The Wall review by Pink Floyd

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  • Released: Nov 30, 1979
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (239 votes)
Pink Floyd: The Wall

Sound — 10
When I first popped The Wall into my CD player, I already had some experience with Pink Floyd. I owned Dark Side Of The Moon, and had already played it to death. I had borrowed Wish You Were Here from a friend, and had even heard a few of the more popular tracks off The Wall itself. However, none of that could prepare me for the musical journey I was about to embark on. From the Intro all the way to the song "Outside The Wall," two CDs and almost two hours later, I was hooked. No CD had ever made me feel so emotional. Not emotional in the "This guy relates to me about losing a girlfriend, whine whine", but just like I had been struck right at the soul.

Pink Floyd is famous for using strange effects in their music. While the strange almost out of this world effects don't show up quite as much as they do on Dark Side Of The Moon, they still pop in occasionally. Throughout the CD, almost every track ends with talking, which usually leads right into the next song. These voices are from anywhere-a seemingly homeless person on the street, the army, old movies. On some tracks, an entire orchestra plays along with Pink Floyd.

Lyrics — 10
For those of you who don't know, The Wall tells a story (a story that is beautifully illustrated in the movie of the same name). It tells the story of a boy who grows into a man, and begins detaching himself from the world. He builds a "wall" around himself, shielding himself from the outside world. Throughout the CD, he builds the wall and then hides behind it. Meanwhile, being supported by what you could call voices in his head. When he finally lets a bit of emotion escape through his walls, the voices then put him on trial, for the crime of being human. It's an amazing CD with an amazing story, which really is quite deep and exploits the weakness and insecurities of the human race.

Singing switches periodically between David Gilmour and Roger Waters, and their contrast in voice really helps set the mood. For the most part the singing goes in perfectly with the music, but there are a few spots where it kind of trips over itself. Waters and Gilmour are both amazing vocalist, who both sing with a lot of intensity and emotion.

Overall Impression — 10
Pink Floyd is not my favorite band. That slot would probably fall to Led Zeppelin. However, despite that, I would be hard pressed to find a single CD by anyone that I thought was better than the Wall. It's bursting with innovation, creativity, and emotion. In my opinion, Dark Side Of The Moon, which was probably Floyd's more popular album, doesn't come close. Nothing does. I honestly believe the Wall to be the best CD I've ever heard. Throughout the two CDs songs like "Mother" will soothe the Bob Marley fan in you. "Goodbye Blue Sky" is perfect for hard days when you're reminiscing on better times. "Hey You" can satisfy the emo side of you, who's upset over your break up with your most recent girlfriend. "Is There Anybody Out There?" provides a beautiful and haunting guitar solo. "Comfortably Numb," "In the Flesh" there are so many great songs on here. Most CDs have a few great songs, and then a lot of filler. The Wall has no throw away tracks. Every track is its own unique artistic expression. If I ever lost this CD, I'd gladly buy it back, despite the hefty $35 price tag. When it comes down to it, the Wall is one of those CDs that make you appreciate music as an art, and not just entertainment.

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    this album is very good the lyrics flow perfectly i would say this is just below dark side of the moon in rank