Wish You Were Here [DVD] review by Pink Floyd

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  • Released: Mar 21, 2006
  • Sound: 4
  • Content: 5
  • Production Quality: 4
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 4.3 Poor
  • Users' score: 7.6 (50 votes)
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here [DVD]

Sound — 4
This is another 'making of' DVD from the Rock Milestones series. It is a bare bones production, so there isn't much to say about the sound. It's a documentary with occasional clips of music that somehow don't even sound correct. I wouldn't bother playing this on anything other than stereo; there would be no point.

Content — 5
There is one special feature: a photo gallery with less than a dozen photographs. While it's interesting to see members of the band from their younger years, these are all pictures you can find on the internet. There isn't any music or anything overlaid while you're viewing the photos, so it's not really worth looking at them. The feature itself is an approximately 60 minute look at the maknig of the album Wish You Were Here. Oddly enough, the first quarter hour of the program is actually about Dark Side of the Moon, with critics praising that album's genius and success. It got to the point where we were beginning to wonder if the DVD had been mis-labeled. When we finally get into talking about Wish You Were Here, what we find is a brief discussion about each song on the disk. There are a lot of interesting points made (Gilmour describes how he came up with the 'four notes' on Shine on You Crazy Diamond, and both he and Waters continually express how inspiration Sid Barret was in their own work), but nothing that was a ground-breaking revelation. Probably the most interesting bit is when Waters and Gilmour are talking (separately) about working on Shin on You Crazy Diamond: apperently they were fiddling with the song in the studio when Sid Barrett (who, of course, is the subject of the song) walked in and sat down, and how nobody seemed to be able to recognise him. It was apperently a very emotional event for the band. Other than that, the documentary simply goes into the creative ideas behind each song on the album, with a particular emphasis on how much Barrett influenced the themes (due to his own mental problems) and, interestingly, a lot of discussion about Waters' ideas (almost making him out to be a cynical, bitter man). There's nothing really new here, but it was an interesting to watch.

Production Quality — 4
Very poor. The opening menu is simply a dark background with the album cover on it, and some text leading to the different menus. The feature itself is produced poorly, with cheesy graphics and copyright information often plastered over concert footage (obscuring the very things they're trying to show). For some bizzare reason, most of the interview/concert footage is played through a sort of 'window' that consists of a collage of graphics taken from the album art. The result is an odd presentation, and the impression that the producers somehow weren't given permission to show the whole frame of the footage for some reason. It may have been intended to 'frame' the footage and put it into context of the almub itself, but it turns out to be simply distracting. I have read reviews that say the band shown in the concert footage is not Pink Floyd, but a cover band called The Tribe. I don't nkow enough about either band to tell for sure, but take that as you will. Either way, there is footage of the members of the band doing interviews, as well as at least one set of clips of the real band taken from the Live 8 concert in 2005 (shown for the song Wish You Were Here).

Overall Impression — 4
I was largely unimpressed by this DVD. It was interesting to watch, and I would reccomend it to those who are die-hard Floyd fans (you might learn something you didn't know before) but it probably won't stand up to repeated viewings. The production value and presentation of the disc is poor at best, and the clips from the songs on the album are short. I'm definately glad I saw this, as it added to my knowledge and appreciation of the band, but anything I took away from this could have been learned on the internet or by reading a biography of the band.

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    adam sg
    yea, i agree but the other dvd of pink floyd "the wall" is briliant! it's a master piece!
    Damn, I usually buy everything the Floyd puts out but looks like i'm gonna skip this one. The Dark Side of the Moon DVD, similar in format to this one is good. I think its called Ultimate Albums. That one is great, Gilmour does a little tutorial and a few acoustic performances. So go get that one instead. Pulse DVD comes out soon. YAYYYYY
    There's a DSotM one just like this, it's different from Ultimate Albums. Dark Side of the Moon, a critical review. If this is like the DSotM one, which it sounds like it is, then it's a bunch of hippies talking about the album while showing clips that are on other DVD's, pretty much no origional stuff. Looked and sounded like a bootleg to me.
    If you are looking for good Pink Floyd DVD, I would recommend Live at Pompeii. It has a good mix of concert footage, interviews, and other stuff.
    Yeah i agree wi 65, Live @ Pompeis ACE, good performance of ECHOES etc, and the intervievs are well cool @ Abbey Studios,
    hey peeps that last thing i put on it was the dark side of the moon thing but it got all mest up when i posted it srry homies
    The Atom Heart Mother dvd is pretty cool, it goes very in depth on the Atom Heart Mother Suite. I'll have to get the Wish you Were Here one.
    I agree with the fact that the live in pompeii dvd is really good. it has a good balanve of interviews and music. what i want the most is a darkside dvd that just shows darkside from start to end, back in 73 and not from pulse. i have looked for this but the closest ive come is that darkside classic albums review, if anyones got any idea where i could locate one or even tell me if such a thing exists then please say so! i really want to see that concert and tribute bands just dont come close.
    Sorry...I don't think there is a Darkside DVD like that...but as someone said above, Pulse comes out in a couple weeks, and it'll have it. But if there is one, I'd like to know about it too...
    Yah I have "Classic Albums: The Making of Dark Side of the Moon." It's one of my favorite rock documentaries. I would highly recomend that.
    Never seen it actually so I can't judge, but if I would find it I would buy it anyways. I understand it's not as good as live in pompei, but is it really that bad?