpeices in nearly every song. And of course the solid and firm rhythm and beats by Nick Mason. Pink Floyd would be nothing without any of these and I beleive never captured this psychedelic obscuro album. Syd will be missed forever. // 10

Lyrics: Syd sings most of it and sings them spot on perfect. No one can singl ike him he truly has one of the best psychedelic or any other genres vocal structure. Lyrics: ensuciant. The words are absolutely all psychedleic poems with the art of the rhyming really in mind. Syd rhymes at least a hundred times in each song! The lyrics could not go with any other music or band. Pink Floyd in my opinion is the ultimate psychedelic band! No other band comes close and will ever come close. // 10

Overall Impression: I recomend this to any psychedelic loves. If you are just hearing about The Floyd, then definetly start with this album. It's truly phenominal. It's my favourite record ever made no ones record will ever be the same or compared to it. Definetly if I lost it or it was stolen (I couldn't blame the one who stole it it's that good) I would totally buy it again and again. The best songs on the album are Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk, Interstellar Overdrive, Bike, Scarecrow, Flaming. I loved everything about this album. I give it a one billion out of a one billion. // 10

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overall: 9.3
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Reviewed by: Godzilla1969, on april 24, 2006
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Sound: Pink Floyd's glorious, psychadelic debut was released in 1967, when the schizophrenic, drug-addled Syd Barrett was their leader. While the Beatles were being hailed for their wonderful "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," Pink Floyd came in slightly under the radar, out-weirding the very strange "Sgt Pepper's" by miles. "A Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" provides an interesting look at the beginning of one of the most influential rock bands of all time. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics written mostly by Syd Barrett, reflected both his mental illness and his obsession with psychadelic drugs. These lyrics range from hilarious to eerie to just bizarre. For example, in "Bike," Barrett describes his friend named Gerald, who happens to be a mouse. In the same song, he sings about his "clan of gingerbread men," among other strange topics. While making almost no sense whatsoever, his lyrics are strangely charming, and certainly unpredictable. Barrett's lyrics are sung in a heavy British accent, and they fit the trippy, spiraling instrumental backdrop wonderfully. // 9

Overall Impression: While many try to compare this album to their masterpieces, such as "Dark Side Of The Moon" or "Wish You Were Here," it simply cannot be done. With Barrett's influence, Pink FLoyd were almost a completely different band than the artistic, progressive rock monster that they became in the seventies. While I myself prefer the Gilmour-era Floyd, "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" is nevertheless a great album, especially when you need some light hearted music. Standouts include "Lucifer Sam," "Matilda Mother," "Pow R. Toc H.," "Scarecrow," "Astronomy Domine," and "Bike." I absolutely love all the songs on this album, though parts of some are simply too LSD influenced that I cannot even understand them. Pink Floyd's stunning debut is a must have for any real fan. // 9

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overall: 10
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Reviewed by: bong-water, on may 29, 2006
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Sound: It's hard to think of any other album that has consistently sounds so bizarre and fresh over all these years other than PATGOD. It showcases the true psychedalia of that era, particularly the summer of love. It was like taking the general sound of that time and completely changing it around. Here's a more dissected look at the album: 01. Astronomy Domine - a spacey song that hints at the change Pink Floyd would make later in their career. The distorted ramblings at the beginning set the mood perfectly for a paranoid acid drenched freak out record. 02. Lucifer Sam - sounds like a action theme song like James Bond. Although this pop song is very catch, it is probably one of the more none creative songs on the album. 03. Matilda Mother - starts out sounding like a medevil song but changes near the end to a more organ based '60s song. I especially like the eastern based organ solo near the end. 04. Flaming - ahhh, the hippy dippy anthem. A very fun song that has brillant lyrics but is somewhat lacking musically. 05. Pow R. Toc H. - a simply wonderful song. It has received some harsh critism, but I truely love it. This song starts out with the band making funny animal noises, but gets quite serious afterwards with a haunting piano. Reminds me of a rainy day in Vancouver. 06. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk - being Rogers only song on PATGOD, it's not bad. He defiantly wasn't as good of a song writer as Syd at the time, but still made a decent song. The long jam in the middle is great. 07. Interstellar Overdrive - this is it! The opus, the jem, the song everyone was waiting for. Simply put, it's out of this world! It really portrays Syd's insane guitar work, which divided him from the others. The ending is truely psychedelic with the swirling effect on the opening riff. 08. The Gnome - extremely fun song that actually has some totally far out lyrics. The song changes a lot near the chorus, going from happy to dark lyrics. Fun to sing along with. 09. Chapter 24 - an odd song (considering this album is nuts) that is based on chinese philosphy. It gets a tad boring in some parts, but still pretty good. 10. The Scarecrow - being one of the simplest songs on this CD, it's actually quite good. The lyrics seem to be simple, but they are actually pretty hard to understand. 11. Bike - wow! This song is really something special! The lyrics are pure maddness. Leave it up to Syd to put completly crazy lyrics into a relatively simple chord progression. My favourite song on the album, love to sing along with it. // 10

Lyrics: Syd Barretts madness mixed with acid makes completly for brillant lyrics. I honestly have no idea how he thinks of some of this stuff, I sure as hell couldn't. His quirky english singing fits perfectly with his lyrics, and is especially good on his more storytale like songs. Syd's ability to make anything seem pyschedelic astounds me. In my opinion, he is the best lyricist of all time. It's too bad he only got to make one full album with Floyd. // 10

Overall Impression: Piper At The Gates Of Dawn fits in perfectly with the era it came from. It's such a lovable album, it totally changed my perceptions on music (it's great if you're a guitar player). There's something special about this record, everytime I hear it I get into a certain mood. Even though I have totally overplayed it (if that's even possible) it still sound fresh and I love listening to it. If this album was ever lost or stolen, I would probably have a hissy fit, then right away go buy a new one! // 10

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overall: 10
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Reviewed by: Drifting182, on july 22, 2008
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Sound: Definitely not your father's Pink Floyd. Though the Floyd would later evolve into a progressive rock legend remembered best for David Gilmour's bluesy solos and Roger Waters' emotional lyrics, here we see them led by guitarist and lead singer Syd Barrett, whose twisted nursery rhyme lyrics and jazzy, experimental guitar style are considered far out even for 1967, the year psychedelic music hit popular music full force. // 10

Lyrics: Perhaps the best microcosm of Syd's style is "Astronomy Domine," the lead track here. The song fades in with frenzied telegraph beeps before Syd enters with palm muting and some jarring jazz chords. Though Syd was hardly a great singer, his frenzied delivery in "Domine's" verse is effective. Syd's solos here are based on traditional scales but manage to sound completely unique and mind-blowing - kind of like a Jonny Greenwood without the guitar effects. "Astronomy Domine" was the only song from this album that remained in Pink Floyd's set up to their final days of touring, a tribute to the lasting impact of this song. Next up is "Lucifer Sam," Syd's ditty to his cat. The song is based on a simple yet memorable surf riff and backed by Rick Wright's organ blasts. Syd's solo here is played on a guitar with a violin bow (a technique later used by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame, though Barrett was the originator.) While Page used of the bow to create otherworldly sounds, Syd uses it to create an actual melody inimitable using traditional techniques. "Matilda Mother" uses gentle arpeggiated chords to convey the thoughts of a child wanting to hear the end of a story. While Syd's lyrics often use simple nursery rhyme techniques and subjects, his songs have a very natural poetic feel to them. In fact, the childlike nature of the lyrics are what make a lot of these songs unique and memorable. There has never been another album with lyrics quite like this (not even Syd's solo albums), although there have been many imitators. "Pow R Toc H" starts out with some a capella animal noises (by Waters? ) before transitioning into a jazzy piano solo, the first of the improvisational numbers of Piper. Next up is "Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk," which starts out as an silly garage rocker with lyrics likely made up on the spot (notable for being Waters' only songwriting and singing credit on this album, however) before morphing into yet another jam. "Interstellar Overdrive" is the most famous jam of this record. The song begins with a giant descending barre chord riff, almost fooling the listener into believing it's the introduction to an actual song. The riff soon drops off as the whole band begins improvising. For the next 9 minutes, the band jams. Each member sounds to be doing their own thing but the piece never stops sounding cohesive. Some people find this instrumental mind-blowing - others, unbelievably boring. Listen to it a few times and make up your own mind. The song ends with the same riff that started it, though it oscillates from speaker to speaker this time, creating a truly dizzing effect if you're listening with headphones. Side 2 begins with "The Gnome," a folk ditty that couldn't be farther removed from the monster that preceded it. The let-up on intensity is much appreciated after the roller coaster that ended side 1. "Chapter 24" quotes passages from the I Ching. Though the song's beautiful piano melodies and bass lines weave around each other and suggest the song could have been great, it somehow falls short. The string of gentle songs completely disarms the listener for the psychedelic chaos of "Bike" that ends the album. Syd's vocals are double-tracked here but separated by a few seconds, creating a frightening effect. "Bike's" lyrics are completely nonsensical in the usual Syd way, but his tales of mice who live in houses and clans of gingerbread men are funny. The album ends with a sound collage that puts Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band to shame. // 10

Overall Impression: Even today, Piper manages to sound unique, a difficult feat for a 40 year old album. There is no other album, not even in the Floyd catalog, that sounds like this. Shortly after the recording of this album, Syd would be kicked out of the band for his increasing mental instability and drug problems. The Floyd would attempt to recapture his sound before venturing into experimental territory and eventually finding their own sound. This incarnation of Pink Floyd was radically different from the classic rock Floyd we all know and love, but in no way inferior. This is one of the greatest guitar albums of the psychedelic era. Give it a listen even if you dislike later Pink Floyd. It won't disappoint. // 10

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