Temple Of Thought review by Poets of the Fall

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  • Released: Mar 21, 2012
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (24 votes)
Poets of the Fall: Temple Of Thought

Sound — 9
"Temple Of Thought" is the fifth studio album from the Finish rock band Poets Of The Fall. The band's previous four albums peaked the no.1 spot in Finland's music chart. Consisting of the amazing voice of Marko, guitar works from Olli and Jaska, drummer Jari and lead by the keyboardist Captain Markus, the band gives its dedicated fans 11 new songs (14 on the bonus edition) to rejoice with. POTF's sounds as always has been melodic but not much common with other bands. You can relate them to all the famous alternative bands in the world, but you cannot use the term "similar". And POTF has continued its trademark sound with its new record. Songs vary from romantic ballads to alternative rock songs - and this time it even has a weird hard rock song called "The Happy Song". Marko's voice seems to be finding new dimensions with every new release. "Cradled In Love" shows his ability to sing high notes. "The Happy Song", on the other hand, shows his capability to be crazy and awesome. The words are so perfectly executed with brilliant squeeky back vocals and evil laughs as if a real psycho had sung this song. Vocal works really seem to be the main attraction to POTF's sound. Guitar sounds have also matured over the years. The clean sound of guitar in the intro of most songs will catch you ears. Guitar solos are rare in Poets Of The Fall songs, but still they sound great when they are present. I would definitely like to hear more guitar works in their songs in the future. Percussion sound changes in almost every song. I am not an expert in drums but I can feel that the snare's compression has been changed in almost every song. The sound effect of keyboard is a win for me. They fit perfectly to the acoustic and clean guitar tones. The symphonic and Arabic touch in "The Happy Song" is one of the smartest work in Captain Markus' life.

Lyrics — 8
Poets Of The Fall's lyrics are mostly related to love. With the sound they possess, the lyrics mostly seems to be a safe fit. They are heart-warming and easy to get into your head. Of the ones that about love, "Cradled In Love" stands out. With metaphors such as "Blue Note Sapphire" and "Beacon of Salvation" used in this song, it just takes you to a different world. "Morning Tide" starts with the words about a new morning saying "Rise With Me Now And We'll Walk To The Shore". Once again, the title song "Temple Of Thought" will give you a chill with the execution of the words "Chills" by Marko. "The Happy Song" is the one that stands out of all the songs in terms of lyrics too. It is at most a 5 line lyric repeated again and again with some psychotic laughs on back vocal, but will never make you tired of it. I called those beautiful lyrics a "safe fit" because they have always complied and will always comply POTF's sound. Their fans know how good they are in terms of words. But as they enter the 9th year of their career, I think we should expect lyrics of a different topic other than love. It will reflect how matured they have become over they years.

Overall Impression — 9
"Temple Of Thought" is a continuation of their previous works. 4-5 songs are the ones that carry the entire album and that is a good thing. "Cradled In Love" stands as an impressive ballad. "The Lie Eternal" is a good reflection of the band's previous alternative works. "Skin" is a beautiful soft song that will calm your mind any time. But the two songs that make this album a hit are "Temple Of Thought" and "The Happy Song". I will suggest everyone to buy the bonus edition - as it has an unplugged version of "Temple Of Thought". A perfect combination of Marko's voice, clean tone of guitar in the verses and emphasized works on chords in the choruses along with perfectly timed entrance of drum beats make this song a 10/10. "The Happy Song" is as crazy as it can get. After you finish the song for the first time you will end up saying "What the hell was that?... It's awesome". Overall I like this album, though I hoped for a new sound to a few more songs. It is not as good as their first album "Signs Of Life" or their biggest hit "Carnival Of Rust" but this is one album that should be rated as one of the best rock albums of 2012. Poets Of The Fall has a small group of dedicated fans. But they should step up and release their albums to a much larger population, because they deserve to be loved by the world.

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