Teenage Graffiti Review

artist: Pink Spiders date: 10/16/2006 category: compact discs
Pink Spiders: Teenage Graffiti
Release Date: Aug 1, 2006
Label: Suretone/Geffen
Genres: Alternative Pop/Rock, Punk-Pop, Garage Punk
Number Of Tracks: 13
The guys picked the name for themselves quite accurate -- their music is sugary-sweet as pink and nasty-seductive as spiders.
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 9.7
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overall: 9.7
Teenage Graffiti Reviewed by: UG Team, on august 11, 2006
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Sound: Being formed less than three years ago, it seems like The Pink Spiders knew what exactly they wanted and what they needed to do to get it. Caring images of Elvis Costello and Franz Ferdinand in hearts and art, Nashville threesome Matt Friction (vocals, guitar), Jon Decious (bass guitar) and Bob Ferrari (drums) started creating music that's got an attitude and impudence. But it was a long and windy road that took them to where they are now -- the legend says they've been in a fire accident with their trailer in Buffalo, slept in New York city subways and donated plasma to fund their demanding tour schedule. Their first full-length Hot Pink was out on an indie record. Right after the release, The Pink Spiders signed to Geffen and recorded major-label debut Teenage Graffiti. Having proposed the final release date as the end of June, The Pink Spiders dragged it out to August, which made the album even more anticipated among the fans. It was really worth the wait -- defining themselves as a whirlwind of hustle and clatter, threesome created an album full of blustering wild energy and rebellion. Teenage Graffiti is full of bright harmonies and foot-tapping beats. The guitars are simple, as they are supposed to be in punk, but there are some great hooks and interesting lines. It's a 100% guitar-driven music with beat rhythms to make it danceable. The guys picked the name for themselves quite accurate -- their music is sugary-sweet as pink and nasty-seductive as spiders. Teenage Graffiti kicks off as a stellar rock album -- with ferocious chords of hard-hitting Soft Smoke. That's the only track that reminds of Rolling Stones and Motley Crue. The album doesn't need to grow on you - if not the first one, the second track will get you hooked. A flavor of '60s appears everywhere on the album -- like Little Razorblade and very Beatles-ish Adalae. Songs got that joyful energy with a sharp feeling that is like a drug - once you've got the taste, it leaves you wanting more. Like explosively Modern Swingers -- just together with Little Razorblade it got more than half a million plays on the band's MySpace website. Teenage Graffiti is worth listening without skipping -- all tracks have potential to be a single and they all are infectious and catchy. It's one of those cases when all 13 songs are good with some really great ones among them. The nuggets are Modern Swingers, Pretend That This Is Fiction and Saturday Night Riot. // 10

Lyrics: The poetry is quite simple, without any smart flourishes, but catchy and interesting. They fit the music wonderfully, being not too serious to think about and fun to listen to at the same time. I like that My baby's pretty as a car crash in Modern Swingers. Matt Friction's vocals are charming and haunting at the same time. His voice is soaring (which adds to the band's style), yet soft and gentle. The best example would be Pretend That This Is Fiction. Doo-wop back vocals sound funny and extravagant. // 9

Overall Impression: The band tries to match their name and music style in everything -- wearing pink clothes and Elvis Costello-like glasses. Probably the best thing about The Pink Spiders -- they've got style. The boys are playing rock stars with all attributes -- fast women, bravado, swing, crowd seduction and huge sexual energy. The record is perfectly produced -- it's radio-friendly and sticky like a bubble-gum with a healthy done of adrenaline to keep you interested through the entire album. Most importantly -- it leaves you hungry for more songs. The album's only weak point is probably it's title. Generating so interesting songs and bearing some great ideas in mind, The Pink Spiders could have thought of something more original and outstanding than Teenage Graffiti. The Pink Spiders' popularity is growing in a maniacal progression. They already got that Alternative Press' 100 Bands you need to know in 2006. My guess is they just need a little bit more promotion along with touring, and the guys will easily make it to the the best new act. // 10

- Kosh (c) 2006

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overall: 8.3
Teenage Graffiti Reviewed by: bTOMd, on august 14, 2006
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Sound: There music is pop punk with a lot of '60s pop influences and glam like David Bowie. Their guitarist is nothing amazing but he does have some cool little fills and hooks in it that make it interesting. The styles in the songs vary from Adalae which is what the other reviewer said sorta like The Beatles with the piano and whatnot to fast paced with no Easy Way Out you can listen to that on their MySpace thing. // 8

Lyrics: They're lyrics are mostly just fun besides with Hey Jane which actually has feeling/meaning. Their lyrics fit the music though and it's very fun to listen to. they say ciggarettes in like 6 different songs which is sorta weird. I like the singers voice it's very unique but I don't know where it will be for how much I see he smokes in his pictures and everything. // 8

Overall Impression: My favorite songs would probably be Hollywood Fix, Modern Swinger, Back to the Middle, Nobody Baby, and No Easy Way Out. I like most are just how catchy everything is and I don't like how Little Razorblade is the single. I wouldn't buy it again I have it ripped on my computer. // 9

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overall: 9.7
Teenage Graffiti Reviewed by: NGD1313, on october 16, 2006
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Sound: The Pink Spiders' sound was a refreshing breath of fresh air in the crowded sea of pop-punk/emo clones out there today. They have a poppy upbeat sound that makes listeners want to dance while still maintaining there gritty rock style. They have some old pop-rock influences show through (including the Beatles-esque Adalae) and they have some definite modern rock/pop-punk infulences in there as well. As far as sound goes "Soft Smoke" would have to be the outstanding track on the album giving off a loud, energetic vibe from the very first riff. Other stand outs include "Pretend That It's Fiction" and "Modern Swinger". // 10

Lyrics: Lyrically the Pink Spiders are fitting of their name sticky sweet but not too serious. They keep the mood upbeat and Matt Friction's scratchy vocals fit well with the music. "Hey Jane" is a stand out lyrically because it's the only serious song on the album and it's powerful and heartfelt. "Modern Swinger" and "Soft Smoke" have fast-paced, upbeat, danceable, and incredibly catchy choruses and are alway fun to listen to. // 9

Overall Impression: The Pink Spiders made a great impression on me due to their originality and just plain fun music. Everytime I play the album I can't help but tap my foot. Stand outs for me are "Soft Smoke", "Modern Swinger", and "Pretend That It's Fiction", whereas "Saturday Night Riot" and "Still Three Shy" were low points although the album overall was a wonderful listen and I could listen to it many times over. If this album were stolen or lost I would rush to the store to buy another copy. In fact, I should buy another copy just in case. // 10

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