Wish You Were Here review by Pink Floyd

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  • Released: Sep 12, 1975
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (136 votes)
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here

Sound — 10
In 1973 Pink Floyd released their massive mainstream hit album Dark Side of the Moon, which will never stop being talked about. DSM was a hard act to follow, but in 1975, Pink Floyd delivered a great album in Wish You Were Here. Wish You Were Here was a main tribute to fallen bandmember Syd Barrett, whose story is known all too well by Pink Floyd fans. The album contains only five tracks and clocks in at 44:26. This may be a little disappointing, but each song is nothing short of incredible. David Gilmour and Roger Waters work together on vocals for most of the album (the exception being "Have A Cigar," which was sung by Roy Harper). They blend perfectly, as they always have, and give Pink Floyd's music the perfect lead. David Gilmour's guitar work is not highlighted here as much as DSM, but still proves just how good Gilmour is musically. The highlight for him is "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," where the guitar work really shines (allusion intended). Richard Wright is proably the lesser known of Floyd's four members. But his keyboarding is not be denied. It is not very prominent on this album, but the best of it can be found on "Wish You Were Here." Nick Mason's powerful drumming style was shown on DSM, and continues on this album, although not as prominent. His drumming is always what it needs to be. Roger Waters's bass work doesn't usually stand out, with the exception of classics "One Of These Days" and "Money." On Wish You Were Here, the bass is not prominent in any one song, but it's always there. And it's always rounding out Floyd's music nicely. All in all, Pink Floyd is one of the best musical groups of all time. And on Wish You Were Here, they prove that once again, with an album that, while not as big of a hit as Dark Side of the Moon, is without a doubt a classic.

Lyrics — 10
Roger Waters lyrics have always been some of the best. On Wish You Were Here, the main message is to ex-member Syd Barrett. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" has brilliant lyrics that are brilliantly sang. They also contain several metaphors and allusions to Barrett, cleverly placed, if you can find them. The other three songs all contain great lyrics, but only one surprises "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," and that is of course "Wish You Were Here." It is perfectly sang by David Gilmour, and Roger Waters produces lyrics that will live forever. It doesn't take long to read the lyrics in the book for this album. And it also doesn't take long to convey their meaning, which is something uncharacteristic of Pink Floyd. Nevertheless, the lyrics are amazing yet simple. And whether it be Gilmour, Waters, or Harper singing, they comply perfectly into the music.

Overall Impression — 10
Wish You Were Here is not a huge mainstream hit, but wasn't too shabby considering the hard act it had to follow. The album is truly legendary, and for Pink Floyd fans, this is among their finest work. Ironically, most Pink Floyd fans never have Dark Side of the Moon as their favorite album. Here is a breakdown of each song: 01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part One) - a long piece, stretching over 13 minutes long. But it delivers the classic Pink Floyd song. Soothing, melodic music with dramatic vocals. A great song highlighted by great guitar work from David Gilmour. 02. Welcome To The Machine - good sound effects kick off the song, and Gilmour soon comes in with more powerful vocals. Overall, this is a very powerful piece with clever lyrics and some interesting use of sound at the end. 03. Have A Cigar - this song takes the album in a different direction, giving off a different vibe. Regardless, it is a very dramatic song. The best part is probably the sarcastic lyrics with a possible reference to The Wall. 04. Wish You Were Here - this is it. It's arguable, but it's the best song on the album. And it's a classic. One of the songs Pink Floyd is most known for, with great acoustic work and absolutely amazing lyrics. Nothing about this song is disappointing. 05. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part Two) - it's a return to more of the same. A shorter fade in than part one, the final verse of lyrics, and then the outro that concludes the epic album. Overall this album is a classic. Realistically only four songs, and realistically four classic songs.

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    Probably my 2nd favorite Floyd album after Animals lol, but yeah brilliant album in terms of music & lyrics. Favorite song, well I think they are amazingly great, but probably Have a Cigar lol
    Pork Tornado
    Sometimes I just sit down with my CD player and listen to this album over and over again