Meds review by Placebo

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  • Released: Mar 13, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (127 votes)
Placebo: Meds

Sound — 8
The band's seem to be evolving into pop music without leaving it's rock roots. It is a quite versatile album where the first three tracks catch you very fast and the choruses stay in your mind forever, something often related to pop songs, followed by a so-called experimental track (Space Monkey). The album's full of potential singles, like Blind, Drag (you got as on your Algebra tests, quite sweet) and Infra Red. "Because I Want You" is too "singl-ish" and it's very similar to Every You, Every Me or The Bitter End. The album doesen't offer any innovations on the trademark of Placebo but its worth to buy it whithout any doubts.

Lyrics — 10
One of Brian Molko's main qualities, other than his unique femminine voice, is his ability to writhe beautiful, poetic and sentimental (anger and love, and dessilussion)lyrics. On "Infra Red" he sounds like on their first album and Meds sound like a transsition from "Placebo" to "Sleeping With Ghosts."

Overall Impression — 8
It's Probably not their best work but its is defenitely worthy of buing or checked, the album has its highs and lows, with five very good tracks, and some that shouldn't have been in the record.

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    I really can't understand how can people dislike this album. come on, it's just perfect!
    i tried sooooo hard to like this album. i'm still a fan of placebo but something about the whole tone or i dunno feel of the album was weird. i know this is stupid but after listening too it i felt kind of depressed. did anyone find that?
    I have bought all of the placebo albums and i do belive that meds was one of the best.It has got great potential and you can listen to it aobut anywhere. the first two tracks 'meds' and 'infra red' are two absolutely brilliant tracks not only to play but listen to, i have yet to meet someone who doesn't like these tracks. There is the odd track on there that does seem to drag a bit, for example 'cold light of morning' i found that track to be a bit of a drag. Although i say this iam a huge placebo fan and like all of there albums. And if you feel meds isnt for you try some of there earlier stuff like there self titled album or sleeping with ghosts. But if worst comes to worst you could always give the best of a listen,'once more with feeling'
    This album is amazing, follow the cops back home and blind are 2 amazing tracks...molko has really outdone himself again.
    Why are these reviewers saying space monkey is shit?!?! Space monkey kicks ass and its only one of the many amazing songs from an amazing album! 9.75/10
    Rufus115 wrote: I downloaded a couple of their songs illegaly. I was not impressed.
    It really dpeends on what sogns you downlaod. There are some songs (like something Rotton or Commercial for Levis) which probebly won't strike anyone who don't know that band. But once you have got into them these little gems will blow u away.
    This album is probably the best album out this year so far. Definately a great buy, this album is very Stabbing Westward (their self-titled album was a lot like this) this is a great pick up for anyone who's looking to revisit the 90's Alternative scene.
    Placebo is the best group in the world and Brian Molko has the best voice I have ever heard!!! new album is perfect!!!All the songs are super!!!This album is one of the best they have!!!I love them!They just perfect!!!
    I cannot really add much more to what peeps have sed. but ihave 2 say itsa a wiked album, my fave song is 'Blind'
    yep, i wasn't impressed too.. and I wished the guys who wrote the reviews would brhave less like fans of the band.. hell, I'm a fan too, just love Placebo, but this one really sucks.. sorry!
    I love Placebo. I think this is a good album. Not like 'Without You I'm Nothing' but still, not dissapointing. The first time I heard 'Infra-red', I fell in love with it.
    i wish the guitars were more powerful too, but i can see the direction this album went. Like i said check out Stabbing Westwards Latest and Last cd it's very much of this style that just never was really accepted in either rock or pop genres. I think infra-red is probably the catchiest song in the past few years. I haven't had a song stick in my head since i was in high school.
    I've been a Placebo fan since the 10th grade, so that means 2 years, which isn't very long for a band that has been around since the mid 90's but I must tell you this album ranks up there as one of my favorite Placebo albums. Sleeping With Ghosts and Black Market Music are still my favorites, but this album is still a Masterpiece. I wish they would have used some harder guitar parts for instance in Blind's Chorus.
    Its a very good album, my favourtie song was 'Pierrot the Clown'. I liked how they did it.