Surfer Rosa/Come On Pilgrim review by Pixies

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  • Released: Mar 21, 1988
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (6 votes)
Pixies: Surfer Rosa/Come On Pilgrim

Sound — 10
Ok this album is technically two in one. The first 14 tracks are Surfer Rosa and the last 8 are Come On Pilgrim. Regardless though this album kicks ass. Quite painfully as well. Sound wise it should be a bit of a mess. A slightly fuzzy bass, strange drums and surf guitars. but it all fits. Bone Machine opens up the album and its the best intro song the pixies have in my opiniom. The drums kick in followed by the bass then a great little riff played by both guitars. it also hints at the Quiet-Loud dynamic Pixies developed, which of course is what makes people say they inspired grunge. There's some great songs here Gigantic and Where Is My Mind? are beautiful songs off Surfer Rosa, whereas Caribou takes that accolade for Come On Pilgrim. Theres also inventive or just downright weird tracks. Something Against you is manic and Vamos has the weirdess guitar solo I've ever heard. Mainly cause it's mostly made of feedback. Nimrod's Son also seems to mix a Spanish/Mexican sound (the acoustic guitar) with a conutry vibe (the lead guitar sounds like a slide guitar). All in all though the sound is good.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics to Come On Pilgrim are more song based whereas on Surfer Rosa some lyrics are there just for the sake of having lyrics. But they're amazing lyrics and often hilarious. Nimrod's Son is a tale of a man who discovers he's the 'Son of incestuous union'. I've Been Tired is also an amusing tale of meeting a girl. Plus there are a couple of pauses in Surfer Rosa section where the band discuss a few things. Black Francis also has a great voice. He can sing in a heartfelt way (Caribou) or just scream the room down (Something Against You, Broken Face). Kim Deal (for some reason named Mrs John Murphy for this album)gets to sing on Gigantic, and has a beautiful voice.

Overall Impression — 10
Along with Doolittle this is a must have album. theres almost no bad tracks on here, namely Oh My Golly and Break My Body which great as they are, aren't quite as great as other tracks, amd River Euphates is forgetable. The best songs of Surfer Rosa are Bone Machine, Gigantic, Where Is My Mind?, Cactus, Vamos and Brick Is Red. The best songs on Come On Pilgrim are Caribou, Nimrod's Son, I've Been Tired and Levitate Me. The album has a wide variety of styles to it, and no two tracks sound the same (well some do but are just different enough to be individual). The songs could have more depth lyrically and Kim Deal could have sung more songs as well. Also its added strength is that there technically two albums here. If they were separate then Sufer Rosa would be the stronger of the two 'cause it's more consistent whereas Come On Pilgrim isnt due to a few weak songs a comparitively shorter album. But as this addition combines both albums into one it combines some amazing songs onto one disc. Therefore making it a more essential buy. I love this album because of the weird (if not deep) lyrics and because the music sounds so cool when it all fits together. an absolutely essential classic.

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    just bought it today.. freakin epic!! I agree - this and doolittle are must have albums...
    River Euphrates is a GREAT song, one of my faves on the album