Battle for the Sun review by Placebo

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  • Released: Jun 8, 2009
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5.3 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.3 (80 votes)
Placebo: Battle for the Sun

Sound — 5
So Placebo is back with their sixth studio album and a huge step into a different direction from what they were during the album Meds. First of all there was a chance in lineup with Steve Hewitt left the band due to personal and musical differences he had. And now he is replaced with Steve Forrest that what is a big disapointment for me because when it comes to style I have always loved Hewitt and the way he comes out in the records even though he never has been someone you would call a genious. Forrest has a little something similiar but most of the things he does are just a part of the Placebo sound an quite frankly he isn't that creative. Other chances that has happened is that there is more electronic ticking around that like in Meds are not maid for the background but to smack you straight in the face. The best way I could descrive the sound is generic indie pop electronica. After hearing the record I'm not at all supprised that Hewitt left the band.

Lyrics — 6
Seems that Molkos writing pen has dulled during these couple of years. Many song lyrics on this record are just pale shadows of their earlier material and mostly the songs are really repeative. Why does it always is like this with Placebo that they make an more electronic album they forget to really make an effort with lyrics? Through out years Molko has been on of the best lyricists in the alternative rock wave but even the best of us can do pretty shitty job when time takes it's toll. Not only the lyrics have suffered but even Molkos voice just sounds tired and uninspired.

Overall Impression — 5
Sad that one of the best alternative rock bands of all time sink so low materia wise. It couldn't be that bad if this record would be their last if they are going to continue with this path they have chocen. If you would want a junction to a nother Placebo album then it would be Sleeping With Ghosts. Even the things that worked on that album don't work on this one. Only song that actually sounds pretty damn good is Come Undone but just on song doesn't make any album a good one... Or maybe if the song would be 45 minutes long or something. At least the last 2 songs leave a good taste in your mouth but I bet it will disappear when you give the album a second spin. This record is something that you would assume to be some sort of a B-side collection. Not a full lenght album. If I would lose this album I wouldn't even notice because I wouldn't put in on my record player anymore.

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    Despite being a shadow of predecessing albums, I quite like this one because placebo always breathe fresh air into the industry and it's always what my music collection needs. I enjoy songs that make you think from time to time
    i also really enjoyed this. Yes the lyrics in this album can be very repetitive but i think some ppl just come to terms with their new and weird style of music
    Surfer Rosa
    Alright, I'm a huge Placebo and was really looking forward to this album,so much so that I was too nervous to listen to it for like two days after I bought it. Anyways, when I first listened to it I was disgusted...I turned it off when Brian sang ''No one cares when you're out on the street, picking up the pieces to make end meet.etc'' It just got so cringe-worthy and cliched. So, I went back and listened to Meds to remind myself how excellent Placebo can be. That was last week, fast forward 7 days and I can safely say I love this album.It's a different Placebo, yes, but songs such as Ashtray Heart,Battle for the Son,Speak in Tongues,Devil in the Details,Happy You're Gone and Kings of Medicine are worthy entries into Placebo's backcatalogue and live set. The drummer's awesome.Most of Brian's lyrics are good and the production is top quality. And plus, critics have never given Placebo any praise - mainly because of their image in the late 90s.
    AlbertCamus wrote: I think this album's pretty awesome, upon listening to it 3 or so times.
    +1 so is with every Placebo's album
    "but just on song doesn't make any album a good one... Or maybe if the song would be 45 minutes long or something." haha you're a jokemaster... the second review sucks. I'll never understand why are people so angry about every their new album that they recorded since Sleeping With Ghosts... Of course, every their new album is different... However, Battle For The Sun is pretty interesting and I love it.
    Gotta say i can't understand all the doom and gloom about this album. I love it and i do own all their albums
    This album isn't like previous Placebo albums, they've chnged alot. At first I was super bleak, but after listening to it a couple of times I grew to really like it. This album may not offer "instant grab", but if you write it off completely you will miss out on some awesome tracks.
    Maybe not the best album released by Placebo, but c'mon, It's not that bad, Battle For The Sun has a couple of really good songs and overall is a good album. Of course we all huge fans of the band are a little dissapointed of their latest works, but how on earth are albums like Sleeping With Ghosts or Without You I'm Nothing going to be surpassed? That's a hard duty to achieve. In the end, they are a great live band, I'm actually expecting to go see them again this summer.
    Now ive been listening to the album a lot, and though (and maybe because) i never really listened to other placebo albums prior to this one, i really like it. I think its a solid rock album, with quite a few standout tracks, and the rest is okay. Theres no bad songs imo. The standout tracks: Battle for the sun, devil in the details, the never-ending why, julien, breathe underwater and kings of medicine. Im very satisfied with my purchase, and cant wait to dig into placebos previous titles
    Tea Cup wrote: Second review was hard to read. If english your first language, shame on you. Some of the lyrics are worthwhile, though I agree, most are reaaally cliched. |Nothing else to say| how many times has that been written?
    if English IS your first, your full of yourself, aren't you?
    Its an alright album. Its no black market music or without you i'm nothing but its an improvement on the rubbish that was meds. The new drummer is abit of a beast aswell!
    Placebo is an awesome band and I've been looking forward to the release of this album for over a year, but I feel incredibly disappointed. Brian Molko is an incredible lyricist, but this album is a mess of redundancy. Its almost like the band had writers block or something. This is hands down the worst Placebo album ever.
    Mark Roxx
    This album's okay and has 3 stand out tracks (Ashtray Heart, Battle For the Sun, and Kings of Medicine) and the rest of the songs are at least decent. But if I compared this one to any other album they made, it's not too good.
    Tea Cup wrote: Second review was hard to read. If english your first language, shame on you. Some of the lyrics are worthwhile, though I agree, most are reaaally cliched. |Nothing else to say| how many times has that been written?
    i admit that i made many mistakes. Mostly things that i could have spotted myself. But right that moment i didn't care that much. i just wanted to review this album because it was such a huge disapointment to me. and english isn't my first language.
    First of all Brian is a genius... second... come on the album is amazing... i really didnt though critic will be that hard on the album and specially with brian... Ashtray + battle 4 the sun + 4 what it worth r the new future clasic songs from the band! he still been an inspiration!!!!!
    There are many keyboards at this album... it's so GOOD!!! But... New Placebo - it's not good((( Very, very faint songs...
    from what ive heard, this album is pretty good. I heard the five free listens on their mainpage, and hope to recieve the album tomorrow. I remember that there were a couple of tracks that stuck out as really good in my ears, battle for the sun was one of them.
    I was disappointed they played so much from this album when I saw them live in Bournemouth. I have only heard one track from it, and it's not as good as the lesser tracks from other Placebo albums.
    Tea Cup
    Second review was hard to read. If english your first language, shame on you. Some of the lyrics are worthwhile, though I agree, most are reaaally cliched. |Nothing else to say| how many times has that been written?
    Placebo has always being a band able to capture emotions into their songs and this album is not the exception! The experimentation with all the new instruments is just GENIOUS! I love the way they play with our adrenaline through all the album, arising these strong and "naughty" feelings with "Kitty Litter" and "Julien", but finally reminding us their essence and soul with "Come Undone" and "Kings of Medicine". For me Battle For The Sun is a BRILLIANT album, quite different for their previous work, yes, but completely worth it! I can barely wait to hear them live!