The Wall review by Pink Floyd

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  • Released: Nov 30, 1979
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (239 votes)
Pink Floyd: The Wall

Sound — 10
This bands sound is very, very original (even now). It is very experimental and very relaxing(on most songs). The wall is a 2 record album, And has had a movie based on the album. The music styles used in the album are very diverse, from the guitar solos in Comfortably numb, to the symphony-esque sounds in other songs. Right now I own only the original album, so anything on the CD I cannot comment on.

Lyrics — 10
The impression you gain after you listen to the lyrics is amazing. The words flow with the music, and Roger Waters is an angel. The album follows a mans journey outside of the wall. Some of the best songs on the wall are ones based mostly on voice and toned down on music.

Overall Impression — 10
Compared to Pink floyds other albums it ties with Animals for me. The most impressive songs on the album are all on side 3 and are all very well versed on radio. Hey you, and Comfortably numb. I love the fact that this album follows a story, but I hate how is there anybody out there starts.(it scares the shit out of my every time). If it were stolen I would buy the CD but the album is very dear to me, so I would probably try really hard to get it back.

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    its a pity we can only hear gilmour that was the time when the Pink Floyd was about to end,unfortunatelly
    One of the few times that great music and the most popular were the same thing. (The Wall was the bestselling album of the 70s.)
    Midnight Rocker
    Comfortably Numb is probably one of the best songs ever, if you really think about it...the harmonies, the melodies...that INCREDIBLE guitar solo...blows my mind.
    The movie dosn't ruin the cd, it just adds to it. This is a different way of looking at the story.
    It has been said many times (even here) that Dark, Wish and Wall are overated and not the best. THEY ARE THE BEST. The Wall is one of the reatest albums of all time, and it IS the BEST rock opera ever created, not that Green Day American Idiot shit. (Nuttin against G Day) They are three great albums that people just get tired of hearing about. You get tired because they are always talked BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING!!! But anyway, yeah, the Wall is wonderfull. ^_^ lol
    it seems that most reviews dont know this but comfortably numb, run like hell and young lust were written by gilmore.. everything else exept the trail is waters.
    it seems that theres a lot of fans of floyd and zeppelin that want to be rebels. they put down the famous albums and say they like the non-famous ones better. theres a reason dark side of the moon is the most famous. also, theres so many people that say zeppelins best album is presence. all their other albums are better!
    when listened to in its entirety, not many concept albums can touch the wall...well maybe dark side...i like them equally
    Yeah Yeah Yeah...Piper At The Gates Of Dawn is better any day. (Sorry, but someone had to say it)
    Never really got into Piper at The gates of dawn. I really like syd barretts lyrics and he very creative but floyd became so much better once they got dave gilmour.
    i agree with sbauer187. syd was good and i absolutly love interstellar overdrive, but syd was never as good at guitar as gilmour. in my opion wish you were here was the best, then ummagumma, meddle, DSotM, then the wall. my favorite songs young lust and comfortably numb are on the wall but i like how they all contribute to the music in their early 70's albums
    best album ever, it has all sorts of variety and it has the greatest song and guitar solo ever.(comftorbly numb)
    sbauer187 wrote: Never really got into Piper at The gates of dawn. I really like syd barretts lyrics and he very creative but floyd became so much better once they got dave gilmour.
    R U kidding? I think PATGOD is the best CD ever. Yes, u read that right.