Lipstick On The Mirror review by Pop Evil

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  • Released: Aug 12, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.8 (24 votes)
Pop Evil: Lipstick On The Mirror

Sound — 7
Pop Evil has slowly been establishing their name amongst other rock acts by playing shows with P.O.D., Puddle Of Mudd, and Daughtry. With their Pazzo Music debut, the band has put out an album that is sure to win over some more fans on their conquest for an even bigger audience. The record starts with lead single, 'Hero'. The song quickly establishes the band and their album. The track features catchy rock vocals with steady moving guitar chords and a rhythm to back both. The song also features a guitar solo that really establishes that the band is ready for the move to a bigger label and audiences. The song is probably the best pick on the album to grab attention of the listener and make them want to listen to the rest of the album. The next two songs, 'Breathe' and 'Shinedown', feature the same general sound as 'Hero' except changing up riffs and rhythm of the song. The lead guitarist for the band is definitely established as a good guitar player often shying away from rhythm to show his skills as a guitarist. '100 in a 55' starts off more as a soft rock song with acoustic guitars and soft vocals, but suddenly builds to rock ballad type track. The song is one of the stronger tracks on the album, and it really shows the band to have more than one side to them. 'Another Romeo & Juliet' immediately starts with a shredding guitar, and again, establishes the lead guitarist to be a good guitarist.

The song draws out to show more of the guitarist's skill. 'Stepping Stone' is another strong song on the album showing the band? s other side of their music. 'One More Goodbye' is a song that really shows the band to be less of a metal band and more of a rock band that can be heavy when needed. The song starts off softer, but it still keeps it's general rock sound. 'Ready or Not' is comparable to 'Hero' as far as their heavier sound goes. The album's closer, 'Hard Highway', is a good rock ballad. It sort of sounds like 'Poison's' Every Rose Has it's Thorns', only it has been redone in the band's own style. The song itself is a pretty good closer, but it is nothing amazing. It definitely shows that previously mentioned other side of the band. The album itself has a great overall sound; it just lacks a spectacular sound. It lacks that sound that truly would set this band apart from other bands in the rock music scene.

Lyrics — 8
The band? s lyrics are pretty good overall. The lyrics are notable and definitely show the band to be serious about their music. Their lyrics are relatable to their target audience, which is always a plus. The vocals of singer Leigh Kakaty are defiantly memorable to the listener. His scratchy rock vocals fit the band's style of music adequately. Overall, the band has pretty good lyrics and vocals.

Overall Impression — 8
Pop Evil has released an album that will defiantly put them on the map of mainstream rock. The band has everything they need to be big; all they need is the push. The band? s lead single 'Hero' will defiantly give them the push they need. I think this album has everything the band needs to be a good rock band. Though somewhat generic sounding, the band will be sure to get some radio and video play. Fans of Alter Bridge, Creed, and Shinedown will definitely enjoy Pop Evil. Pop Evil has been steadily growing so be sure to listen to them now before they are the next big thing in rock.

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    Have any of you actually listened to the entire album? The album is amazing! Come on, everyone has their influences and god forbid if they are different than yours. This band is lifting off from 8 years of hard work and I'm happy to see them taking it to the next level. Pop Evil Rocks.
    you know everyone is entitled to their personal tastes, but there is something to be said for a band that drives half-way across the country for free to play some little gig with other local denver bands and new fans they haven't met yet. the are phenomenal people on and off stage, willing to rock out then hang out and shut the place down. so say whatever you want but, if you met these guys and aren't listening, you're missing out.
    I agree with freddieking34 i too am from grand rapids and pop evil is just another generic alt rock band. Ya some of the musicians may be ok but their music is completely bland. And ringo23 most bands sound much better live, i can stand some bad bands live but compared to bands that actually make good music AND are good live Pop Evil sucks.
    ive seen them live twice and they are really amazing live,i suggest everyone to see them live atleast once and that will change your mind about this band if you think they suck, which they definetly dont
    Lipstick on the Mirror is a great album from front to back! I see that there are a lot of haters out there... all of whom either: a) don't like that genre of music all together or b) know that their lives suck and hate to see others succeed. Pop Evil has worked very hard to get their name out there and has been very good to their true fans. I highly recommend the cd as a fan of rock n' roll, not just a fan of Pop Evil!
    I'm from GR and Pop Evil gets played on the radio every f**k'n hour its terrible these guy make it embarrasing to say that you are a musician from grand rapids they are flat out terrible do yourself the favor and DONT buy the album. They act like they are god's gift to grand rapids and michigan rock and roll.. Michigan's rock and roll is not pop evil and they should stop claiming it and giving Michigan musicans a bad name aka run of the mill boring crappy alt. rock. the end.
    I grew up with the band's lead guitarist. He's a great guy who really has his head square on his shoulders. I've never known him to be cocky about anything. He strives for perfection. It's the same story with the bass player, the drummer, primary guitarist, and lead singer. Yes, leigh is cocky, but almost every lead singer in the history of music has been cocky. It's part of the job. I support these guys 100%. They're driven, and masters of their craft. Like many original Pop Evil fans, this album has been a long time coming, and it didn't dissappoint. Great job guys.
    I'm actually from Grand Rapids and I'm not crazy about them, but I don't think they're horrible. At times they have a unique guitar sound, but they're singer doesn't have a voice that keeps listeners interested. Their songs are also unique at times, but fall back into a generic rock genre like everyone on here has been talking about. I support them, but that's only because I'm from GR. I'd rather recommend The Verve Pipe to anyone interested in hearing rock from West Michigan. Get their first cd (villians), and you're going to love it.
    I started my account that day because the band sent out a bulletin about being reviewed on here and liked the site so I joined. Good work detective. The band is incredible!
    Laces Out Danny
    have you guys noticed that irael g, Miss Radical, MikeyMoon76, and Niko C. all have acounts created on 10 September? and that they all give suspicously positive reviews when everybody else says otherwise. I call BS
    THe original lead singer went to my high school, North Muskegon, his name was kakaty, he was a cocky piece of crap that nobody really liked. He started off as a "rapper" but realized he sucked, didnt keep it real, and wasnt making money. They are generic and not very talented, the solos sound like they took the more mediocre arena rock licks and strung them together in a slow and predictable manner. anybody who likes them is entitled to their own opinion, but obviously not a very good musician, musically motivated, and a conformist. Yea, they're from west michigan, great, i'm from west michigan and i've been waiting to get out of high school so i can leave this wasteland. Nothing but dumbass white people that like country, generic greed/nickelback/POD shit rock, and black people that listen to ignorant mainstream rap. say what you want about my opinion, tell me to listen to the cd whatever, i've probably heard at least 20 of their songs and they all sound like creed ****ing sheep, and i hate creed. **** these guys, dont buy their cds, dont support the mainstream, support talent, whether thats jazz, blues, metal, rap, jam, rock, whatever the ****. but these guys blow. When i heard metallicas new single like 2 weeks ago i joked to my friends that it sounded like a pop evil song, which it does, and metallica has long since washed up. yea, they were great, they still put on a great live show, but their old, their music sucks not, and they're only in it for the money. so, in the words of the only true american, forest gump. . . thats all i have to say about that.
    i almost got in a fight with their singer at gardellas in G.R. for telling him that his band sucks-and they do!!! eff pop evil and creed...
    i grow up with one of them and met the rest of them not to along ago. they are great group of guys. I have to agree with jlaywvu, when is confidence a bad thing? go out and buy the cd and give it a listen! you guys rock west michgan! Rock on P.E.!!
    Pop Evil is an up and coming big thing. They have excitement as a band. They create an atmosphere of success with being "full of themselves" ....i believe its called confidence. Since when is that bad? They are an awesome band with awesome sounds and lyrics.....doin 100 in a 55 personal fav.Hero is good too. Listen to Them. they Rock in concert as well.....Machine Shop , flint , mi. is where i saw them. RoCk ON P.E.
    pop evil rocks!! i will be out to support you guys in allegan tomorrow! **flashing rock horns**
    Miss Radical
    Pop Evil is a bloody incredible band. I've followed them since the beginning, and it's amazing to see how far they've come. This album is great, and it makes me proud that a band from my hometown has made it to the national level finally. Oh, and to anyone who thinks these guys are full of themselves, or in it for the money: bullshit. I've met them, and they're some of the nicest guys ever.
    Pop Evil is ****ing rad! You guys are crazy. So what if their influences are different than yours. You should listen to the whole record before judging them on a few songs. I'm glad to see a local band taking it to the next level. Way to go guys. I'll be looking out for the next release for sure!
    Niko C.
    You guys are nutts. Pop Evil is sickk. if they suck, which they dont, then tell me why more and more people are getting hooked on Pop Evil. I think they are a well coordinated band with some pretty rad songs. I don't really know how they were in the past, but I can tell you this much, Pop Evil is getting big and are only going to get bigger if they stay with whatever they're doing now, because its working. they effin rule. :]
    I live right where they started off (west michigan) and they ALWAYS play their music and I HATE it.
    these guys aren't very good. The radio station plays them all the time where I live. My friend's cousin takes guitar lessons from their guitarist. So my friend's cousin is full of himself all of the time too.
    Saw these guys back when they were performing at my high school, yes high school, music festival. Their music was very very generic. The lead singer was also full of himself and seemed more interested in making money than making good music. After the performance he went into the cafeteria, stood on a table, and started preaching at people to buy their stuff. Nevertheless, props to them for becoming slightly more successful.
    I've given them a listen on iTunes...They aren't very impressive. The vox sound like half the other main-stream rock-bands. Mediocre at best I'd say...
    They aren't THAT bad... but their lyrics are absolute shi t. Totally unoriginal. And their singer annoys me sometimes... Instruments are good.