The Wall review by Pink Floyd

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  • Released: Nov 30, 1979
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (239 votes)
Pink Floyd: The Wall

Sound — 8
I realize this album is considered one of the great concept albums, and great rock albums of all time, not to mention one of Floyd's two best (Dark Side being the other), but I feel as though it is one of the most overrated classic rock albums ever, and I am a music fan.

Lyrics — 10
In the Flesh? -- A great opener, with solid lyrics and music (8/10) The Thin Ice -- A change of pace from the intro, but all for the better (7/10) Another Brick in the Wall Part I -- This is NOT the one with "We don't need no education" but is sets it up. Very solid (8/10) The Happiest days of our lives -- A great transition from ABITW, and great guitar. But, too short (8/10) Another Brick in the Wall Part II -- Great stuff. Awesome guitar solo (9/10) Mother -- Another change of pace, but still very powerful (8/10) Goodbye Blue Sky -- Haunting, and by far the best part of the movie. Again, it is too short (8/10) Empty Spaces -- David Gilmour gets to sing! It is more of a setup track (6/10) Young Lust -- Another radio staple from The Wall (9/10) One of my Turns -- Very nice throughout (7/10) Don't Leave Me Now -- The most powerful lyrics since "Time" in Dark Side of the Moon (8/10) Another Brick in The Wall Part III -- astounding, but not quite the power of its two predecessors (7/10) Goodbye Cruel World -- Pretty good outro (6/10) Hey You -- My favorite song from The Wall. Another great radio staple (10/10) Is There Anybody Out There -- Sweet guitar, but very short (7/10) Nobody Home -- More images from the movie flash as I hear this (7/10) Vera -- Short and sweet (7/10) Bring the Boys back Home -- Good song, and it recurs the theme of "Is there anybody out there?" (8/10) Comfortably Numb -- The song The Wall is famous for. Great stuff. Probably the best song ever written (it beats Stairway, without a doubt) (11/10) In the Flesh -- More recurring themes...(8/10) Run Like Hell -- Great keyboard and guitar work here. A rock staple, no doubt (9/10) Waiting for the Worms -- More power to The Wall (8/10) Stop -- too short, not enough time to grasp it. (I think Waters as going for that) (4/10) The Trial -- Not much of a song, but more of a dialouge. Still, veru solid, lyrically (7/10) Outside the Wall -- An even better outro. Listen to the end of it. the music from the 1st track (In the Flesh) is playing... (7/10)

Overall Impression — 8
This is a good album for all Floyd fans to hear. This also may be the album to start off with if you are just getting into Pink Floyd. It was mine, and I liked it right away. I'm not guaranteeing that you will, but try it out. Overall, The Wall is a very solid album. But, it can be better enchanced by the movie THE WALL. Also, If you like this cd I reccomend "The Dark Side Of The Moon".

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