The Wall review by Pink Floyd

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  • Released: Nov 30, 1979
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (239 votes)
Pink Floyd: The Wall

Sound — 10
This album was defenitly a milestone record. Its sound is outstanding! I personally have yet to hear a album of this complexity and outstanding sound to be released by any other band. This album is a rock opera (other ex. Tommy - The Who, American Idiot - Green Day) which basically means all the songs are linked together in there meaning and follow a story line about a character. Pink is a fictional character, an anti-hero who is beat down by society from a early age starting with the death of his father in World War II. This is told to use through track 1 In the Flesh. Pink has a over-protective mother (track 6 Mother), and is oppressed at school by abusive teachers who tried to mould him and the other pupils into the "right" shape for society (the famous Another Brick In The Wall tracks). That's all I'm going to tell for the plot of the album. All in all this Double Disc set has some really amazing tracks. This album has a variety of sounds including up-pace melodys, slower acoustic sessions and rocking songs with amazing guitar solos (Comfortably Numb being know for its incredible solo).

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics is just as amazing as the sound. This album would not be able to call itself a rock opera without the lyrics which tell the story of Pink. Very deep complex material that does a excellent job of acompanying the music. The lyrics introduce many themes to the album such as the Wall, a concept by Roger Waters which is where every bad experience in Pinks life is "another brick in the wall" and once the wall is complete Pink isolates himself from the rest of the world. As for singers skill, you can expect the same amazing sound of Roger Waters voice and David Gilmour voice.

Overall Impression — 10
Many consider this ablum to be Pink Floyd's best and I can see where they get that from. This album is great, a lot of different sounding songs, deep and thought provoking lyrics. You get 80 mins of Pink Floyd at their best, how can you lose? You can't!

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    This is Pink Floyd's best by far and even one of the top 10 rock albums of all time. I hate when people talk about Pink Floyd, Dark side of the moon and Wish you were here are always thought of. I'm not saying those albums suck, but come on! What's so cool about this album is that there's sooo much to it...stuff you don't recognize the first time you hear it. Backward messages, disjointed messages and I do agree that when you sit down and listen to this cd with head phones on non-stop for a couple hours, it makes you love the cd a whole lot more. I actually use to hate this the first time I heard it expecting it to be like "Tommy" or something but I forced myself to listen to the whole thing while doing my homework and it was awesome! For those that say this is below Dark side of the moon have no taste and are just trying to fit in with all those other posers. They make all those dark side t-shirts and stuff but the wall is just one of those 80's memories. Even Animals beats Dark side to a pulp (and I like Dark side of the moon). You have to have no taste in music to not like this. No one remembers "Animals" either. And the final cut?????! Anyone? The wall has sold way more records than dark side and is by far the biggest rock opera that's been made into so many different Lp's and record around the world and still, they say dark side of the moon??? Do 8 year old posers actually enjoy listening to a lady scream on "The great gig in the sky"? Ignore the spelling.
    This album got me into Pink Floyd and made me wanna be able to play guitar like David Glimour. Comfortably Numb's solo is my favorite solo of all time. But yeah, probably 4th or 5th favorite Floyd album....
    I've listened to this album many a time, and I have found that the best way to listen to it is through headphones, all the way through, at night. You may think it'd be wasting 2 and a bit hours, but trust me, once you've done it, it opens a whole new meaning to this quite phenomenal work of art. Enjoy.
    Comfortably Numb -- The song The Wall is famous for. Great stuff. Probably the best song ever written (it beats Stairway, without a doubt) (11/10)
    strateer wrote: You guys are ****ing dipshits. There are more albums than dark side, the wall and wish you were here. These albums kick ass but you are retards for only being able to compare these three albums. What about early syd barrett led floyd like piper? Or saucerful of secrets and ummagumma? why don't you dumb ****s make comparisons to these intensely imporatant albums. without these steps floyd never would have made it to where they were.
    I'm pretty sure that Syd was only on the live part of Ummagumma, in the studio disc Gilmour was his replacement. I do agree with you though about such hype about those albums.
    no way! bolshit ... 10 10 10 ... Sound Lyrics and everything great in this album
    In my opinion, the wall is the fourth greatest album that pink floyd has ever released. Listening to it is inspiring and thoughtful, i would recommend this album to any rock fan, but to a super fan, i would say first listen to wuwh, darkside of the moon,and metal
    jonny d
    in the flesh (not live) gave me shivers the first time i heard it
    Hmmm... i often run into ppl who compare it to WUWH, but i find Wall to be more a Waters album then WUWH, so i dont bother. I totally like this album. 1. AFD
    a review for the wall is completely useless. and theres tons of reviews for it.
    i agree with every thing you said theres nothing like this album
    This was the album that got me onto pink floyd and essentially made me want to learn guitar and not just become a normal guitarist but an innovative one like the pink floyd music.