Outlandos D'Amour review by Police

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (11 votes)
Police: Outlandos D'Amour

Sound — 9
Where do you start with the sound, the punks must've been shivering when the latest album from the wannabe-punk-rockers was released. It strange that the album didn't really do well until 'Every Breath You Take' was released years later. Andy Summers' held it all together (with the sound that is) he distored his amp for little-known gems like 'Next To You' (which was to be covered by the Offspring). 'Peanuts' the music written by Stewart Copeland and Gordon 'Sting' Summer shows that bass is a remarkable instrument, with an actual solo at the start of the song. How that English class must have feld to hear their English teacher Mr. Summer singing about going to kill himself because he's split up with his girlfriend. And that Copeland moved from the progressive rock band 'Curved Air' to the band that is aruged to be one of the best in the '80s? The band hadn't discovered their ballad-potential yet and stuff the album with the bassisit rock I've hear, with guitar only home in at intervels on the first tracks. 'So Lonley' is overdone in my opion, with the bass making disgusting notes over the guitar, with Summers first solo on the album lasting 1/3 of the song. It's too long, and when Sting raps his way through the middle-eight I was despserate for the chorus to come! 'Roxanne', 'Peanuts', 'Next To You' and 'Truth Hits Everybody' should be given their own album, with a diamond printed sleeve, best songwriting did in the seventies.

Lyrics — 9
I read this in another article, and I'm going to scream it here, it's Sting! How can you describe his writng? He has a voice that is the highest I've heard next to Bob Marley and James Blunt, it perfect copmplements the bass/guitar roots of the song. Lines that attention should be drawn to are: 'Take a look at my new toy, I'll blow your head in two (oh boy). Quite worrying for a well educated teavher to sing, don't you think? Oh, no, 'Hole In My Life' is playing as I type, the worst Police song you could find next to 'Mother' and 'Contact', Let's just say its 4 and a half minutes of my life I'll never get back. I mean, all he keeps reapeating is 'There's a hole in my life. ' All words were by Sting but Copeland worte the music for 'Peanuts'.

Overall Impression — 8
It's my favourite Police album, but some of the best songs on this album don't appear in 'The Very Best Of Sting And The Police' so it's a let-down knowing I can't putting songs like 'Peanuts' and 'Next To You' on my mp3, you know the feeling? No, you probably don't, anyway, I can't replace if it was lost, it was my mum's and its a record, so really dear to replace, and how do CD's compare?

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