The Wall review by Pink Floyd

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  • Released: Nov 30, 1979
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (239 votes)
Pink Floyd: The Wall

Sound — 9
When I first listened to this album, I didn't really know much about Pink Floyd, I didn't really know much about music, so after having listenend to the popular songs (Another Brick), it lay rather forgotten in the back of my mind. After having dveloped my musical culture a bit more, I listened to it completely, and there it dawned on me what an absolute masterpiece it was. It has a rather gritty feel to it. You sometimes shiver from it's dark, harsh side. You have some odd sounds that pop out around the disc and Roger's voice (he sings most of the songs) haunts throughout the album. Of course, David's singing is as good as ever, but when Roger sings Goodbye Cruel World, there's something quite unexplainable about the way his smooth, calm voice penetrates your soul. Gilmour's solos are absolutely incredible (as usual), they're all quite long, although they don't feel it. There are some nice piano parts (Nobody Home). There isn't one song that isn't a masterpiece, although it is a rather difficult album to relate to.

Lyrics — 10
It's hard to find lyrics with such profound meanings and poetry. You musn't forget that this is rock opera, and personnaly I find the story better presented than in Tommy for example. It is a clever and moving portrayal of modern life, druggs, love, childhood and war. It's a dark and complex story about a rockstar who's father died in the war when he was a child (so did Waters') and he has difficulty socialising with other people (his wife, his mother). At school all the children are beaten terribly by the Teachers, these schoolboys are the "Worms", a theme often used trhroughout tha album. It's often difficult to understand everything that's happening, but when you look closely at the lyrics, you see better what an amazing album The Wall is.

Overall Impression — 10
If it was lost I would get this album back straightaway, it's so quintessential. You don't easily forget songs like Comfortably Numb (the solo), The Thin Ice or even The Trial. At it's core it's so deep yet quite simple, there are some great riffs, great solos, great lyrics, and great singing. A must have.

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    in my opnion wish you were here is floyd's best album. the wall is second, but i notice that floyds earlier stuff is rarely ever mentioned and totally under-rated. obscrured by clouds anyone?? probably one of the most under-rated albums ever...its amazing. floyd is a lot more diverse then people think, try meddle or atom heart mother, both equally amazing albums. there is more than the wall and dark side of the moon!!!
    British Josh
    YES!!! YESS!!!!! definantly the greatest rock opera ever to be produced and one of the best albums. the only album that beats this is probably van halen 1 or maybe led zeppelin 4. even though comfortably numb is better than stairway. and i think this is the best floyd album to. and also, comfortably numb solo=one of the most brilliant solos ever to be produced
    Shredder Guitar
    god i love this album. so many great and awesome songs, and no crappy filler songs. This is such a great cd, especially just listening to the whole thing, you really get a good feel for the story. and the movie rocked too!
    This album can definitely go down in history as one of the best rock albums of all time. It truly bothers me that people think that Wish You Were Here is a better album. The Wall holds the most mindblowing, metaphorical musical and lyrical compositions of all time. It's power is shown in every single track. Sure, music is all opinion, but if you're going to be a Floydhead, at least be able to recognize how this album could completely change one's perspective on life. It truly amazing what the power of Waters' music can do a person's soul. (and yes, I say Waters and only Waters because he wrote nearly all of these songs from his life experiences and I believe he WAS Pink Floyd). I don't think people give it enough credit.
    This album was truly amazing. It really did change my perspective on life. I was a diferetnt person after listening to this. Fans of this, do yourself a favor and dont watch the movie, there are some good animated scenes in it but the realtime scenes almost ruin the album. Waters himself said that he didnt like the finished product of the movie saying it didnt capture the persons feelings the way the album did. I totally agree with him. The only good scenes in the movie are "Empty spaces, and Goodbye Bluesky" both which are available on youtube.