The Very Best Of... Sting & The Police review by Police

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  • Released: Oct 1, 2002
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 6.7 (3 votes)
Police: The Very Best Of... Sting & The Police

Sound — 10
The sound of the album is vert tight, with the Police always wanting to remain a trio. On the last album you'd have got a little keyboard and piano here and therew, but this album keeps the trio together. Non-stop touring sharpened the band's instincs by now and Sting was ready to write some half-meaningful material. Sting pulled some songs out of his bottom drawer for this album, 'The Bed's Too Big Without' you was one, Regatta De Blanc's 'Hole In My Life'. Sting wrote one of classic rock's finest songs 'Message In a Bottle' a catchy number which contained Andy Summer's trademark textured fluid guitar, this is an amazing opening. THe closer of Side One is the spacious, room filler 'Walking On The Moon' which was to be the band's first number one. The reggae-fluid guitar steals the song and Sting's offbeat bass-line perfects the guitar. In this album Sting wanted to get back to his roots, he had had huge success in the Newcastle clubs with the band Last Exit, and after managing to get Copeland to slow down in his drumming, he wrote some good reggae-rock songs. Including 'No Time This Time', 'That's Alright For You' and 'Deathwish'. In more detail: 01. Message In A Bottle - best song on the album in my view, also the hardest song on the album to play, the chorus is catchy and the kind of CD you'd put on when you're driving. Amazing guitar part. 02. Regatta De Blanc - the first song to be credited to all members of the band this is random jam that would win the trio a Grammy two years later. Amazing song. 03. That's Alright For You - the only DIY song on the album but one good ride, it's got what I like to call a 'Mamoth guitar solo'. Great bassline, and the way Sting plays it sounds like rythm guitar. Quite like Entwhistle. 04. Bring On The Night - Sting would redo this song in his solo career but the Police version is the best, using a skillful appregio techuque that matching Sting's vocals and catchy drums this is the third best song on the album. 05. Deathwish - mostly instrumental the song reflects a man 'driving on the outside/people think I'm going insane'. The guitar is very good and it is very like 'Outsiders' by Franz Ferdinand. 06. Walking On The Moon - killer bassline, a magnetic song that grows on everyone, it is like a lullaby, very gentle and relaxing, I didn't like it at first but it has grown on me. 07. On Any Other Day - the hilarous song by Copeland, his one and only vocal appreance on a Police record, the guitar is very hard (not in diffulculty but as in noise) for such a simple lyrical song. If you need cheering up listen to this. 08. The Bed's Too Big Without You - Sting wrote this when his girlfriend when back to London, when his friend Gerry jibed him about it he simply said 'It's just a song' but it is an amzing son besides that, easy to get lost in. The sound is pretty compelling, like most Police song it is haunting. 09. Contact - disgusting song, wish it was removed from the album because I always have to get up and move the needle to the next track when it comes on. The lyrics are mournful and could depress a new-born baby. The only highlight is the coda, because is just guitar. 10. Does Everyone Stare - the second best song on the album, you can hear Copeland going over the lyrics just as the intro is playing. Really solid poiano played by ether him or Andy Summers, the only guitar is this little strumming with a delay pedal at the end. 11. No Time This Time - the verses are bit too jazzy, they go at 3 to the bar, but the all-rock chorus is great, and don't know if he bowed the guitar during the solo because it sou8nds like a violin. Attention must also be drawn to the fact that Stewart Copeland has three songs on the album, this was the most he was ever to get. Even stranger is that Sting only has five, one of which was wirtten six years before. The album is not as rushed as Zenyatta but has a feeling of 'recorded in a day', it is the best Police album for songs, but not for quality. If you want to know where the Double Douch title comes from, it comes from the facts that the Police all had blonde hair, hence 'blanc' and they played what is know as 'white reggae' hence the title 'Regatta De Blac.' Don't be put off by the back cover note 'All Noises On This Album are played by the Police'. The 'noises' are played well.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics can ether be funny, soppy, broken-hearted, depressing, in ryming couplets, out of time, catchy, sick, took fast to make out or made up as Sting goes along. Sting is the only one who could sing at the time (or he just wanted to be the only one to sing) and instead of letting the others sing backup he multi-tracked his vocals just like on the last album. Sting is a great singer, very Bob Marley like, high-pitched and fast. He can hold a note for ages. It can't be specila effects just because of how raw it is. Good lyrically. The Police around this time were acussed of being 'New WAve', meaning you could sing to them in the shower but you wouldn't pay to see them. Sting sort of try to fight through by writing more meaning stuff than their first DIY single 'Fall Out'. So lines such as 'Just a castaway/an island lost at sea/never a lonley day/with no one hear but me.' Also 'The afternoon has gently passed me by/bring on the night/I couldn't stand another hour of daylight.' Sting has been a major influence on my writing, but it the way he changed his lyrics, extends words, uses his high-pitched voice to work around lyrics. Though not as good as Lennon-McCartney or Jagger-Richards or Harrison, Sting is good in telling a story with his lyrics. They are catchy, lighthearted, and usally in ryming couplets.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is the best because of the wide choice of songs, even on just side one, want rock? Message In a Bottle. Want punk? That's Alright For You. Want ska? Bring On the Night. Want reggae? Deathwish. Want all four at once? Regatta de Blanc. An amazing album with three groundbreaking musican, anyone who does not think Andy Summer's textured guitar work is geoundbreaking or Stewart Copeland's removal of the snare drum from the main groove is hard to come by. I would replace tis if it got lost. Best Police album. Period.

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